Let’s have coffee

Or tea.  I’m actually sipping blueberry mojito loose leaf tea right now from my friend Jen… it’s delicious!

If we were having tea, I’d tell you that it’s been a good week.  I made it through a few afternoons without needing naps, and I’m actually being helpful around the house again (my husband probably thought I forgot how to do laundry or load and unload the dishwasher).

We celebrated L’s birthday yesterday with a snow day- since we were all home, we took her out for pizza for lunch.  We’ll continue celebrating on Saturday when grandparents and friends are coming for her party!

How is this little baby 4?

How is this little baby 4?

I’d tell you the only thing I’m stressed about with this new baby is figuring out childcare… we won’t need much, as I work from home and can usually squeeze most of it into the 12-15 hours L’s at preschool, but I’m not sure where to start with part time babysitters or nanny shares.  With L, I continued working part time but my husband was finishing his PhD and we could easily take turns with childcare.

But I love what I do, and I know the pieces will come together.

Speaking of work, I’ve been “putting myself out there” recently and making some great local connections.  I’ve done two workshops at our running store and have a third coming up in a few weeks.  I did one at a local yoga studio, and have been contributing to the blog of a local mother’s group.  They asked if I could do a tele-conference on Sugar Cravings (one of my favorite topics, as you know!) which will be Thursday, January 30th at 10am EST.  (Ps- it’s free and anyone is welcome to join… simply email info@momogama.com with the subject line “Overcoming Your Sugar Cravings” for login details).

Oh, and I was excited to be approved by the Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners:

Drugless Practitioners

It’s a network of holistic practitioners that work on health issues without drugs.

Since we’re on the topic of drugs, I’m continuing to learn about holistic alternatives for my whole family, too.  I mentioned before the holidays that I was taking a six week internship about essential oils… it was fascinating!

I have the Family Physician kit and have been experimenting with some of the oils on L and on myself.  I’m particularly excited about the oils I can use on the new baby this time around for soothing and help with colic, teething, relaxation or sleep.  Maybe that deserves a whole post sometime?

Essential oils

After covering all of your family, work and life updates I’d probably add that I’m done with winter and on the countdown until spring.  It’s especially frustrating because running feels great these days but it’s been way too cold and snowy to get outdoors.

The 5 by the 5th challenge starts in one week and I am pretty sure I’ll be on the treadmill… boo.  By the way, the Facebook page for the group coaching folks will be up soon… I’m excited to work together toward our running goals.  There were many new prs and impressive updates in the fall group!

Or, I should say, I look forward to inspiring YOU to hit your big goals… I’ll be training vicariously through you and running for as long as I can.  🙂

What would you share on our coffee date?

Do you have any plans for the weekend?



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  1. I’m heading to NY this weekend to visit my brother. I’m pretty excited to get out of town.

    I’d tell you about my job and how I’m doing with everything. The good and the bad.

    Those oils sound neat. My son had reflux and it was horrible. Ugh. I wouldn’t wish dealing with that on anyone.
    Natalie recently posted..Five Friday Faves….My Profile

  2. So many exciting things for you!! I can’t wait to hear more about your drugs 🙂 Seriously though, that is great – good for you. I’m lamenting being stuck on a treadmill as well but at least I’m not stuck in a sick bed like I was last week so I’ll stop complaining! I also have a dinner date with the hubs tonight. This day cannot go by fast enough.
    Allie recently posted..You Don’t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Train Me…My Profile

  3. I’d love to learn more about essential oils, so yes, please post!

    Also, I’m a little stressed about child care, too. Baby girl is due in May, right when Hailey will be getting out of her 2 (1/2 day) a week program. It’s only 6 hours but I feel I get so much done during that time and she loves it too. I’m considering nanny shares or camp, but have no idea where to start. AH! 🙂

    It was so nice sipping tea (or in my case this morning, ACV ;)) with you!
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..25 Weeks Pregnant & Stroller QuestionsMy Profile

    • Isn’t it crazy how just those few hours make such a huge difference? Glad I’m not the only one wondering about this… we’re in such an easy place right now, I think it’s sinking in how drastically everything is going to change! 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Let’s have coffeeMy Profile

  4. I would love to hear more about healing oils. I’ve been so curious about them and wanted to try them myself for our family. And yes — the cold, snowy weather is making me run in place too 🙁 Definitely ready for spring! Happy Birthday to your little miss, too 🙂
    Amanda recently posted..From Workout to StreetMy Profile

  5. Pizza lunch sounds like a great way to celebrate. I’d tell you to pass the coffee because E didn’t let me get hardly any sleep last night. Yawnnnn

  6. I absolutely love seeing you achieving so many great things! I would tell you that I’m talking myself out of actually racing my next half. I keep thinking that I’ve already PR’d on the last 2. The last one I wanted to just die, ok, really I just wanted to stop and throw a fit and have someone take me back to the finish and be done with it. So I keep saying, it’ll be fine if I don’t push it, if I “just” run it at x pace.

  7. If we were having coffee I would celebrate with you and tell you it always falls into place just how it should be! Then I’d ask you to follow me around and remove the foods that are making me bloated from my hands!!! LOL!! I’m excited that things are taking off locally for you! Once they know you they’ll love you!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Fitness Friday…Fit February Challenge with DietbetMy Profile

  8. You’re not alone in finding childcare a really difficult subject to tackle. My kids are currently at school quite a lot, and while I don’t love that, it is a temporary thing for us and it means that when I pick them up I can fully pay attention to making them dinner, coloring with them, cleaning up, and bathing them. School for them helps me keep the computer closed when we’re together, and that I find VERY helpful! Still, my little guy cried when I left yesterday and today (he’s a bit under the weather and wanting a cuddle), so I’m really glad it’s the weekend!

    Finally found my lost Garmin (back to running and long walks!), and have been doing video workouts early in the morning when I’m the only parent home. Never thought I’d be doing jumping jacks–but, hey, it makes me feel better and I’m very awake for my 8:00 class!

    • Yes, glad I’m not alone in the childcare struggle… I’m sure the pieces will come together (although it is crazy expensive around here!!)
      And I love that you are doing at home workouts and jumping jacks, yay! 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Deconstructing our CravingsMy Profile

  9. If we were having coffee, I’d want to hear more about how easy/difficult it has been to “put yourself out there”…it sounds like you are making some great community connections.

    And another resounding “YES” to hearing more about the oils in the future!
    Marnie @ SuperSmartMama recently posted..Happiness Is…My Profile

  10. The class on oils sounds really cool and I love the idea of you writing a post on it, even if I don’t have a baby around anymore on whom to practice the lessons! (I’m sure there’s some big kid/adult lessons in there, too).

    I’m glad you’re starting to get your energy back…always such a good feeling. And you have really been going to town on your coaching, which I love. I really love that there’s such a market for this kind of mindset–may that continue to grow!

    I’m excited to say that I am doing the Polar Bear Plunge tomorrow with my daughter. Yes, we’re jumping into the Chesapeake at sub-freezing temps. I heard they’ve had to clear the bay of ice, even, so this should prove interesting!
    misszippy recently posted..What’s the state of minimalism today?My Profile

  11. So many great things happening for you! On our coffee date I would share that I’m redesigning my blog and so excited to get back into it because I’ve missed it! I’ve also had great success over the past two weeks just tracking my meals and exercise and watching what goes in and in what quantities. I haven’t had to change a lot of what I eat, just the amount! I am also starting to believe in functional fitness — fitness for function! There are certain things I want to be able to do in life and I want to stay fit so I can do them.

    That’s about it!
    Amalia recently posted..Enjoy the MomentsMy Profile

  12. I have really enjoyed starting to learn about essential oils. I have especially enjoyed peppermint for headaches/neckaches and it even helps my husband’s migranes!

  13. I remember getting that little burst of energy after the first trimester was over! It’s strange how good it feels to actually do chores again!?!

    If I were to have a coffee date I’d share with you that I’m a little stressed out right now because my kids aren’t napping well. I used to get so much accomplished during that time and now I feel like I’m falling behind. :/

    L’s baby picture above is SO ADORABLE! It sounds like she had an amazing birthday!
    Angie @ A Mother’s Pace recently posted..5 Items I Wish We’d Bought With Our First BabyMy Profile

  14. I need to try the sleep/relaxation stuff!!!
    I would share that I’m fixing to spend the weekend working my first Bridal Fair event – I’m a bit nervous but very excited!!
    Kim recently posted..Some Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  15. That picture is so sweet!! I love it! I’m sure the childcare thing will work out. The right people just seem to pop into our lives at the right time somehow. When you find the right one, you’ll know! Ask around and you’ll hear of someone!

    Congrats on the certification! Your family has grown in so many ways in the last 4 years. Woohoo!
    jan recently posted..Winter Weather WardrobeMy Profile

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