Newport Liberty Half Marathon Recap

Happy Monday!

It was a busy racing weekend- my Instagram was buzzing with race recaps and long runs.  The fall racing season has begun in the northeast!

Unfortunately, after a string of cool mornings in the 50s and 60s, we had a really warm, humid day for racing.  It was low 70’s at the start with 90% humidity- ugh!

Some people seem to handle humidity well but I’ve learned the hard way (MANY times) that humidity is not my friend.  At this race last year, I tried to hold my goal pace and fell apart around mile 6.  I actually had to walk off and on until I finally recovered and finished stronger, but came in almost ten minutes behind my goal, at 1:42.  Ouch.

This year, as I woke up to the same humid conditions, I knew it was going to be rough and decided to hold marathon race pace instead.

The race: Newport Liberty is held in Jersey City, and has about 3,000 runners which I think is really the perfect size.  All of the logistics of parking and packet pick up are simple, and the race itself quickly spreads out so you aren’t trapped behind packs of runners as in larger races.

I began with a 2.25 warm up and was just barely breaking ten minute pace, which was my first sign that it was going to be tough to run well!

In the first mile, I got caught up in the adrenaline and ran the pace everyone around me was running… it felt good, but when I saw 6:57 (half marathon pace) I knew it was not the day for that kind of running.  I pulled back a bit, but my mile 4 that fast start was backfiring and I was questioning if I even wanted to finish the race.

Thankfully, the rough patch ended as I reminded myself running marathon pace would still make an excellent workout and there was no need to kill myself trying to run any faster!

So I settled into a much more comfortable pace and the second half was actually really enjoyable.

The course is really pretty, with many views of the NYC skyline.

Much of the second half is run through Liberty State park and along the boardwalk, and the final stretch is also along the water.  It’s also mostly flat, so one of these years when we get a nice cool day, it will make an amazing pr race!

I caught up to a friend of mine who was also running marathon pace (although her goal was 7:03!!) and we finished the last few miles together, picking it up a little for miles 12 and 13.

I followed it up with another 2 miles (9:30 ave) for 17.8 for the day.  With Richmond just 8 weeks away, I’m realizing it might still be possible to run the full.  I’d love to run it for a pr but that is all up in the air at this stage in training.  We’ll see how these next several weeks go!

Post run, this race always has giant bagels, bananas, Nutrigrain bars, and other small snack bags.  I ate most of the bagel as well as a protein bar I had brought with me and chatted with several other running friends that I ran into at the race, including Instagram friends Jess Runs Happy and Meretherunner14.

My husband and girls met me and we got lunch at a fun cafe, and then spent the afternoon playing, lounging and eating ice cream at Liberty State park. Such a great way to spend the day!


Was it humid where you are this weekend?

Next up:

Runner’s World Half Festival (Grand Slam!!)

Richmond Marathon – full or half

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14 thoughts on “Newport Liberty Half Marathon Recap

  1. Ugh I’m sorry the weather did not cooperate! But, you did finish well and push yourself through a rough patch so that is something to be very proud of. You made a smart decision with the weather too which is not an easy one to make after all the training to hit a certain pace. And, did I read that you’re considering running the Richmond full??? I’m interested to see if that happens…it is great training weather right now…
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Steady StateMy Profile

    • Why does that marathon keep pulling me back in?!!? I just signed up for Boston too… but not really planning to race it. We’ll see how training goes for the next 8 weeks. I want a strong half, but if I have some good long runs I might go for the Richmond full. Currently that’s what I’m signed up for, so I’d have to drop back to the half if I decide to.
      Laura recently posted..Newport Liberty Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

    • I feel like I can’t make up my mind… I’m done with the marathon distance, nope, I’m signing up for Boston… and now let’s run Richmond, too…! My poor husband is so confused. But yes, I’m definitely leaning toward it… we’ll see how things go!
      Laura recently posted..Newport Liberty Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  2. Ugh, I know those conditions too well. We had that crazy humidity here over the weekend (we still do) and even my 8 was no fun. You were wise to back off the pace. Congrats on managing what the day gave you!

  3. Congrats on your race! It’s not easy to race in humidity at any pace! I hope some year you do get a PR race on that course, as it sounds like a fun and fast race. I agree with you on race size – a few thousand runners means enough people on the course but never too crowded after the start.

  4. Humidity was definitely the theme for last week. Congrats on your finish time in those conditions! It sounds like a great race with a scenic view and I like the smaller size races. I definitely think Richmond is doable. Hopefully, the weather will be better then too. Thanks for linking.

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