Progress is not always from faster running

I’ve shared a few times now about my fall of running faster paces than ever in training and then crashing in November and having a rough race.

Recently I read this quote: “If you dread your speed workouts, slow them down.”

It resonated with me and I’m making an effort to get back to basics. Making sure that 80% of my running is aerobic and easy, with 20% at the faster paces.

My new watch has been helping to keep me honest. I upgraded to a Garmin 235 this fall and it’s so interesting to note the heart rate on various runs and the correlating VO2 max. Even though the watch is just guessing, it was interesting to me that my VO2 max dropped off in November (when I wasn’t feeling good in my running) and has since jumped back up to where it was over the summer.

Faster running has it’s place but if it becomes more than an appropriate fraction of total running it can backfire. Instead, consistent training at the correct threshold or interval paces (letting the body find it- not all out!) is key.

For now, I’m working on a solid base again with a bit of faster stuff thrown in:S

Monday: New Year’s Eve- rest day

Tuesday:ย  8 miles (7:42 ave)

2 easy, 1 hard (6:34), 1 easy, 1/2 hard (6:22 pace), 1 easy, 2 hill sprints, 2 miles cool down

Wednesday:ย  5 miles easy (9:15 ave) with rolling hills

Thursday: 4 miles easy (9ish) with push ups/ core

Friday:ย  8 miles – supposed to be 2 x 2 miles but with the ice it became more of a fartlek

2 mile warm up, 1.5 (7:15 ave), .75 mile (6:50 ave), .75 mile (6:58 ave) with recoveries, 4 x 200 @ 5:59 ave

Saturday: easy 45 minutes spinning

Sunday: 10 miles easy

How’s your 2019 starting?

9 thoughts on “Progress is not always from faster running

  1. I absolutely love that quote about speed work and I would couple it with my mantra of “train where you are!” So simple, yet not easy, right? And HR opens up a whole new door! I’m constantly tracking mine and seeing where my fitness is based on my “fatigue” score. By now, I can tell when it’s too high or when it’s working below my pace line ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy New Year friend! Hope to see you in 2019!
    Allie recently posted..Why I Started Running #JustRunMy Profile

  2. That’s a good quote! I’m a firm believer that a small amount of quality work goes a long way and I’m reminding myself of that now. My best races had strong speed work but nothing too intense. It sounds like you are setting yourself up for a strong 2019!
    Laura recently posted..Mile Markers: ReloadingMy Profile

  3. so interesting! I have started doing speedwork on roads outside (not on treadmill or track) specifically to help me find the “right” pace for me to push. I think in the past I’ve focused too much on my goal paces during speedwork and it may have backfired. 21+ years of running and I’m still learning new things every day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. That is interesting about speed work but it definitely makes sense. I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store for you.

  5. Great start to the new year! Let’s hope for a fabulous 2019 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last summer (training for my 8th marathon) was when I finally enjoyed speed work. I always dreaded it before.

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