December 9th, 2013

Do you need a Post-Holiday Detox?

The holidays aren’t even here yet, and I can already feel my need for a detox of sorts… a chance to slow down, to listen to my body, to clean my system.

How about you?

I’d love for you to join me in January for a 21 day Mind and Body Reset!


What is it?

A whole foods detox to cleanse your body, with group coaching options for extra support and tips

 Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to replenish their body with good things after the holidays, with a special focus on:

1) A Happier gut (if you feel bloated or want to tackle belly bulge, we’ll look at common reasons for both)

2) Boosting our Self Image (I’ll include exercises for letting go of the negativity and learning to appreciate ourselves wherever we are in our journey)

When is it?

The group detox will run together from Monday, January 6th through Sunday, January 25th.


To have a clearer mind, unlock fat stores, kick start weight loss (if needed) and re-energize yourself after the holiday season.

PLUS in the group coaching we’ll emphasize the mind-body connection which is KEY to sustainable change.


There are three levels so that anyone who is interested can participate. If you want to do it on your own, great! If you want more support and would love additional details and information, there are two coaching options to choose from.

 Solo Detox (Free)

Sign up and join the challenge.  You will receive the detox details.

Group Coaching Detox ($45)

Join the challenge and receive the detox details PLUS full 21 day meal plan plus grocery lists.  You will also receive:

  •  group Facebook page for support and accountability
  •  daily emails with bonus tips and advice
  •  recommended supplements for a more effective detox (especially to target cleaning out sugar or yeast overgrowth)
  •  access to a KICK OFF detox group phone call, including 3 reasons many healthy women can’t lose weight

Group Coaching + Private Session ($99)

This includes all of the above plus a one hour “Breakthrough” session with me so we can piece together a specific plan for you and the best steps forward.


Social Sharing: Everyone can share their progress and challenges with the hashtag #januaryreset

*Discount* For this week only (through Sunday, December 15) you can use the promo code “Earlybird” for $10 off the group coaching options.

(Current clients can participate for free, and previous clients at 50% off.  Email me for the promo code.)


Register below:




I’ll pull random winners at the end, thanks to generous donations from NatureBox, Mila (ground chia seeds), KIND BARS and Traditional Medicinal Teas.

Sharing this detox on Facebook or Twitter will give you an extra prize entry.  Just let me know you did in a comment!

I’m so excited to get this going! I’ve done a similar detox several times and always feel better, sleep better, and come away energized and proud of myself for doing the hard work to take care of my body.


If you’re ready to commit to a 21 day change, join us!

Have you ever wondered if your gut has imbalanced bacteria or sugar/yeast overgrowth? Are you in? :-)

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