One week until the runner’s reset! (Answering some of your questions)

While in Mexico, I took along some fun reading…

Mexico reading

I really need to get some good novels back in the mix but if reading about hormones and training strategies entertains me, I know I’m in the right field!

I have so many ideas from the combination of these books that I’m going to add to our runner’s reset group.  We start with a kick off call this Sunday evening so I can share an overview and answer your questions live.

I found the Runner’s World article on getting lean especially interesting because it is exactly the kind of plan that never worked for me!

As your body adjusts to running distances, nutritional needs shift and change and the old advice for runners does not always work- especially when you throw hormones into the mix.  I’m excited to cover more of this in detail in the reset.

For more details, here’s what I’ve been emailing in response to many questions:

We lean toward a Whole 30 way of eating, with limited sugar, dairy, wheat. Coffee is fine up to 1-2 cups.  I’ve found women are more successful without absolutes- so small amounts of sugar, grains, etc can fit in.


I encourage women to look at the right balance of foods (protein to carb to fat) for metabolic efficiency, which is balancing carbs and protein fairly equally, overall relatively moderate carb, not low, but not as high as we’re usually eating.

We also talk about styles of working out that lead our bodies to store fat (moderate intensity) vs the benefits of focusing on the extremes (high intensity and very low intensity) to encourage fat loss.

And now for a totally unrelated but inspiring side note- did you see this 100 year old woman winning running records? Her life story is pretty crazy- she has seen it all, and I love that running is a healing outlet for her.

Do you ever feel like advice that works for other people doesn’t work for you?

Any easy reading novel recommendations for me?



6 thoughts on “One week until the runner’s reset! (Answering some of your questions)

  1. So funny because I read that RW article too and thought the same thing! Cookie-cutter diets just don’t work for the majority and it leaves a lot of room for error. I think most people need to figure out a plan specifically for them and I know that is what you are all about!!
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  2. Yes! I eat mainly slow, healthy carbs (plant based) and this is when I feel my best! I do eat meat, but not all of the time, it’s the occasional chicken, beef or fish. I do not follow a specific plan like Paleo or Whole30 because for me this makes me feel like I’m on a diet which doesn’t work for me. The moment you tell me, “you can’t” I do whatever it is that is considered a “no.”
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  3. Yes! I read that RW article and thought there were a lot of packaged foods like crackers, cereal, etc in their sample meal plan and so much snacking. I know my body needs carbs to run and feel my best, but those carbs are ideally from plant sources like lentils, potatoes, and some whole grains but not a lot – and balanced with fat and protein!
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