My first 5k of 2017

Thanks for the best wishes (and congrats) on Sunday’s race!

It’s funny how I can get almost more worked up over a 5k than a marathon.  I think because I know it’s going to push me out of my comfort zone and I haven’t been very good about accepting that kind of racing pain lately! I’m working on it.

I felt relatively confident going into this race- I trained specifically for 6:25 pace and felt strong in my workouts.  Race day was perfect: a noon start, beautiful weather in the low 40s with sunshine and a mostly flat course with a bit of wind, but overall, no excuses.

A few days before, Michele and I realized we’d be running the same 5k so it was really fun to run into her before the race and do our 3 mile warm up together.  We kept it nice and easy and then added a few strides.

The race is centered around a small loop in a NJ park.  We started with nearly two loops, then did a short loop outside the park and finished with the third loop.  Pretty straight forward.

At the start, I felt strong.  There was a small incline in the first mile that didn’t feel too bad and mile one came in even faster than I planned at 6:22.  At that point, I was pretty sure this was my day to break 20!

The second time up that incline in mile two I lost pace a little bit and lost a few seconds as I tried to get back into a good rhythm and slow my breathing.  Mile two was 6:37… which was discouraging and meant I had to seriously kick it up for mile 3.

My legs started to feel heavy (maybe the start was too fast?) and I didn’t have any kind of kick for the finish- I just held on as best I could! Mile 3- 6:31 and final .1 6:31.

My watch was 21:19, chip was 21:21.  So close, yet still so far! Those 20 seconds!

Honestly, I was initially disappointed but at the same time knew I gave it all I had for today, and that’s all I can do, so I’m happy with my effort.

As I looked back over the 5ks of this past year, I realized that this was the best 5k since baby J was born so that’s progress!

I also know that my endurance is lacking a bit.  I can run 400s and 800s much faster than goal pace, but I can’t string them together… so I need to work on mile repeats or tempos to build the speed endurance a bit. (Hill repeats, too! The smallest incline messes with me in a 5k!)

I also just need practice at this distance! So I’m looking for another 1-2 to throw into my NYC half training. I am coming for you, sub-20!

First in age group and 4th overall woman and this lovely trophy.  🙂


Did you race on New Year’s Day?

Is there a race goal you feel is within you that you keep missing in races?



10 thoughts on “My first 5k of 2017

  1. That’s an awesome time! Congratulations 🙂 I can’t even imagine running 5km outside right now on our icy, snowy roads lol. Maybe by February!

  2. SO close!
    You ran a very strong race and did amazing but i know it is frustrating to not hit a goal. Just remember at every race there are only a small percentage of folks that can even dream about running a race at the pace. You are so accomplished whether you ever sub 20 or not, but you will some day 🙂
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