Post Race Surprises

I’m still riding the high of Sunday’s race… it makes all that hard work worth it!

I’ve been surprised with the way my body and mind responded post race.  Every race is different, and every recovery period is different, although prioritizing recovery is always key!  These are some of the surprises for me so far in the 3 days post race:

1. I can’t sleep

This is never a problem for me.  I love to sleep! I am typically out like a rock from 10 pm- 6:15 am but my body stayed on an adrenaline high for two days.  Despite the early wake up Sunday, I could not fall asleep until almost midnight and was up at 5 am… what?! I cannot tell you the last time I got out of bed at 5 am other than to catch an early flight or get to a race, ha! Mornings are not my thing.  But I was wide awake, so I rolled with it and came downstairs and got a jump start on my work day for two hours before anyone else stirred.  That was pretty amazing… if only my body was up for it more often!

I realized my body doesn’t know the difference between a bear chasing it for 13 miles or me choosing to race, and may have been worried that there was still danger nearby, ha! I slept like a rock last night, finally.

2. I’m itching to get back to training

This is also not typical for me.  Usually post race, I soak up that week of nothing.  But I’m excited to hit the track and continue to prepare for my upcoming 5k, 10k, half and then summer 5ks.  I’m keeping it easy, of course, because I’ve learned the hard way from jumping back in too soon.  My quads were sore for a day or two (probably from picking up the pace downhill) and so far I kept it easy with a walk on Monday and 3 slow miles yesterday.

But I’m encouraged that mentally I’m still motivated… this is a good sign that I’m not over trained or burnt out from the training plan.  And I have my next training journal waiting for me.

3. I still have no desire to add a spring full marathon

I thought having a strong race would tempt me to add on a few 18 and 20 milers and tack on a May/June marathon but I’m not ready for that.  I’m getting excited about building for a fall marathon again, but I’m very happy with my decision to stick with the shorter distances this spring.

What’s next?

I have a 5k in ten days, and a 10k the week after that, and the NJ half two weeks later. So there isn’t time to train specifically for the 5k or 10k, but I’ll use them as good workouts as I prepare for another half, and then I’m looking forward to more 5ks this summer.  I may even try my first one miler, which scares me more than probably any other distance! But why not push myself in new ways?

How do you typically feel physically and mentally post race?

Do you enjoy the rest or do you find yourself impatient to resume training?

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16 thoughts on “Post Race Surprises

  1. You should try a one miler! I’ve only done one (the NYRR 5th Ave Mile) and it was terrifying and exhilarating. I ran way faster than I thought I could, felt like my lungs were going to explode for 15 minutes afterwards and swore I’d never do it again, then started talking about running it faster next time. I think you’d enjoy it! It’s better than a 5K because it’s over REALLY fast. 🙂
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  2. I’m the same way and I honestly feel as though I get the itch to get back into racing. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. Congrats on your PR and I’m excited to see where the next few months take you!

    You aren’t by chance doing the Lincoln Tunnel 5k next month are you? I’m contemplating doing it.

  3. I usually do a short shakeout run the day following a big race…even if it’s just a slow mile, it works some of the residual kinks and taps out some of the excess endorphins LOL I try to go low-key for at least a week….maybe no runs or just a couple of short (2-3 mile) runs.
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  4. I usually want to take a complete break from running. After my last marathon I didn’t feel physically burnt out from running but mentally I was checked out and needed some time off.

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