My results on the 5 day reset

I mentioned last week that I was participating in the 5 day reset designed by two Integrative Nutrition coaches and founders of the Urban Detox Club.

I have to admit, I’m not big on smoothies and wasn’t sure I would enjoy it. The program is set up to include 2-3 smoothies per day plus 2-3 healthy meals. It comes with the vitamins that I use and love so that part was easy (they pass all of these tests).

Vitalizer strip

The idea of having more than one smoothie per day felt unnecessary and I was sure that I would be starving! (The protein smoothie mix is also included.)

But I jumped on board for a few reasons:

  • I had a few final stubborn pounds of baby weight that I was ready to lose for good
  • I have gotten to know the founders (Jen and Rebecca) and love them!
  • I want to test out programs that could be helpful to my clients

The protein smoothie mix they provide was tested in clinical trials to be effective. It contains the amino acid leucine which ensures that 99% of any weight lost is fat, not muscle. So some women don’t necessarily lose weight, but they see body composition change.

The smoothies are also tested for purity- this was really important to me.

Did you know that 60% of all protein powders tested contain traces of heavy metals like lead or arsenic?

My Results

A cool thing happened. I wasn’t hungry. I craved the protein-veggie-healthy-carb lunch and dinners that I planned for myself. I didn’t want any sugar. I naturally ate less than usual. I felt energized. And by the end of the week, I had lost my two stubborn pounds!

I had a few friends join me for this reset and when I asked my friend Sarah how she was doing here’s what she said (read her full recap here):

“So good!  I am completely full and have had zero cravings! This never happens to me, but I look at a cookie and think, nope I’m good! I’m just amazed at how much I am just not interested in sugar or processed food right now. Every other time I’ve done a detox, I could manage but it was a real struggle. This time it hardly feels like a battle.” -Sarah

Me too, Sarah! Karen and her husband had a good experience, too (he lost 6 pounds!)

I am not typically one to do before and after photos (or ever show my belly, really) but I’m going to go out on a limb here and post a photo of my mid section- cringe.  Please be kind! I was just really surprised that I saw a difference in such a short amount of time.

5 day reset june results

PS- I hope it’s obvious but I should add that I do not advocate for “quick fixes” – I believe in real food and this is not the kind of thing you have to do for the rest of your life to lose weight and keep it off (I won’t name programs here although I really want to!)

PPS- I do not want to further the cultural idea that losing a few pounds can make us happy.  It’s not true.  I really struggled with the decision to post photos for this reason.   Yet I have clients who are trying to lose weight and I want to fully experience this myself before sharing it.

Although I don’t recommend meal replacement programs, I do like the “reset” concept of kick starting healthier habits, especially in terms of sugar!

I’m linking up with the Urban Detox Club team so anyone interested can join next month if you’d like to. Or if you have questions about the Vitalizer that I use, email me. All the details are here.

Have you done the research to see if your protein powder and/or vitamins are safe?

How can we find a balance between being healthy (getting back to our pre-baby self) without perpetuating the idea that women should worry about their outward appearance?


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  1. I’m glad you put the little disclaimers in there about not advocating restrictive dieting and just using this as a reset. Anytime I’ve tried to do a cleanse or reset, I usually just gain the weight back immediately, so I wouldn’t mind an update in a couple of weeks of whether those couple of pounds stay off you.
    It is a hard balance…being healthy, caring about weight without being obsessive, not modeling extreme behaviors for our children… is one a lot of us struggle with.
    I just try to be active, eat healthy most of the time, and when talking about food and activity with my daughter, do my best to talk about health and not weight. recently posted..HerMy Profile

    • Yes, totally. Restrictive dieting never works for the long term. The cool thing is that this one didn’t feel restrictive at all- it was about good, real food and it was a supportive group of women.
      I completely agree about balancing eating well and movement and never talking about weight around our children. I’m ready to throw my scale out now- but for some reason I did want to get back to where I was pre-kids! Now I’d rather not know – and continue on with balanced living. A few pounds up or down is not going to change anything.
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  2. and I think it is all about finding what wrks for us.
    I have so many friends now who are trail and erroring to discover what approach will bring them there too.
    Carla recently posted..What if it all went away?My Profile

  3. I have to say that in think anytime weight is mixed up with health it sends a bad message to kids, boys or girls. There are so many ways to focus on health that have zero tondo with weight. After babies also, our bodies don’t need to go back to any certain weight to be healthy.

    When it comes to messages to kids I don’t see how it’s helpful to put weight into the equation at all, but clearly that’s a tough order for us parents.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Workouts and Weekend FunMy Profile

    • Well said, Michele! We are very careful to never talk about weight around the girls (or really at all)… for some reason I kept my scale in the mix coming back post baby this time to see how long it took me to get back to my normal self. With both girls, it was about 10 months- not 2 or 3 like some celebrities make us think is possible!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  4. I think constantly reminding ourselves to not focus on numbers is key for uor girls. I am not perfect by any means, and still have number issues at times (what woman doesn’t) but I’m trying to focus more on feeling. I keep telling Gentry that her “medicine (the probiotic)” will make her belly FEEL better. It will be a constant struggle!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted..KombuchaMy Profile

    • I would respectively add that the messages we send to boys– our sons or others, directly or indirectly– are just as important. As the mom of a daughter (and 2 stepdaughters who now have 4 daughters total), that used to be my emphasis too, so I get it. But how many teenage boys have already adopted a perception that weight issues are girls’ issues? And perpetuate that being sexy to them matters?
      On the flip side, more rare but still disconcerting is that eating disorders are on the rise among boys.

  5. Wow thats interesting Laura, and I am glad you mentioned that you a re not really a smoothie girl….neither am I…for the most part….says the girl with the smoothie recipe today haha. I mean I couldn’t imagine having more than one a day, so was interested to see what you said with 3! Thanks for sharing, and I am glad you put all the information down about it. I do the research, but that is because I am so damned scared of testing positive in drug tests!!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday- Tropical Peach, Pineapple and Banana SmoothieMy Profile

  6. THat’s very interesting about protein powders. I used them faithfully for years but rarely use them now. And the question about health and weight…it’s definitely a touchy subject that can go in either direction depending on who you are talking to.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Saucony 26 Strong Photo ShootMy Profile

    • Yes- I rarely use protein powders these days either but was amazed when looking into it that even popular ones like Beachbody and Aloha were found with traces of lead or arsenic… I assume (hope) that has been corrected!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  7. I love hearing this because I met with Urban Detox before at events – they are super sweet and their products always looked interesting to me – I just never wanted to try it because I need to chew my meals. However, I have been eating more smoothies (with a spoon so it’s not drinking) and I have reconsidered the whole smoothie thing as meals sometimes. So glad you liked it!
    meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted..Birthday Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

    • How funny- yes, they are great!

      I’m like you- I definitely have to chew my meals. I added a smoothie with my breakfast and one in the afternoon and that was it. I still added oats to breakfast and ate a normal lunch and dinner so it really wasn’t too different from a typical week except that I had no desire for sweets!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  8. I”m not a fan of quick fixes, either, but this one sounds sound (and that sounds weird!). Anyhow, I’m glad it was a good fit for you. As to protein powder–I am super cautious about it. I only use one brand (Whey Cool) and what I like about it is that it is non-denatured b/c they use a slow, “cool” process in making it. There’s so much bad stuff out on the market!
    misszippy recently posted..Mondays on the runMy Profile

    • It felt much more “sound” than other programs I’ve seen out there. Yes, it’s so important to be picky about protein. This one also uses a water processing method instead of chemical processing. It’s those little details that are really important!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  9. I”m with you on not really loving these short fix plans but I do love the idea of resetting a little and trying to jump start a fresh start if that makes any sense.

    You’re results are obvious and it sounds like nutritionally it didn’t deprive you which is nice to see.
    katie recently posted..Mid Year UpdateMy Profile

  10. I really appreciate your perspective on restrictive diets – it’s so healthy and refreshing to hear! So many women my age still do restrictive diets, even when they don’t need a reset. I’m not a big smoothie fan either – I would much rather eat all the vegetables and fruit raw or cooked. And I don’t use protein powder – I don’t like knowing exactly what’s in my food!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Marathon Monday: Easy Runs + Portland Marathon Training Week 1My Profile

  11. I just to be a big smoothie fan but haven’t been all that excited about them lately but I did find when I drank one a day, I didn’t feel as hungry and I didn’t crave coffee as much. It was interesting. I’m glad too that you added the additional disclaimers. It’s such a fine balance and the distinction between being healthy vs. unhealthy can quickly get blurred. I didn’t know that about protein powder. Now I’m curious to look into what I use!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Recovery Yoga for RunnersMy Profile

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Laura. It’s especially interesting to hear about it from someone who IS so whole-food focused.

    The nutrient data is part of my job, so yes, I’m inclined to check it out and question (even though I’m also sometimes inclined to defy my findings – yikes). So please don’t be offended that I ask, what do you mean by the smoothie mix being tested “effective” ? Effective at what? The bio-availability of the leucine?

    Caveat on leucine: Leucine is not recommended in supplemental doses for most people who are on insulin therapy.

    • That’s interesting about leucine. I was doing some reading this afternoon into some of the leucine/insulin studies. It sounds like when ingested with glucose, it reduces the glucose effect. So interesting.

      Anyway, the trials were to see if it was effective at curbing cravings and helping with weight loss. I’m not sure if they tested for the bio-availability of the leucine.

      I do appreciate that they have a hotline that can tell you where each ingredient was sourced from and why it was included in any product. I had a few questions before trying the protein and they answered it so I felt okay to give it a try!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  13. Got it – thanks! Yes, regarding glucose — thus the insulin level would be disproportionate to the body’s need and can trigger hypoglycemia.

  14. In today’s world I think it is really hard for women to not focus on their outward appearance, when we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic photos constantly posted on social media. I think it takes a lot of work for us to truly accept ourselves. Women are so hard on our looks all the time. It is frustrating, stressful, and upsetting, but we’ve all been there at one point or another. I think have a good support system and a good attitude towards food and life are key.
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..She ROCKS Favorite Back ExercisesMy Profile

  15. Most of the time, I need to chew my meals to feel satisfied–but I’m discovering that hot Southern summers do have me craving smoothies. They’re the only thing besides iced tea that sounds good for a late-evening supper as we all wait for the day to start cooling off!

  16. First, you always look great Laura! Second, I can see the difference in the 6 days and that is awesome!
    I love food and definitely couldn’t imagine starving myself. But this program seems great. For me the biggest problem these last months has been not moving my body a whole lot. In my mind, I want to decrease the food intake since I am not running, but at the same time I am hungry (of course!).
    Haven’t use hardly any protein powders for the same reasons of what is REALLY in them. I have some good recs now of what protein powders are safe.
    Thanks so much for sharing all of this!!
    Natalie recently posted..Hearty White Bean And Barley SoupMy Profile

    • Thanks, Natalie! Yes- I’m with you… I love to eat and would not recommend anyone do a restrictive program as it tends to slow metabolism (not to mention make one super grumpy!!) This one was really well done.
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

    • Hey Smitha,
      I haven’t found another company that does as much testing as this one. One of Beach Body’s lines of protein powder was found to have lead in it and Isagenix claims lots of science but I’ve never seen the studies anywhere on their website to back it up. It’s crazy how confusing “health” products can be!
      Laura recently posted..My results on the 5 day resetMy Profile

  17. I’m in — I love smoothies in the morning. My mornings are a blur of multitasking as I get ready for work and deal with family needs at the same time, and smoothies let me have breakfast while moving about the house getting everything else done! Bonus – they’re yummy, and I can cram lots of greens in! So when my current protein powder runs out, I’m going to get Shaklee. I already have their Vitalizer and love it. Thanks again Laura for all the extra info.

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