January 16th, 2013

Marathon eats and drool-worthy recipes

Thanks again for all the support on the marathon, friends!

I’m feeling decent now.  After hobbling my way through Sunday, I was happy to walk around the grocery store on Monday without giving myself away as a limping, recovering marathon runner. And yesterday I was walking at my usual clip and taught spin last night.

I was expecting a little soreness.  What I was not expecting was my insatiable appetite! Even after a full day of good food and treats on Sunday, my stomach woke me up at 4am demanding food, and I could not get back to sleep. I was too stiff to go find food, but my husband grabbed me a banana to hold me over until morning.

It reminded me of the first few weeks of breast-feeding, when I’d wake up starving in the middle of the night and I’d down some trail mix by the side of my bed.

Clearly, my body is working hard at repair and recovery.  So, for What I ate Wednesday, I thought it would be fun to share my marathon day eats.

4:40am– Two mini whole wheat bagels with sunbutter, and a banana; full glass of water

Post race: I immediately ate my date balls (stomach didn’t want them in the race). Although I felt strong until the end, I could tell I needed to refuel immediately.

Rather than wait in the long line for the hot food, I grabbed another banana and these chocolate grahams, and downed a water bottle on my way to the meet up area to find J and L.

After getting home and showered, I didn’t have a big appetite, but asked J to make me eggs to start with, over a sweet potato. Two hours later, I was hungry again and had plain yogurt with granola and trail mix.

About two hours later, I was starving and ready to fulfill my strange burger craving.  There’s a fun, family friendly place near us that has grass-fed beef burgers and sweet potato fries, so that’s where we headed. I added a spinach salad on the side- greens were also sounding good.

It just so happens that this place also has delicious milk shakes… I can’t tell you the last time I had a milk shake, or even wanted one.  Cookies and Cream was amazing… L agreed.

I don’t know how this is possible, but as we settled L into bed and had a quiet evening to ourselves, my stomach growled again.  A  big bowl of popcorn and an orange did the trick.

At least, until 4am when I needed that banana.  Sheesh! I don’t remember being this hungry after my first.

But I do know that proper recovery depends on a steady flow of calories and nutrients, so I am going to keep giving my body what it needs.

On Monday and Tuesday, I tried to eat larger amounts of clean food, and fueled with lots of eggs, vegetables, fruit, salmon, turkey, yogurt, and have been making daily smoothies with Silk almond milk, greens, blueberries, acai berries, cinnamon, flax, chia, grass powder, maca powder and any other “superfood” I could find!


I use Silk almond milk almost daily in oatmeal, smoothies or as a dairy substitute.  But apparently I need to branch out.

I’ve been been drooling over some awesome recipes that a few of my friends and fellow bloggers have created using Silk almond milk.  Check out these delicious combos…

The creative recipes range from Vanilla Walnut Overnight Oats to Vegan Veggie Gratin. You can find these and more via the Silk Facebook page.

These ladies are seriously talented recipe developers! Off to make that Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Coconut Almond Latte for this chilly Texas morning…

Talk to me about marathon hunger.  And, if you are an almond milk fan, how do you use it?

Fitfluential, LLC compensated me for this campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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