How many different paces do you run in training?

Did you get to watch any of the NYC marathon live or in person yesterday? Congrats to all the runners!


I was cheering and tracking many friends out there, and am slowly feeling the marathon mojo making a come back… but not yet. I’m way to excited to NOT have a marathon to train for this winter! Maybe next fall?

The last month has been a cycle of racing hard and recovering hard for me…. the Maine half marathon, then two weeks of recovery, the Runner’s World Festival Grand Slam, with another week of recovery, the Perfect 10 and again, a week of recovery.

RW 10k race pic

I was checking out my logs and noticing the wide variance of paces… from 6:30-7:20 range during the races to 10:00+ easy miles during recovery.

This was not always the case.  My logs from training just 4-5 years ago were extremely consistent.  I ran nearly everything between and 8:00 and 9:00 pace.  If I felt good, it was closer to the 8:00 pace.  If I was tired, it was a 9:00 pace.

The interesting thing is that my race pace then was also an 8-9 minute mile!  When I began adding more variance with harder days and easier days, my times began to drop.  With the harder days in my schedule, I first resisted the idea of going slower than 9:00 minute pace but some days that was all my body could do.

I don’t think I believed that this theory really worked until I experienced it.  It’s so tempting to push a little more on easy runs (and less on hard runs).

I was reminded of this again recently speaking with elite runner Tina at the Maine retreat, who runs 1-2 minutes slower than marathon pace on easy runs, and listening to stories of elites at the Runner’s World Festival weekend.

I’m not saying my training is where it needs to be, by any stretch.  But it’s been something I’m reminding myself of again lately… that even those slow, easy runs have a purpose (as well as rest days) to allow full recovery so that we can run our best.

What’s in your training log? This is a great place to start tweaking if you’re not seeing the results in training that you want to see (assuming you run more than 3 days per week.  You can also see improvement with 2-3 hard runs and easy cross training between like on the FIRST Training plan.)

Do you run a lot of runs at the same pace or do you have a wide range?

How often do you leave the watch at home?

Workout Recap + Meal Plan

Good morning!

And good luck to all the NYC marathoners!! I’m a little nervous to list everyone because I know I’m going to forget a few, but good luck to Allie, Susan, Michele, Sandra, Jen, Katie, Beth, Mary-Katharine and everyone else!

NYC running with Nat

I ran through Central Park with Nat yesterday and the energy of the marathon was inspiring! One of these days, when/if I get my marathoning mojo back, I’d love to run it.

Workouts were light on running this week as I recovered from the Perfect Ten Mile race.

Sunday: Ten mile race

Monday: short strength workout, 30 minute walk

Tuesday: spin class + push ups

Wednesday: NMTZ strength + 4 easy stroller miles

Thursday: 3.5 easy miles + 2 mile walk

Friday: off

Saturday: 11 mile run (10 through Central Park with Nat!)


I’m heading out to meet my Moms Run This Town group this morning.  I need to map out a training schedule for the next few weeks.  It will be easier to figure out after I finalize my goals.  I’m still considering one more half marathon in November or December since my Maine half was only seconds off my pr!

Meal Planning

Sunday:  Homemade Sushi

Monday: Chicken in the crock pot + roasted sweet potato slices + sauteed swiss chard with feta

Tuesday:  Quinoa Minestrone

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday:  Veggie omelets + curry roasted cauliflower

Friday: Family pizza night (homemade this week)

Saturday: At a conference in NYC all day


Plus rationing out the candy all week.  We went trick or treating with friends and have way more than we need, but L is good about spacing it out one at a time.  We’ll be sneaking pieces here and there, too, and giving some away!

Speaking of Halloween, we got off easy this year.  L picked an outfit from her dress up bin (Elsa) and baby J was in a lion costume that I’d saved from a few years ago.  Doesn’t get easier than that!

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How was Halloween? If you have kids, what were they dressed up as?

What are you eating this week?

4 Steps to Healthier Kids

On Tuesday night, another Holistic Health coach (Lily) and I gave a presentation on natural kids health and nutrition.  We had a great turn out! She did the fun “hands on” piece with smoothie making, quick kid snacks and eating tips and tricks.  I took the less exciting but equally important nutrient deficiencies piece.

I wanted to share the four key things I talked about, as I’m passionate about these for every kid.  And who doesn’t want a healthier, happier kid?

  1. Remove Toxins

I think sometimes we forget that the cleaning supplies and chemicals in our house can have a very direct impact on not only our child’s health but also his/her behavior, learning and ability to focus.

Children and toxins

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I began overhauling my cleaning supplies and threw out all the junk.  Chemicals and toxins are everywhere in our homes- they are released by carpets, furniture, mattresses, plastics, etc … and while we could drive ourselves crazy trying to buy organic everything, it’s really easy to swap out cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

The one I use is an organic concentrate- a few drops in a spray bottle can clean windows, floors, counters, wash fruits and vegetables, degrease ovens, and more and lasts over a year.

2. Address nutrient deficiencies

As a culture, we are overfed yet undernourished.  Nine out of ten Americans (adults and children) are missing nutrients! With the current obesity crisis, this is the first generation that children are predicted to have a shorter life span than their parents… that’s scary!

9 out of 10 fall short

It’s especially frustrating because it’s completely preventable.

The key nutrients for children can be found in a basic multi-vitamin (with Vitamin D) and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, not all children’s vitamins are created equally.  Read the labels! I’m amazed how many have food dyes and artificial ingredients, both of which can lead to additional problems.
Omega 3s are possibly the most important- especially if your child is a picky eater and if he/she has mood swings, difficulty concentrating, ADHD or is on the autism spectrum.  We use these chews.

Kids nutrition- omega 3s

3) Proactively Boost Their Immunity

Shaklee’s children’s vitamin is unique because it contains lactoferrin, an immunity boosting compound, as well as Vitamin D.  You can also boost immunity with extra Vitamin C, elderberry syrup, garlic and lots of Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, kiwis, red peppers, papaya, etc.

Natural Shaklee Vitamin Water

This vitamin water combo is great to prevent sickness or at the beginning of a cold/sickness developing.


4) Improve their gut flora

I’ve talked about the importance of a healthy gut for adults several times but it’s just as important for kids!  Antibiotics wipe out their good gut flora and leave them prone to more sicknesses as 80% of our immunity is linked to our gut.

Poor gut health is also tied to depression, asthma, ear infections and additional brain or behavioral issues.

kids nutrition- poor digestive tract

I use a triple encapsulated probiotic that is guaranteed to survive stomach acid and release in the intestine.  It’s a tiny little pearl that both of my girls can swallow, and is safe for kids and adults.

Kids nutrition probiotic

You can help your child build a healthy gut by avoiding excess sugar, antibiotics, food dyes and preservatives and replenishing good bacteria with a high quality probiotic like Optiflora.

This is another great article on the importance of lactoferrin and probiotics.

To summarize, remove toxins, fill nutrient deficiencies, boost immunity and build a healthy gut and you will have the healthiest, happiest kid on the block!


I offer short, free consults and am happy to chat about the best options for your child (or you) to prevent sicknesses naturally this winter!

Or contact me if you’d like more info on natural children’s vitamins, Omegas or probiotics at a discount price, which I can get for you through my health coaching business.


Do your kids take any of the above? Do you pay attention to cleaning products around your house?

What other natural tricks do you use for preventing sickness? We love elderberry syrup, garlic, and a few essential oils as well.

Perfect Ten Mile Race Recap

Here we are again with another race report.

October has been insanely busy race-wise (for me- I realize it’s all relative).  I initially planned two races: the Maine half marathon and this ten miler.  Then the Runner’s World Grand Slam opportunity came so that added four more races in one weekend, and I wasn’t sure racing ten miles the weekend after made sense.

I never race back to back weekends, but I took it really easy this week and felt rested and ready to go for it.  So I figured I’d show up and see what happened.

My friend Sandra drove me (and went out of her way- thank you!!) and it rained the whole drive.  Thankfully, the rain stopped by the time we arrived and the weather was perfect for running (although chilly for spectating!)

CGI racing puts this race on, as well as the Philadelphia Love Run and a few other great local races.  Everything went smoothly and was well marked and organized.  There were even pace signs in the corrals, which I always appreciate so you don’t get stuck weaving around people or with people weaving around you.

I wanted to get a warm up in but only managed about a half mile or so.  I was running as part of a local Tri group team and had access to their tent (and port-a- potty!) Thanks, Tovah!

Perfect 10 tovahTovah and I post-race

I lined up with no real goals.  I was mostly curious how my legs would feel after all the racing last weekend.  But my last 10 mile race is several years old (and 1:14, 7:25 pace) so I was hoping for a small pr even on a rough day, as my half pace is a bit faster than that.

There were not many women lined up at the front, but when the race started everyone took off!! Doesn’t this always happen?!  I think there were a good 15 women ahead of me in the first mile and we were running 6:30 pace for the first quarter mile or so before I held myself back.  Mile one beeped at 7:00 exactly.

I checked in with myself.  The pace was feeling surprisingly easy. I slipped back to a 7:10ish pace for a few miles and wanted to be conservative. I told myself I’d check in again around the halfway point.

The course was flat and pretty.  It wove through Mercer County park, including some of the park trails (paved) which was a really nice change of scenery.

In miles 2-5 I passed a few women and was passed by one woman who I stuck with for the remainder of the race.  As we neared the first turn around near the half way mark, I was surprised to find I was the 7th woman.

I checked in with myself again and was feeling strong but tired. Does that make any sense?  I started inching my pace back down toward 7:00 again, and then told myself just to hold on.  Mile 7 felt particularly tough and I remembered my Momentum bracelet mantra and repeated it to myself for a good chunk of the mile… believe, endure, achieve.

Believe Endure Achieve Momentum Jewelry

For some reason, things felt easier by mile 8.  I had my fastest mile, 6:58, and knew we were almost there! I passed two more women and was in 5th place.

One women remained in front of me for nearly the entire race and I focused on catching her.  At mile 9, I passed her.  And as soon as I did, I felt myself struggling to hold onto the pace.  It makes such a difference to have someone to chase!

At 9.5, she passed me again so I focused on following her all the way in.  As we neared the finish line, the race announcer began running commentary on our finish quarter mile… you know, something along the lines of, here they come, #4 and #5… who is it going to be?

So of course we both picked up the pace and sprinted that last 100m!! It was all in fun, and that sprint felt amazing.  We congratulated each other and I found out she lives about an hour from me.  Bummer… she would have made an awesome running buddy!

We actually crossed exactly together, but according to chip time I beat her by a hair. So my final stats were 1:11:31, 7:09 pace, 4th overall woman and 1st in my age group.

Perfect 10 results

And I almost didn’t go!! Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to try.  I knew I wasn’t feeling an injury coming on or overly fatigued or any other risky factors that should lead me to sit it out.  But I also did not expect my legs to hang in there as well as they did.  Where were these paces all summer? I have no idea why things are finally clicking… but I’ll take it!

Do you usually sprint the final stretch of a race?

Have you done an all women’s race?

Workout recap + Meal Planning

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure why I’m including a workout recap this week, except to show you what true recovery can look like.  I did very little all week!

Although it was 4 shorter races, the RW weekend totaled 26 miles of racing so I’ve been recovering in much the same way that I do after a marathon.  I took off Monday through Wednesday with just a few short walks.  Thursday, I got on the bike for a solid spin workout and did this TRX workout in the basement.  And finally on Friday, I ran again.  It felt amazing!

Stroller run Friday

I rested yesterday.  You may have seen my posts wondering whether or not to race the 10 mile race today… although I don’t feel like I’ll have “fresh” legs, I’m going to go and see what happens.  It was too late to defer or get any money back, so why not run it, right?

Meal Plan

Without a morning run yesterday, I had extra time to do meal prep.  I made a big bath of quinoa minestrone, pumpkin coconut muffins, curry roasted carrots and protein chocolate pudding from the Runner’s World cookbook.  There are so many recipes in here that I’m excited to try!

Food plan Meals on the Run

While I cooked and the baby napped, my 5 year old pulled out everything from the cupboards and re-organized them: cans on the top, glass bottles, items in bags, and finally items in boxes.  It desperately needed the overhaul and it only happened because it was her idea, ha!

Food organizing

Sunday:  Quinoa Minestrone

Monday: Ginger honey salmon with broccoli and brown rice

Tuesday:  Fish Tacos with guacamole

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday:  Pasta with tomatoes, basil and avocado sauce (From RW cookbook)

Friday: Family pizza night (current favorite is Coscto’s gluten free frozen pizza)

Saturday: Neighborhood Halloween potluck

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Would you race today after racing last weekend?

How do you organize pantry goods?


RW Half Marathon and what’s next

We made it to the final day of the weekend.  If you missed it, part one with the trail race is here and part two with the 5k and 10k recap is here.

I woke up Sunday morning with really sore quads.  I did a test jog down the hotel hallway and was really feeling it.  I had pushed in 3 races already and now had 13.1 miles to go!  I briefly considered pulling out of the race, but as we walked down to breakfast and then the 1 mile walk to the start, my legs got warmed up and felt better.

It was cold! I had a throw away sweatshirt that I kept on until the start of the race.  I also ran in throw away gloves that I picked up at the expo.  Gear check was convenient all weekend so I left my extra pants and a warm sweatshirt for afterwards in the gear bag.

Susan and I decided to take it nice and easy.  We lined up with the 8:30 pacers and our first mile was right around 9:00 minute pace.  It felt so good to ease in and have no goals for this race.

The half was another beautiful Bethlehem course.  According to the course description, there were 3 significant hills- mile 3, mile 5 and mile 7.  Beyond that point, it was considered relatively flat so we decided to keep it conservative until the half way mark and then pick up the pace if we felt good.

Of course, the energy of the race and the crowds pulled us along and we were soon running an 8:00-8:15 pace.  Except for the hills, of course.  Those hills were no joke! And remember my tired legs? I even walked one portion of the last hill at mile 7- my legs were so done.

But as soon as the course leveled out I felt great and we sped up a little more for the second half, running most of it around a 7:30 pace.

The sun came out and I began shedding layers, tying my jacket around my waist and holding my hat in my hands.  Runner’s World gifted us with an awesome fleece hat that I did not want to toss!

RW half picNearing the finish line- I had a dozen of these not-so-flattering shots!

The last 1-2 miles of each race was the same.  It was somehow comforting to head across the bridge and see the smoke stacks in the distance and know exactly what to expect.

And the weird thing was that I felt good! I thought I would be completely spent by the end of these 4 races but the pace was just right- I was pushing enough for it to feel challenging, but not so much that I was miserable.  I really enjoyed the course, the volunteers, the high fives and the pretty fall scenery.

My final time: 1:46 (8:04 pace)

RW half finish line

And I just learned this week that Altra sponsored the photography so we got free race pics!! Another reason to run this race next year if you’re considering it!

While we’re at it, here are some of the decent pics from the 5k and 10k…

RW 5k race RW 10k race pic

Golden (Altra founder) coached us around keeping our arms back and up, but clearly my form still needs a lot of work!!

Throughout the entire weekend, I was amazed at what my body was capable of and how good it felt.  The Grand Slam is tough!! But in race after race my body kept showing up, ready to run.  It was a blast.

RW grand slam doneGrand Slam- DONE!!


I came away motivated to chase another running goal and ready to take running a little more seriously again after this break since the Boston marathon.  The running community and RW experience was so good for my running spirit!

So what’s next?

I’m considering one more fall half marathon.  After running just seconds off my pr at the Maine half, I know I have a better time in me! I’m looking at the Philly half in November, but I’ll take suggestions for anything else in the northeast.  Ideas?

For the spring, I’m also excited to keep chipping away at the half and get closer to 1:32 and, someday, 1:30.  I’m not ready to dive into a marathon training cycle- the 5k and half are really fun projects for me right now.

A huge thank you again to everyone at Runner’s World for the opportunity to be up close to all the action this weekend and for this amazing experience! I am proud to be part of the running community.  And I fell in love with running all over again.

Have you had running experiences that made you fall in love with running all over again?

What other fall half marathons should I consider?

Runner’s World 5k and 10k Recap

I’m picking up the RW recap with part two… find part one here if you missed it!

After running dozens of races, you know a well organized race when you spot one.  And the Runner’s World Hat Trick- 5k, 10k and Half marathon were hands down the smoothest race experience I’ve ever had.

  • There were warm buildings with bathrooms that were open!! at the start line
  • Gear check was right by the finish line and ran extremely smoothly- I used it all 3 times and never had more than a 1-2 minute wait
  • There were clear pace signs at the start of each race to ensure everyone lined up appropriately
  • The course was well marked, with plenty of volunteers, water stations, and some motivating Runner’s World official cheering signs
  • The Expo was right next to the start and finish lines and had plenty of parking.

I could go on, but let’s move to the races…

The 5k was 8am Saturday and the 10k began at 9:30am.

Our hotel had a decent breakfast available.  I had plain oatmeal with a banana and a bit of peanut butter both mornings and felt good.

I’ve never run back to back races before, and especially never with a trail race thrown in the day before on a hilly course so I had no idea what my body was going to think of this “grand slam” plan to run all four races.

I decided to run the 5k relatively hard, the 10k moderately hard, and the half fairly easy- if my legs agreed.  Allie and I did a slow mile warm up as she was also planning to run the 5k hard.

RW 5k startTrying to stay warm at the start!

The 5k course only had a few small inclines.  They label it as “flat and fast” but the first bridge was a bit of a climb.  Bart Yasso said he considers them “blueberries” on a pancake course…  it’s all relative, of course, but I think my splits tell the story: 6:55, 6:33, 6:31.  5k result: 20:59 and 3rd in age group.RW 5k results


In between races, Allie, Susan and I grabbed our gear check bags to put some warm clothes on.  I had a kids ClifZ bar in my bag and ate that with an hour to digest it before the 10k.  It settled well in my stomach and worked… I know you’re not supposed to try anything new on race day, but I generally have a pretty iron stomach.

As the 10k start time approached we ventured back out into the cold.  It was in the high 30s/ low 40s… perfect running weather but absolutely freezing otherwise!

The 10k felt so much easier.  It was much hillier than the 5k, but I started conservatively and it felt good not to be huffing and puffing.

I picked up the pace for the second half and was surprised how good I felt.  I held a 7:00 minute pace for the final 3 miles which felt great compared to the 5k pace.  I wasn’t near a pr but I was really happy with my results: 45:30 and 2nd in my age group.

RW 5k 10k5k and 10k done!!

Post race, we were ready to eat!  I ate half of a cinnamon raisin bagel at the finish line and we walked back to the hotel to shower and get warm.  Each of my 3 post-race hot showers were amazing!! I forgot how much I dislike being cold!

After running through Main Street in Bethlehem on the scenic 10k and admiring how cute it was we headed there for lunch. We had lunch at the Brew Works, including a sampler pack of the local beer.  I’d take wine over beer any day but I can make an exception for local beer.

RW Brew works lunch

We spent the afternoon at the expo, getting “magazine” pics and stocking up on fuel and extra throwaways for the half marathon.

RW cover I got throwaway gloves and a ear warmer (to keep).  Did I mention how chilly the mornings were?

RW Fancy Nancy

And got to hang out with Nancy, who I’ve followed in the blog-o-sphere for many years!

We crashed for a few hours with our feet up in the afternoon and then joined everyone for the pasta dinner.

RW Pasta dinner Saturday

I rarely sign up for a race-hosted pasta dinner but this one was delicious! A giant salad with avocado dressing and a variety of pastas with 3 sauce options: Chicken bolognese, pesto and a vodka sauce.  They also had roasted veggies and an amazing garlic bread, plus a beautiful fruit tart for dessert.

RW Pasta dinner

My quads were feeling fatigued by the evening so Susan and I stopped at Erika’s room to roll out our tight spots before the morning.

Then it was off to bed for one more early morning…!

Favorite pre-race meal?

How often do you use the stick or foam roller?


Runner’s World Tour + Trail Run

I think I fell in love with running all over again this weekend.

Runner’s World invited about a dozen “influencers” – running bloggers from all over the country to experience the Runner’s World Races and Festival in Bethlehem, PA.

It all began Thursday evening with a dinner and tour of Runner’s World Headquarters.  We joined RW editors for burgers, pasta salad and desserts and then Bart Yasso took us on a tour of the offices, including his own office.

RW Yasso tour

RW editors dinner

We heard from David Willey (Editorin-Chief), Amby Burfoot on his new book coming out, and met Deena Kastor.

Post tour, we got fitted for shoes with Altra Running’s founders, Golden and Bryan.

RW Altra trail info

Early Friday morning, Altra staff met us at the site of the trail run to give us a quick peek at it on a walk/jog through the woods.

Altra founder Golden (and record holding 2:45 marathoner as a 12 year old!!) shared his story growing up as the kid of a professional runner and working in a running store since age 9.  Do you know the main reason runners go to a specialty running store for shoes? Injuries!

RW Altra story Golden

To help people feel better, he and his dad were constantly tampering with shoes – telling them to loosen the ties by the toes, and eventually de-glueing the base, taking out the layer that added height, gluing the cushioning back on and having people run more naturally.  And interestingly enough, they found that people began to feel better.  And then word spread like wildfire and everyone wanted these “modified” shoes that they were not *technically* selling.

So Golden, his cousin and his best friend took the leap and started the business out of a basement 4 years ago.  It’s pretty astounding that they are now in the top ten selling shoes!

His story alone convinced me to give the shoes a go- but not this weekend.  I need to ease into them slowly, like you would with any minimalist shoe to prevent injury.

Golden also held a clinic on proper running form that I found really valuable.  I’ll save more details on that for another post.

RW Altra running clinic

We had an amazing lunch with recipes from the Runner’s World cookbook (which I can’t wait to use!) and I totally lucked out to have Deena Kastor join my table.  She was completely humble and down to earth as she shared stories of her daughter, her training, and her master’s record at the Chicago marathon last weekend.

RW lunch with Deena

She gave a talk to our whole group on the power of positive thinking- words that resonate with me in the teaching I do with health coaching as well.

After a little down time, we all showed up at 3pm for the trail race.

I was relieved to hear Golden and other trail runners call this run “technical” because it was NOT easy! It was extremely rocky and hilly.  My eyes did not come off the ground once.  I kept repeating “quick feet, quick feet” to ensure that I didn’t trip or roll an ankle.

RW Trail run complete

Somehow I came out unscathed and even managed 3rd in my age group! Rock star Allie came in 3rd overall and 1st in her age group.

I can appreciate trail running and the attraction of running off road, but it was tough. Of course, afterwards we had the runner’s high of completing the challenge and I will likely be back to run it next year…

Our group went out for pizza and then my roommate, Susan, and I tried to get to bed in good time for our early morning.  The 5k and 10k were up next… to be continued tomorrow…

Have you run a trail race or run in Altras?

Have you seen Bart Yasso at a race? He really is as friendly as everyone says, and was more than willing to pose through the dozens of “Barties” all weekend.  :-)

3 races down, 1 to go + Meal Planning

Hello from Bethlehem, PA!

First, I have no idea what is going on with my blog so ignore the strange missing header and sidebar for now… I’ll deal with that when I get home.

The Runner’s World Festival has been amazing, and amazingly exhausting! The trail run was Friday, and although it was only 3.7 miles, it was intense.

I ran the 5k and 10k yesterday, and now need to power through the half this morning.  My quads are definitely feeling the hills from all 3 previous races so this should be interesting!

RW cover
I took it nice and easy this week, trying to save my legs for the 26 miles of running this weekend…
WorkoutsSunday: 4 mile runMonday: 4 mile easy run + 20 minute strength

Tuesday: 4 mile walk

Wednesday: 4 mile easy run

Thursday: off/ short walks

Friday: 3.7 mile trail run (pretty technical!)

Saturday: 5k (20:59) + 10k (45: 32) + warm up mile

Meal Planning

Sunday: Whatever we have in the house when I get home!

Monday: Turkey Cabbage Stew

Tuesday: Quinoa Vegetable Chili

Wednesday: Split pea soup + homemade sourdough bread

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: The usual Friday Pizza night

Saturday: Out?


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Have you ever done races back to back?

What’s your throw together meal after being away for the weekend?

What I’m Loving Lately + off to Runner’s World!

My house is a mess, I’m packing for another trip, and just had an offer to come on board with a local gym to put together a nutrition program (which I’m not sure I have time for but would love to do) … so it’s safe to say that my head is spinning!  In place of a cohesive post, here  are some of my current favorite things…

Travel with running buddies

After getting back from the Run Rise Retreat last weekend, I’m leaving again this morning for the Runner’s World weekend.  There are about a dozen bloggers invited, many of which I’ve known for years.  I can’t wait to hang out!

Runner's World weekend


Stonyfield cows

Loving Stonyfield cows

Two cases of these showed up at our door…. how adorable are these little cows?! These organic fruit snacks are made with real fruit and vegetables- no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  These make L’s day when they show up in her lunch!


Loving Stonyfield fruit snacks

And it’s safe to say we’re set for months.  :-)


New running gear

Loving running gear

I snagged this shirt at the Maine half marathon expo and am loving it! I tend to hold onto running gear longer than I should, ha! Getting new gear gives me the push I need to clean out the old.

Pumpkin Protein Bites

Loving pumpkin protein balls

I mixed these together and shared them with the Fresh Fix group as we kick off this week… my girls are loving them, too! However, I would not advise offering most protein powders to kids- I use Shaklee’s which is raw, super pure, non-GMO and kid-approved. (Recipe is on Facebook.) So good!


Backyard produce

Our garden keeps giving us tomatoes… in October? Clearly we did something wrong, but I’ll take it.Garden tomatoes


TRX strength workouts

I shared one of my favorite workouts earlier this week.  It’s amazing what some straps, suspension and handles can do.


What are you loving?

Hope to see some of you at the Runner’s World weekend!

Disclaimer: As a Stonyfield Yo-Getter, I received free products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, as always, are my own.