Pool Cross Training + Meal Planning

Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!

Thank you for the aqua jogging advice! I’m happy to report I have figured it out.  Getting into the deep water made a huge difference, and I was able to last up to 45 minutes.  It actually wasn’t as boring as I expected.

Because of the pool, I decided to join the gym.  I think I’d like to keep one aqua jogging “run” in per week when I ramp up for Richmond, and honestly, I am having so much fun in the pool! It’s really nice to mix things up.

Here’s the rundown of cross training:

Sunday:  Kickboxing

Monday:  3 mile walk/run (am) + 1 mile swim (pm)

My PT gave me the okay to mix in some running intervals so I did, but honestly I want my angry tendon to heal asap so I’m thinking I’ll stay off it for another week.

Tuesday: 50 minute elliptical with 10 x 1 minute sprints (7 total miles) + upper body strength

Wednesday: 30 minute aqua jogging + 1 mile swim (about 40 minutes)

Thursday: 55 minute elliptical with 12 x 1 minute sprints (7.5 miles) + 15 minute strength circuit

Friday: 45 minute aqua jogging + 20 minute swim

Saturday: 30 minute spin + 45 elliptical for a mock “long run”


Meal planning:

Sunday: Father’s Day out!

Monday: Quinoa power bowl with Lemon Tahini dressing

Tuesday:  Grilled salmon, asparagus and potato slices

Wednesday: Last day of school party with friends (taking a fruit salad)

Thursday: Chicken Fajitas

Friday: Leftovers or dinner at the pool

Saturday: Travel day


Do you dread or enjoy breaks from running? I used to always dread them, but honestly, I’m loving the variety right now and in some ways feel fitter than when I’m just running, running, running.

What’s your favorite cross training activity?

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  1. Glad to hear the pool running is getting better! I think its a great idea to continue with it if you can. Ive just found it way too complicated to join a gym just for the pool, especially because the pool hours are never ideal for my schedule. It’s smart of you to continue taking a break from running until your tendon is 100%!
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