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Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend.  We’re back from time with family and a little more sleep deprived than usual but it was so worth it.  I love seeing my sister as a mom and meeting our new nephew.  I also got to meet my cousin’s new baby… the babies are multiplying!


After we got home, I got in a fun track workout yesterday afternoon.  (Yes, after not being able to do track workouts for 9+ months I still get excited about them! We’ll see how long that lasts.)


Baby J is now 2 and a half months old, and I am starting to feel like I’m getting stronger.  I forgot how long it takes to rebuild distance and speed! I’m trying to be cautious and build back slowly, and so far my body has been responding well.

In terms of mileage, I built back up to about 30 miles per week so far with the longest “long” run a 12 miler a week ago.  I added intensity about 4 weeks ago once a week with short interval bursts, then a few 400s, then 800s.

Yesterday I did 5 x 800 at the track and felt so much stronger than last week and was consistently 4-5 seconds faster as well. (Splits: 3:19, 3:22, 3:22, 3:17, 3:19)

There’s a local 5k on Sunday and I decided to sign up which is unlike me- I usually have my races picked in advance and stick to my training plan. But I’m ready for a re-match with the 5k after the one I ran two weeks ago.  I’m still nowhere near pr shape but it’s a nice way to gauge my fitness gains.

After that, it’s time to get ready for the Trenton Half Marathon in November.  My long runs are a lot harder than the speed sessions.  I’m planning to start incorporating more tempo runs and 1-2 long runs over 13 miles in training to help improve my endurance.

Overall, I’m both encouraged and discouraged with postpartum running, which I guess is to be expected.  It takes time but little by little I’m getting back to my old running self!

Do you sign up for races at the last minute or plan them out in advance?

Have you ever had to build back your running fitness slowly (from pregnancy, injury, or time off)?

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  1. I’m a last minute signer upper! It drives my running friends nuts especially for races that have a tendency to sell out early. What can I say – I’m a procrastinator! That and I’m always injured and unsure of my running status!
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  2. It depends on the distance…long races I sign up for long in advance but small local races I am a last minute girl. You are doing so awesome coming back!! I went slowly coming back from the girls…well the second one at least. I pushed it too much with my first and really injured myself. Looking back I really should have done a lot more core strengthening exercises but didn’t.

  3. I built slowly back after daughter 1, but never fully back as we anticipated another pregnancy within 18-24 months and I wanted extended time off.

    So now I look ahead to after daughter 2 (our final child) and I have small goals and ideas in mind.

    Reality will be honored for what it is. Daughter 1 didn’t sleep through the night til 18 months making sleep more important than fitness.
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  4. Looks like it was a great weekend!

    I am not a last minute person when it comes to races. I like to be prepared — plus signing up for races really helps with the motivation (to run regularly and train).

    I’ve had to build up my fitness after many incidents (pregnancy, weight gain, general laziness) and when I do, I always realize how good I had it when I was in shape!
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  5. I’m usually an advance signer-upper because, just like in planning a vacation, part of the fun is in the anticipation. To me, most events are big running parties… except for the glaring exceptions of the last 2 I’ve done.

    After a running hiatus of almost 20 years, I don’t know if you can count my second go at it as a “return.” By then everything about my life (and my body) was dramatically different, and things like 6-7 minute miles were a very distant memory. It was starting from scratch, but it gave me the opportunity to assess accurately why I was doing this, and where it fit in my life. Every once in a while I hear my HS coach on my shoulder though, lol.

  6. It takes me so long to build back my running after injury and pregnancy, I think because I know that if I push it too hard too fast, I will get injured again. I have loved watching your progress over these last weeks! I generally sign up in advance for a race but I’m still contemplating running a half in late November. Kind of waiting to see how I feel after the cold finally passes! We’ll see!

  7. Love the baby picture!
    I think you are doing an incredible job getting back into running shape! It is hard and you have to remember that you are still probably not getting as much sleep as you really need!!
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  8. You are doing great! I can completely relate to getting back into your pre-pregnancy shape. It takes a while! I’m just now feeling back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level and Mirella is 8 months old! It has certainly taken me longer this time around!

  9. Go Laura! Soemtimes the best races are those that we are not expecting as there is no pressure, so it is easier to relax! I surprised myself when i ran that half marathon about a month ago when 6 minute pace felt easy over a hilly course, this weekend I put pressure on, and didnt run that great, so this may be a great thing for you 🙂
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  10. I hear you Laura, I’m not one to sign up for races unless I’m trained and ready. I mean who needs another $20 t-shirt? Lol! However, this year as I have been getting back into racing shape I have run several just as you have, as gauge to get a feel for my progress. Good luck in your upcoming 5K. Sounds like your training is going well. While it’s been a long time for me, I remember that running post pregnancy provides its own unique set of challenges! 🙂

  11. I too am feeling discouraged (about my slow pace) but encouraged (that I can go long). I’ve been having calf pain with my brooks pure flow that is at the end of its life hence just ordered a pair of the mizuno wave rider 18. How do you like them so far?

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