Mexico girl trip!

I want to share a bit of Mexico with you but also have to start with a shout out to my mother-in-law who not only came and cared for our girls while my husband worked, but cleaned the floors, my entire refrigerator and all of the stainless steel appliances.  What a treat to come home to a cleaner-than-it-will-ever-be-again-house!

So again this year the nutrition company I work for covered an all expense paid vacation so I took my two oldest friends with me to a resort in Playa del Carmen.

The weather was perfect- sunny and 80’s all week.  Just the sunshine alone made the trip worthwhile! We all felt less stressed immediately and happier.  It’s amazing how the sunshine can do that.

After a delicious breakfast buffet, most of our days were spent reading by the pool or beach with mojitos and fresh guacamole.

We spent one afternoon at the spa where we did hydrotherapy + massages.  Ahh-mazing.

Another morning we traveled to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins and turquoise beaches.

In the evenings, we would dress up and try a different restaurant each night.  When it’s all inclusive, it’s hard not to go a little crazy with food! We had delicious appetizers, wine, entrees and dessert every night.

Of course, there was also aqua zumba, live Latin music and time to catch up with the friends I work with too.

The girl time was therapeutic.  I laughed until I cried on multiple occasions… isn’t that the best?!

By the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to see my girls and husband.  It was exactly what I needed!

Have you been to Mexico or an all inclusive resort? Where is your ideal vacation?


3 thoughts on “Mexico girl trip!

  1. I love PDC. My ex-hubby and I were seriously considering moving there. It’s such a great area. Haven’t been in years but heard it’s gotten very built up.

    Looks like you had a fabulous time and ate well. And your mom-in-law is just the bestt to extend your vacation with her random acts of kindness 🙂

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