Maplewood 5k Recap

On Sunday I ran my second post-baby 5k.  I’m technically in half marathon training now for the Trenton half (just 3 weeks away, eek!) but my long run paces have been struggling and I wanted to throw in another 5k to teach myself to pick up the pace.

I had 14 total on the schedule, so I ran 3.5 to the race and lined up for the 5k.

Overall, I felt good.  My goal going into this race was to beat my 5k from two weeks ago (21:58) as I knew I had more in me.  I did beat it, but not by as much as I hoped.  The wind and a few inclines held me back more than I expected, but I’m happy with my effort and progress is progress, right?

No one was there to take pictures this time so all I have for you are a few selfies and a Garmin photo!

Maplewood 5k

Mile one started with a slight downhill before leveling out and I held myself back, knowing that going out too fast was one of the problems of the last 5k.  I might have held back a little too much- mile one was 6:54 (I was aiming for 6:45 overall pace).

Mile two was rough.  There were a few uphill stretches and I could not hold onto the pace.  The wind was also strong on Sunday- I know, excuses, excuses! Mile two was my slowest- 7:13.

By the final stretch, the course had flattened out and I was able to pick up the pace and hold it to the finish.  The third mile was my fastest, which was encouraging, at 6:41.

Fastest post baby mile so far

Fastest post baby mile so far

After a final sprint my finish time was 21:34 (24 seconds faster than my last one).  And because it was another tiny, local race I was the second female.  However, I didn’t get to hang around to see if I won anything since I wanted to get my remaining miles in and head home before it was time to feed baby J again.

So I ran the 3.5 miles home and checked in with everyone.  The baby was still napping so I ran my final 4 miles on the treadmill and pushed the pace (about 7:40 average) to squeeze them all in before she needed to eat!

Maplewood 5k 14 miles total

14 miles done… my longest postpartum run so far!!

The other fun piece about this race was that it was the first local one I decided to sponsor, so it was fun to pick up my bib and packet and see my name on the shirt.  🙂

Maplewood 5k sponsor

I am still in this strange place with running where I’m pleased with my progress but disappointed that I’m still pretty far from pre-pregnancy paces.

The baby will be three months old in a week, so I know it’s still early.  I’m grateful that my body felt strong through the 14 miles and that my husband can watch the girls and support my running! The pace will eventually return, right?!

Did you race over the weekend? How did you do?

Have you ever couched a race in the middle of a long run?


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  1. YES, your pace will return with vengeance! I only got faster after my boys were born and had a solid year of PRs. At the three month mark, I did a sprint TRI and placed third in my age group. The following year, I won the whole thing. That’s where you’re headed mama!!! 14 miles the hard way is amazing. Good for you! Just be patient and keep doing what you’re doing. By Spring, you’ll break 20 min in the 5K. I just know it!
    Allie recently posted..I’m A Woman (who looks like a man?)My Profile

  2. Awesome Laura, I know you feel you are not where you were before, but you will get back there before you know it 🙂 As I think about starting up again, I am sure I will be worrying about the same thing! I have done races in the middle of workouts before, one race I ran the 5k in 17 something, then went on to do 3x1mile on the course, people thought I was nuts!!!
    Tina Muir recently posted..Find Your Strong- Is the “Runner” Body Image Finally Changing for the Better?My Profile

  3. So awesome! It’s so frustrating when you want faster but sometimes we can’t control it when a course is hilly AND windy. I thought about that over the weekend because the hills and even some of the wind were definitely affecting me making me realize that each race may be the same distance but the conditions and courses are all different so I can’t compare my times at all, as much as I want to every time. You are doing so amazing in my opinion after just having a baby!
    meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles recently posted..What I Ate Runner’s World Race WeekendMy Profile

  4. Oh Laura you are doing AMAZING!!!! Your chickie is JUST 3 months old and you are flying! I know it is not where you want to be but you are honestly doing amazing!!! Think about it…you are not sleeping normal hours, you are feeding another person with your OWN body, you gave birth to that said person LESS than 3 months ago, and your clicking off miles at 6:40 pace!!! You are a rock star in my book!!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..“Sneaking” in Goodness with #HempHeartsMy Profile

  5. Nice job. With anything running related, over time you will get to be exactly where you want! I am amazed by your running comeback post baby honestly. It’s motivating for me coming back from my injury. 🙂
    Hollie recently posted..Mentally RecoveringMy Profile

  6. That’s great Laura – you’re such an inspiration of “Can Do” spirit, and of being able to acknowledge the value of the experience! Shine on!!
    (Windy all week here so far… treadmill season has begun.)

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