Last week’s workouts

Happy Monday!

With the Newport Half behind me (and my first 17.5 miler) and no sign of the tendonitis returning, I am cautiously optimistic about slowly increasing mileage over these next 8 weeks.

This week was all about recovery and easy paced runs.  By Saturday, I added in some marathon pace miles and, other than the extra warm September weekend, I felt great.

Sunday: Newport Half marathon (17.8 miles)

Monday : 30 minute pool run + 20 minute swim

Tuesday: nice and easy 4 miles (probably 10ish ave)

Wednesday: 8 miles easy (8:31 ave)

Thursday: 40 minute spin + upper body/core strength

Friday: 6 easy miles, no watch

Saturday: 15 miles with 3, 3, 2 and 1 at marathon pace (7:30)

Splits were 9:54, 8:53, 8:20, (7:34, 7:28, 7:24) easy 1/2 mile 9:02 (7:19, 7:17, 7:16) easy 1/2 mile 8:18, (7:15, 7:18) easy cool down 8:48, 8:33 and final .75 at 7:34

15 miles at 8:01 ave

After a quick shower, we met friends for a 3 mile hike, which with 4 kids under 7, took us 3 hours with our lunch break! It was low impact and a fun way to spend the day, but I was so ready to crash that night!

This week, I am signed up for a 5k on Saturday but I’m realizing it’s going to be part of a training run instead of a race.  There’s also a kid’s run that morning, so I’m looking forward to a fun family day outside.  Hopefully the weather cools off a bit by then!

I feel a little crazy that I’m so indecisive about the half vs full marathon… I guess I’ve decided to pick up the training as if I were going to run the full and see how these next few long runs go.

Have you ever trained for a marathon without knowing for sure if you were doing it?

Do you take family hikes?

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20 thoughts on “Last week’s workouts

  1. We got out for a family hike on Saturday afternoon too. It’s just too nice not to. Although way too warm for this time of year. I’m betting you run the full because things are feeling so good. 😁

    • So warm! We finished around 1:30 in the afternoon and headed straight to the ice cream shop. 🙂

      I’m hoping I can do the full. I’m definitely nervous about being under trained, but if I let go of performance goals, it would be fun!
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  2. I feel like you’re in a unique position to test your body and see what happens and it’s actually a very smart thing to do! The question is, can you let go of the 26.2 if it’s not quite there? Good luck mama – this is no easy decision!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Low GearMy Profile

    • Thanks, Allie! Yes- it’s going to be a tough call at the end… I’m mostly nervous about running it and not being fully ready to hit the paces I’d like to hit. We’ll see how I hold up these next few weeks!
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  3. Seeing as you have a great fitness base, and marathoning experience I don’t think there is anything wrong with training and maybe running it and maybe not. I may do something similar come springtime. We have a lot up in the air and I feel like I may want to try but no guarantee if I will be able to. So just train for a maybe and even if I don’t run the race it will give me solid fitness and mor training experience in the bank
    Laura recently posted..Running Update: 20 Weeks PostpartumMy Profile

    • Thanks, Laura- yes, I really appreciate that perspective! You’re right… even if I end up not doing it, it will boost my overall fitness and I do like that it takes the pressure off in the meantime.
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  4. Great week for you and wow I imagine you slept like a baby after the run and the hike! The kids looked like they had a great time as well!
    If I gave myself an option to back out of a marathon, I know I would, that is why I will probably not do a marathon that has a half route just in case. 🙂

  5. I really like that marathon pace workout! It’s a great way to fit in more volume at marathon without totally trashing the legs. I’ve done similar workouts for some of my runners, but that’s a reminder to use runs like that more often… it sounds so fun! It sounds like the approach of going into training not sure about the full worked well – it took a lot of pressure off and now you look in good shape to do the full!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..CIM Training Week 6My Profile

    • Yes, it is really fun! It made the run fly by, too. You’re so right about taking the pressure off.. I feel under-trained but cautiously optimistic. We’ll see if I can squeeze in a few more long runs and feel good!
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  6. Wow what a great week of workouts! I love the sound of that marathon pace workout, I might try it out on one of my upcoming long runs (although it’s a bit faster than my GP lol). Good luck for the 5k this weekend, even if it’s just part of a training run.

    • Thanks, Isabel! Yes- it’s a great stimulus for marathon training to build in race pace miles into the long run. Not something to do every week as it’s pretty intense, but it’s a great way to help your body train for that pace!
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  7. Glad you joined Jess and my link-up!

    Love the marathon pace workout. I only started doing marathon pace in my long runs within the past few years and it makes a HUGE difference. I used to just do my long runs at whatever easy pace, but it’s such a confidence booster to know you can hold that pace for long periods of time.

    Strong and fun week for you!

  8. I was just getting ready to start training for a January marathon, see how it went, and make my decision. But, I’ve got a little issue with my ankle so I’m waiting now. Why is it always something? Hiking with 4 kids under the age of 7 sounds like an exhausting workout! Thanks for linking.

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