Recent Eats + Inside out Sushi Salad

I’m glad there was so much interest in how to find the best foods for your body.  I’ll continue part two next Wednesday.  For today, I’m going to share some of our recent eats for WIAW and Munchkin Meals.

The first half of the day is when L will happily eat veggies, so scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms or peppers, or with avocado and salsa on the side are my favorite ways to get some veggies in her.

I know variety is key, so I’ve also been experimenting with rice pudding for breakfast or baked quinoa.  It’s not pumpkin season, but this baked quinoa with pumpkin was delicious!


Lunch is easiest when we’re home, because it turns into a smorgasbord of raw veggies, cheese, leftover meat, hummus and/or tofu, and sometimes yogurt.  I often start with a pile of greens and top it with whatever dinner leftovers we have on hand.

The few days when we pack a lunch, we most often turn to pb or egg sandwiches on Ezekial bread.  I’ve been trying to stick to sprouted grains for her, since they are easier to digest and packed with more nutrients, and Ezekial is our favorite.

I recently started buying nitrate free turkey as an additional protein source for L, which she loves for lunch or snacks.

She is also refusing to eat my plain yogurt these days, but will eat the sweeter varieties (of course!) So I will sometimes pick up individual yogurt cups with fruit, aiming for the least sugar content.

We like to make smoothies for snacks, as it’s often the last time L eats for the day… dinner is hit or miss. We’re still working off this list of 34 healthy smoothies.

We were also given these yummy Sprout snacks lately- they were a huge hit!

Or I’ll mix up some kind of energy ball.  Our latest creation was combining Muesli Fusion (about 1 cup) with Nuttzo dark chocolate nut butter (about a half cup).  The Nuttzo has very little sugar (unlike Nutella) so I added a teaspoon or so of honey to help it stick together.  YUM!

Might have to add these to our favorite healthy cookie dough balls round up!

We generally stick to our menu plan for dinner.  In an attempt to use up pantry items this week, I added homemade sushi but neglected to count the remaining nori sheets.  There were two.  So after the two rolls were made, I turned the remaining ingredients into a yummy salad.


Inside Out Sushi Salad

by Mommy, Run Fast



  • 1.5 cups sushi rice or brown rice
  • 1/4 c. rice vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp each of sugar and salt
  • 3 carrots, shredded
  • 1 cucumber, sliced into matchsticks
  • 1 avocado, cubed or sliced
  • 1-2 nori sheets, cut in strips
  • 2 eggs, beaten and cooked as a thin omelet and cut into thin slices
  • 1 can wild salmon
  • Brigg’s Amino or soy sauce
  • dulse flakes
  • wasabi


Cook the rice and let it cool slightly. Dissolve the sugar and salt in the rice vinegar and gently stir it into the rice. Add veggies, nori, egg and salmon. Season with small amount of soy sauce and sprinkle with dulse flakes. Add wasabi to dressing or keep it on the side for each person to use as desired.

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L is usually not interested in dinner, but I always set aside a few of the ingredients when cooking.  For example, she would not touch this salad, but she was happy to eat her pieces of avocado, egg, salmon and cucumber.

After she’s in bed, I often grab a late night apple and we love to make popcorn on the weekends!

Check out more recipe ideas at Laura’s Strange but Good link up.  I’d love to know…

What are some of your go-to quick snacks, for yourself or kids? 

60 thoughts on “Recent Eats + Inside out Sushi Salad

  1. What a healthy little eater you have there…We’re totally coming over for dinner!! LOL! Each time I read how well other littles eat I’m renewed in my quest to get my lovie to eat more foods…we’ll see!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Happy Running Day!!!My Profile

  2. Oh the joy of trying to feed a toddler! During our recent vacation(s), the kiddos eating habits were all over the map. What usually is their favorite became the most disgusting thing ever. Now that we are back home and in our usual routine, things are much improved. In fact, my little guy ate a green salad the other day for the first time. Swoon! 🙂
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Except When You Don’t. Because Sometimes You Won’t.My Profile

  3. The inside out sushi salad looks really great. I am going to try that with Michael! (He does not prefer sushi normally).

    I love your salads. I am a spinach fan. So my go to salad would be spinach, then top with craisons, walnut/pecan, and if I am in luck, Goat cheese. Yum.

    I love your sandwiches, and I am a big fan of putting cucumbers in my sandwich. I remember in our hiking days, we would by pita pockets, and we will make cucumber, chicken shred, pita (which was easy to transport). Another version that is mess free is chicken slices, spinach and pita.

  4. Those cherry tomatoes look AMAZING!!!! YUM! 🙂 My favorite on the go snacks… I like to microwave 2 applegate natural 100% grass-fed beef hot dogs and then wrap em up in tin foil and head out! They’re satisfying and very portable!

  5. my son HATES veggies (awesome) and eats two eggs with cheese every morning. i decided to put some spinach in his eggs — especially since you can’t really taste it. he wasn’t fooled at all. he refused his eggs that morning and wouldn’t touch them for two weeks after that. guess he showed me 🙂
    Amanda K. recently posted..SummerMy Profile

  6. I have that with my daughter as well, she prefers the yogurts called “cotton candy” etc (you know what I mean). I have found some happy medium with the Yoplait Simply Gogurts. At least no high fructose, but I wish they would get the sugar content down more. By the time they get to elementary school, it starts becoming a situation where you want to pack healthy, yet still something they will actually eat so they are starved all day. At home I can get more pushy about it all. Although this year, we did stick to mostly whole grain bread/wraps with turkey + cheese, fresh fruits, the Gogurt, and some Goldfish. Drinks is always water 🙂 I’m just grateful I have a big fruit and veggie eater!
    Christina recently posted..Run recovery drink, the Humane Society, bicycle mirror and gripsMy Profile

  7. I love that you just throw things on the greens to make a leftover salad, I do that all the time. My fiance gives me weird looks but oh well.

    go to snacks for me: greek yogurt, trail mix, larabars, half a pb&j sandwich!
    Laura recently posted..Run your own lifeMy Profile

  8. You’re doing such a great job with L! I swear once they get a taste of the sweet stuff, the other stuff falls by the wayside. That’s been my struggle at least, especially with my youngest. My older daughter is a salt girl.
    We are growing pumpkins this year so I hope to be doing lots of cooking with it this fall!
    Marcia recently posted..Running Day Giveaway & KindRunnerMy Profile

  9. My son sounds a like like L – he eats like a horse at the beginning of the day, then by dinner he could care less about food. Which is a little frustrating as a working mom, since I have much less control over what he’s eating at daycare during the day then I do over the good stuff I offer him at dinner! Oh well… I do the best I can, and keep trying to emphasize “no juice, no sugary snacks” to the babysitter. It’s like a foreign language to her, but I keep trying.
    Sarah recently posted..One Community: JuneMy Profile

  10. That sushi salad looks and sounds amazing. It has triggered a major hankering for me for sure! And that pic of L smiling at the fruit snacks is too cute. 🙂

  11. I love the inside out sushi salad; it looks amazing! Even though we had a great dinner tonight, my mouth is watering! I’ll have to to try that sometime. My go-to quick snack lately has been KiZE bars or roasted walnuts or almonds. For Keenan, he loves Trader Joe’s fruit leathers, the Happy Family fruit and veggie pouches, homemade snack mix of slivered almonds, dried cherries and plain cheerios and a new one, Chobani Champions Greek yogurt tubes (though I’m not so keen on the amount of sugar they contain).
    Melissa @ Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday + A Roasted Butternut Squash SaladMy Profile

  12. The sushi salad sounds AWESOME! I’ve been debating picking up some sushi and seeing if my little one likes it! 🙂 I hope I get a sushi buddy out of her some day because my hubby hates it! My go-to quick snack for me is Larabars. And for the bebe… Happybaby Puffs!
    Jill Will Run recently posted..Munchkin MealsMy Profile

  13. I love Nuttzo and I love Applegate Farms…it’s so nice to have a brand like them available. My kids are old enough now that they are on their own for all of their snacks and many of their meals. I like letting them learn to do it on their own for so many reasons!
    misszippy recently posted..The running egoMy Profile

  14. Yogurt and popcorn are two big snacks for the kids. My daughter also loves bananas and my son loves celery and PB (or just PB on a spoon). I usually go after tortilla chips.

    I love all of your meal/snack ideas. I keep wanting to make the snack balls…maybe tomorrow!!
    jan recently posted..Hard CoreMy Profile

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