September 18th, 2012

Menu Planning Link Up Challenge

It’s another What I ate Wednesday with Peas and Crayons! I’m hoping to fall into good meal planning habits…

Earlier this summer, Jill wrote a guest post on Menu planning tips and benefits that had a great response.  She and I decided to host a joint Menu Planning link up and challenge on Sundays, and would love to have you join us! Or, feel free to follow along and get meal ideas for the week.
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The basic idea?

To encourage and hold each other accountable as we purposefully plan out regular, weekly meal plans.

The goals?

To serve healthier food, manage grocery budgets, and put meals on the table throughout the week with ease.

How does the challenge work?
  • Every Sunday morning at Mommy Run Fast and Fitness, Health and Happiness, you can expect to find our meal plans for the week, including a menu planning template, recipe links and/or one new recipe each week. There may also be a bonus challenge to incorporate a specific recipe or ingredient into your menu.
  • Blog your weekly meal plan and/or favorite recipes and link up every Sun at Mommy Run Fast or Fitness, Health and Happiness.  A new link-up will be posted every Sunday, starting Sept 30.
  • For those who don’t blog, the link-up will be a great place for you to find menu inspiration and recipes and you can use the other social media options list below.
Stay accountable with all or some of the following: 

  • Use the Twitter hashtag #whatsfordinner to join in at any time with other challenge participants. We’ll share recipes and ideas, let each other how we’re doing, and chat healthy  meals in general. (Our twitter handles are @mommyrunfaster and @jillconyers)
  • Use the Instagram hashtag #whatsfordinner to share photos of your food (preparing, grocery shopping, eating, etc.) (Follow @jillconyers and @mommyrunfast)

Want to join? Sign up below! (No worries if you can’t link up every week)

We will begin on Sunday, September 30th.  For the month of October, there will be weekly prizes drawn from the comments, links, and tweets.

Prizes for week one will be drawn from comments, tweets and shares.  You can tweet the following, or write your own:

Join the October What’s for Dinner link up from @jillconyers and @mommyrunfast on Sundays! Sign up here:

We’re excited to see share ideas and support each other- hope you can join us by linking up, or read along and get inspired!

As for what I’ve been eating, this healthy Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal has been a delicious breakfast all week.  Recipe coming soon!

Do you plan your menu for the week?


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