Newport 10k Race Recap

I really enjoyed racing the Newport 10k on Saturday, and I can’t say that about a lot of races… usually because I’m too focused to look up and appreciate the race, ha! But the course is great, through Jersey City and pretty flat, with a finish mile along the water with great view of the NYC skyline.

I typically don’t race well a week after a half marathon, but I felt my legs bouncing back by Thursday and coach Tia gave me goal ranges which were race pace for me, so I decided to go for it and see how I felt.

I experimented with two new-to-me things for race day: coffee and music.

Coffee: I am not a coffee drinker, and often get to a race feeling sluggish early in the morning, so I thought it was worth a try.  I’m not sure what the verdict is yet.  I did feel more alert and ready to race, but I also felt a bit shaky and was nervous my blood sugar would crash… from only abut 1/4 of a mug! I’m definitely sensitive to caffeine… I need to experiment a little more.

Music: Again, I don’t run with music unless I’m on the treadmill, but I’ve had a sort of mental block with the 10k.  Those are paces I never run in training (other than mile repeats) and I was afraid it was going to hurt.  My goal was to distract myself with music, and I think it helped!


We had nearly perfect weather, around 59 degrees, although there was more wind than I would have liked.  The race started just a minute or two after 8:30 am.

I settled into a good pace and was surprised with how easily the miles ticked off, 6:48 and 6:43 for miles 1 and 2.

Confession: 10k paces intimidate me.  I can hold near 7 minute pace for 13 miles, but going 10-15 seconds faster is mentally a scary place for me.  So this was a good mental boost that yes, I can do these paces and they can feel manageable.

We weaved through downtown Jersey City.  There were many turns, so my Garmin was a bit off from the mile markers by mile 3.  6:48

I was running with a group of 5-6 others who were all very consistent with their pace, so I focused on staying with them and not worrying about the pace. Miles 4 and 5: 6:47, 6:55.

By mile 5, I was beginning to hurt, as expected.  And then as we hit the final mile, we were running largely into the wind along the water.  The views were awesome! But the wind was a challenge for me and I felt my pace slipping away.  7:08… oops.

I don’t know how much of this was physical and how much was mental, because when I knew I was close, I picked it up for the final .3 to a 6:34 pace.  It’s nice to have a little zip at the end of a race!

There’s something to learn from every race, and I’m learning that the last mile is a struggle for me until I see the finish line.  I could work on mental toughness to hold on at that point, but overall I’m really happy with my effort, especially just six days after the half!

And as 10ks are my least favorite distance, I’m glad I made myself do it and honestly, it was a fun distance today! Someone help me remember that for next time.

On to 5k training…and maybe my first one mile race!

Do you race 10ks or do you prefer longer (or shorter) distances?

What’s your least favorite distance?

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15 thoughts on “Newport 10k Race Recap

  1. 10ks can be so challenging. It feels like such a long time for holding those faster paces! I have also had issues with giving up towards the end of the race before I can see the finish line. I bet the 10k is one of the best races for working on that mental strength!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Month in Review: April 2017My Profile

  2. I definitely blew up the last couple of miles. My GPS was crazy. It had me running *in* the water for a bit at one point and showed that I supposedly ran 6.44 miles. I didn’t pick pace back up till I saw the finish as well.

  3. Nice work!!!…and I’m laughing at your 1/4 cup of coffee 🙂 Isn’t it fun to experiment? I now only race 10ks as part of an olympic distance triathlon so they are very different for me but yes, the distance for a pure race is definitely intimidating!
    Love the pictures and views!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Making ChangesMy Profile

  4. Nice work! I loved the Newport 10k last year and I wish I could have run this year but I had so much going on, plus mentally I’m not into running. I’m glad you had a great time! I like the distance of 10ks but they are definetely harder to find.
    Hollie recently posted..Getting Enough FiberMy Profile

  5. Great work! I have a hard time figuring out how to “race” a 10k as well (and honestly, haven’t run many!!). Also was challenged by all of the turns – ended up at 6.42 this year because of my own poor tangent-running darn it! None the less, good weather and I agree – a good race!

  6. Since I’m coming back from injury, I’m still working on my pace, but I love the 10k distance. I’m training for one now, and I like how I can get a good solid hour for a long run, and then have the rest of my day.

  7. Wow, you are fast (but I think I have told you that before LOL). I like 10K’s, but I have a tough time “racing” them. It’s definitely a challenge figuring out what a prefect pace is…not too fast that you’ll crash before the six miles end, but not too moderate or you’ll regret not pushing harder. UGH. Wait…don’t all races have that element? 😉
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