Millburn 5k Race Recap

Another 5k is in the books!

Millburn 5k finish

After running with the track group last Thursday, I realized a 5k was coming up Monday evening.  I waited to register until the night of the race as it was a hot, humid weekend.  But we had a storm come through on Monday and it took the temperature down a few notches, so I decided to go for it.

I had no idea how big this 5k was! There were a number of talented runners there.  The first seven finishers averaged a sub-5:00 minute pace!

Overall I felt pretty good and managed to hold more consistent paces than the other 5ks I’ve done this summer.  There was a small hill at the finish of mile one and we ran up it again toward the end of mile three.  Other than that, the race was pretty flat.

Typically, mile one is my fastest and I go downhill from there.  This time, mile one was my slowest at 6:43.  Maybe it was that hill?

Mile two was a bit faster in 6:39 and mile three was 6:38, with a final sprint around a 6 minute pace.

I didn’t look at the course map at all before the race which is unlike me.  I just figured I would follow the crowd and not stress about it.  #oops

As we were coming toward the finish line, my watch showed we were almost to 3.1 and I saw the strip ahead of me.  I started sprinting with everything I had, crossed the line and stopped my watch.  As I looked up, I realized people were passing me and waving me on to keep running.  I crossed the original start line, but the finish was up ahead!

I found my stride again and finished the final 100m stretch, but lost about 10 seconds on the clock.  According to my watch, I beat my last 5k by 2 seconds with 20:46 (new post-baby pr) but the chip time had me at 21:00.

millburn 5k

Either way, it was a good opportunity to continue practicing speed and I was happy with my effort.

Have you ever missed the finish line in a race?

Do you have other race #oops moments?



19 thoughts on “Millburn 5k Race Recap

  1. Oh man!!! I hate it when stuff like that happens!! Either way – you’re improving with each and every 5K (and you’ve done quite a few mama!) so that is a WIN. Nice job!
    Allie recently posted..Work On Your WeaknessMy Profile

  2. Oh no!!! I missed the finish line by going in the wrong shoot. It split between 1/2 marathon and 20 miler. I got so confused when everyone was waving me to go to the 1/2 but I was doing the 20 miler. My mind was toast so I was clueless! Great job girl!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..A Day in the LifeMy Profile

  3. Yes! I did it was once during a 5k. Put the pedal to the medal for what I thought was the last little stretch then came to a complete stop at mile 3. Not realizing I still had to go that .1, which seemed to be SO far away-lol. Good job on your run though you are really fast!

  4. Churnin’ out PR’s — woot!! I’m sure the finish line thing was frustrating at the time, but it makes a great story! 😉 Congrats!

  5. Very nice race!! That is a super speedy time for anyone, and to be able to do that so soon after having a baby, wow! I think 5k’s are such a good gauge of fitness, at least speed fitness!
    jan recently posted..Flash Floods and a Sore KneeMy Profile

    • I was one of the slowest in my 5th grade timed mile! 🙂

      But I got faster and ran track in middle school. Then I ran for fun after collage, mostly 9 minute pace until my daughter was born and I began to work on speed the last 5 years and saw my paces drop significantly. So yes and no, I guess?
      Laura recently posted..Millburn 5k Race RecapMy Profile

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