Recovery Ride

On Friday morning, I took advantage of daddy’s time off work to get outside for a bike ride.  I recently stumbled upon a bike trail not too far from our house, so I was excited to check it out and see where it led.  We’ve only been in Houston for a few months, so we’re still discovering what it has to offer.  Although I had a great time cycling around, the trail itself left much to be desired.

The paved portion of the trail would switch sides of the ravine at an intersection without warning, leaving me to bump along over tree roots and rocks on a dirt path until the next opportunity to switch over.  At one point, the dirt trail was so narrow it resembled a horseback riding path, with a steep drop off beside me.  I was breathing hard and riding slowly through that portion.  Most of it was paved and flat, just boring:

I also ran into a lot of this:

On a more positive note, it does provide an option for commuters who live outside the city to bike in, and it stretches about 10 miles each direction, so it has potential to be part of a longer running route.  And kudos to the city for trying- it’s more than a lot of places can offer and there were a number of other people out enjoying the peace and quiet.  All in all, it was a nice way to get my legs moving, see more of the city, and enjoy the fresh air, totaling about 20 miles.  Is there a bike trail in your town?

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  1. Looks like a great space to run or ride bike Laura! You’re a great motivator to those of us who like riding but don’t do it often enough, hee hee love you – Mom

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