Monthly goals check in (January)

I blinked and January is behind me! But I’ll take it, as it’s typically my least favorite month. Just four more weeks of “real” winter and then the hope of some milder weather!

So how did January wrap up?


I ran one race this month, a 5k on January 1st. And while I didn’t break 20, I did shave off another ten seconds or so from my post-baby 5ks so I’ll take it!


The month started with a recovery week after the 5k (and slightly achy shins) and then gained momentum with the last week being my highest, at 47 miles! Total: 148 for January

Cross training:

I’ve made Monday Barre a staple in my calendar now and love that I get a great workout with minimal impact to my joints.  I’m trying to get to spin on Thursdays and for the most part hit one spin class each week and fit in one additional strength session somewhere.  I’d love to be closer to 3 strength sessions, but with my focus on the upcoming half, that’s going to probably take a back seat for February.

Running partners:

I made a serious effort to run more with others this month… it takes a little more planning to make it happen, but it’s been so worth it.  I love the company, and the easier paces have been so helpful to reign me in on easy days.  (I haven’t made it to track nights, but likewise, the company helps push me for tough workouts!)

Fuel/ Nutrition:

I loved kicking off January with the sugar detox with many of you! It definitely helped me kick start the year on the right foot.  And even though sugar is now back in my diet on an almost daily basis, I’m in a pretty good rhythm of mostly real food and feeling good.

This month’s focus:

I now have a little over 6 weeks to go until the NYC half, so my focus is on the half marathon specific workouts.  Tempos are my weakness, so I’m working on prioritizing those 10k-half marathon paced workouts (2×2 miles, mile repeats, 4-6 mile tempos) and adding some intensity to a few of my long runs.

I’m still feeling excited and motivated for the running goals I set for 2017.  Let’s do this, February!!

Do you calculate monthly miles? I never have added it up by month before but I’m going to keep track this year.

What’s your focus for February?

4 thoughts on “Monthly goals check in (January)

  1. I track my miles on Strava because it’s kind of fun to see what the total is at the end of the year and I like to know what I’m running when I train for races. Tempos will prepare you well for the race. Smart to do!

  2. January really did fly by, didn’t it? I’ve never really been great at tracking mileage, but this is going to be my year. 🙂 I have an unofficial goal of 50 miles per month (to get me to 600 for the year), and I felt just a tiny bit short in January. Boooo.

  3. You had a great month and a great start to 2017! For some reason today all 3 of your most recent posts showed up on Bloglovin for me- which s so weird since this was was published last Thursday!

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