My shoe switch

It’s been over six months since I took time off last summer for tendon issues.  Any time an injury crops up, it’s good to ask why.

What was I doing differently that contributed to the injury?

What can I change going forward to try to prevent further injury?

As I discussed these questions with my sports dr and running friends and read and researched, I decided to switch up my shoes.  I had a pair of unused Altras sitting in the back of my closet from the last Runner’s World Festival I had participated in.

I knew their founder’s story and why he created these shoes to address many injury issues, and with the okay from my PT, I decided to give them a try.  Because I’ve been running for so long, my feet also needed an additional lift and so the combo we attempted was Altras (zero drop) with an insole insert.

It worked! I ramped back up and ran the Richmond marathon in November, and have continued to train in Altras and remain injury free.  Of course, I also made sure to be cautious in my build up, adding in more pool running and calf stretching and bits of yoga, but I do think the shoes have made a huge difference for me.

I used the Torrin to train for Richmond…

and am currently running in the Escalantes.

(Plus a few runs in Hokas this fall, which are similar.)

What do you wear? Have you worn the same shoes for years, or do you alternate shoes?

Have you ever switched shoes after an injury?

I’m linking up with Marcia, who is talking shoes today.

19 thoughts on “My shoe switch

    • I really like the Wave Riders too! I think a change can be a good thing to improve our gait and prevent us from the repetitive nature of the same shoe.

    • I wanted to! But I was afraid they were done by that point… I actually raced in the Hoka since I was advised it was similar enough to the Altras, while I was still breaking in my Escalantes.
      Laura recently posted..My shoe switchMy Profile

  1. I run in Mizuno wave riders and I swear by them for road running. I have not found trail running shoes that I really like so far… I love the idea of the Altra but when I tried them it felt weird. And since I have no injury I don’t see the point to make the switch so far!

  2. Interesting! I’ve been hesitant to change because I was injury free for so long, and still don’t blame my current PF issues on running (but on using a standing desk at work). I do mix things up a bit with different Mizunos, if that counts.
    Coco recently posted..Hiking Close To HomeMy Profile

  3. I recently did a pretty extensive running analysis with my PT where we went through a wide range of shoes to see how my foot responded. Basically, he told me I need to have multiple styles and drops of shoes and each one has a purpose. He encouraged me to take my Alta’s out (they’ve been in my closet since RW in 2016 too!) and to transition into them slowly but doesn’t think they’d be good for me in higher mileage. He also said to wear Hoka’s and my usual neutral Ride’s from Saucony. Every shoe has a purpose just like every run. It’s a good thing I have a lot of shoes already! 😉
    angela @ happy fit mama recently posted..Tips for the New Runner { Just Run }My Profile

    • That’s so interesting! I agree that my feet are happiest when I’m wearing a variety of shoes, it keeps them guessing and prevents me from getting stuck in one particular way of running.
      Laura recently posted..My shoe switchMy Profile

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