Mock Nutella and wiaw

Happy Wednesday!  I’m linking up with Jen again at Peas and Crayons for “what I ate Wednesday.”

We all woke up early yesterday, thanks to someone working on her 2 year old molars, so we had extra time to make whole wheat blueberry pancakes.  I like to top mine with almond butter and banana in place of syrup.

It was a warm day, so we made sure to get out in the morning hours.  I shared a large apple with L at the playground, then we headed home for lunch.

There was leftover couscous-zucchini salad and grilled chicken from Monday night, so I ate mine over spinach and added feta cheese.  (Yes, we rarely have meat- but the spinning extravaganza weekend and lack of meal planning for the week led to a quick and easy marinated chicken on the grill.  Every once in awhile my body asks for a little extra protein!)

Snacks: wasa crackers with Neufchatel cheese and salsa; mango; and molasses “tea” (great source of iron: hot water, spoonful of molasses and a splash of milk)

L helped me throw ingredients together for split pea soup this morning, so it was a quick easy dinner.  We had good, crusty bread on the side.

I headed to the gym to practice my spinning class in front of an empty room, and came home to do a little more snacking… a couple of L’s banana cookies and some pineapple.   Unfortunately, there is no dark chocolate in the house, but I managed to get my cocoa fix with this:

Homemade chocolate-nut butter.  I used to love Nutella but now find it way too sweet.  This is a much healthier version, but can be made sweeter to suit your taste.  Use it the same way you would use Nutella- on crackers, as a dip, or (if you’re like me) eat it by the spoonful!

Here’s the recipe: (printable version)

  • 1 1/2 c. nuts (I used mixed nuts)
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (or mild tasting oil of choice)
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp agave nectar or liquid sweetener
  • (optional- for thinner “icing”) 1 Tbsp chia seeds soaked in water for 15 minutes OR 2-4 tbsp milk

Blend first three ingredients except chia in a food processor until well blended (could take up to ten minutes, until it begins to bind together and look like nut butter).

Add cocoa powder and sweetener and blend until desired consistency, similar to nut butter.  If you prefer a creamier texture, add chia gel and blend another minute.  Add additional sweetener to taste.  Store in the refrigerator.

The creamier, chia version is much easier to spread, and could even serve as an icing alternative. Adult and toddler friendly.

Are you a Nutella fan?


54 thoughts on “Mock Nutella and wiaw

  1. Yum! The mock Nutella sounds delicious, we’ll have to try it. Do you often use chia seeds? How do you incorporate them into your cooking?

    • Thanks, Jess! I’ve been experimenting with Chia a lot the last few months, adding it to muffins/crackers, topping oatmeal or yogurt, and using it as an egg substitute (when soaked it turns to gel). The nutritional stats are so impressive, I’m trying to incorporate it as much as I can! But they do get stuck in your teeth… 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

  2. ooh – I bet my little guy would love that spread. I’ll have to give it a try.

    I’m 99.5% vegetarian. I ‘broke’ last week and had a salmon sandwich at this restaurant that is known for their salmon sandwiches and, oh man, it was delicious. My kids and husband eat meat on occasion when we are at restaurants, but I mostly keep our home kitchen meat free.

    I’m intrigued by the molasses tea….
    Michelle {lively kitchen} recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday – Fifty Shades of Brown and GreenMy Profile

    • Yes- I think it would make a great “treat” for kids! The molasses tea was recommended by my acupuncturist when I was pregnant, and I’m a fan of molasses, so I still make it from time to time.
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

    • What sparked the Nutella experiment is that my husband did the grocery shopping and forgot to restock the dark chocolate supply… i was determined to find another way to get my cocoa fix! 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

    • I never have either, but I was looking for a way to make it creamier and they turn gel-like when soaked. Plus, I’ve been finding excuses to put them in everything!
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

  3. As always, your eats look fabulous. Yum now I wanna make pancakes!
    Left to my own devices I tend toward vegetarian. But the Caveman is staunch Paleo so there’s plenty of meat around here.
    I love Nutella but agree its too sweet for me now. I am so trying that spread!
    Marcia recently posted..Before MAYhem BeginsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Marcia! My husband is happy eating a vegetarian diet, but definitely gets excited when there’s meat around. However, after indulging in lots of meat on family visits, he always says he’s ready to get back to “normal” eating again.
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

    • Ha! Thank you! I guess I’m improving, and learning from those (like you) who have the photography skills! Now if only I had a nice camera… that would help a lot. 🙂 Yes- I had memories of Nutella too and the last time I had it was a disappointment. I still have a sweet tooth, but it’s softened a lot over the years….it was way too sweet for me.
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

    • Yay! I hope you like it. I kept mine on the less sweet side, but you can change it to suit your taste. This was a fun one to make because there was a lot of taste-testing a long the way. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

  4. You make everything look so beautiful and colorful! Maybe someday a cookbook? : ) love you!!

  5. That nut butter looks good. I am not sure my food processor would hold up; it starts to grind and groan while making hummus! I am not “Mostly” a vegetarian, but I eat very little meat. Its easier (and cheaper) to just eat beans and veggies. My boyfriend on the other hand is a “meat only” guy much of the time, so when he is around, I tend to eat more, just because it’s easier to cook one meal and share it rather than two separate ones. But I still make him eat salad!
    Travel Spot recently posted..A Fun AddictionMy Profile

    • That sounds a lot like the first few years of our marriage. We gradually started eating less meat. He’s on board now, although he definitely doesn’t turn down meat! It sounds like you worked out a good system.
      Laura recently posted..Mock Nutella and wiawMy Profile

  6. I really do love your WIAW’s :). I have recently changed my diet and you inspire me with new things to try- like the Mock Nutella! I am SO trying that!
    I am only eating meat once or twice a week now, but I do find myself craving it- especially after a run.
    Jerilee@Mom’s Gone Running recently posted..Vote, I say…My Profile

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