Last week’s workouts – 6 weeks to go!

As I was finishing my long run on Saturday, I was seriously considering adding a December marathon so I can actually run it well! But that’s not going to happen.  I’ll give it what I can and then plan to take most of December nice and easy.

Six weeks is just not a lot of time to pull this together.  But I’m gaining more confidence (and fitness) with each week, so we’ll see!

Sunday: 4 very slow recovery (10ish pace)

Monday : 45 minute spin with intervals + kettle bell workout

Tuesday: 6.5 easy + 10 minutes core/yoga

Wednesday: 10 miles with cruise intervals

It was so humid this morning! I eased in with 9:30 and 9:18 paced miles and then did three cruise intervals with 1/2 mile easy between (7:06, 6:50, 6:43) and finished with a few miles at 7:55 pace.

Thursday: 55 minute pool run + taught an evening HIIT strength class (mostly demos, not working out)

Friday: 5 easy miles, 8:55 ave and the start of lovely cool mornings

Saturday: 18.5 miles (ave 7:59) with 10 at 7:30 pace

I recently ran into an old running partner training for Philly with similar pace goals, so we met up to do this workout together.  It’s not exactly a comfortable conversational pace for either of us, so I’m looking forward to more time to catch up on an easy run next time!

I skipped the 5k on Saturday as our day became crazy as of 9am, and I knew the long run was more important for my training so I got it done early and then took the girls for the day as my husband ripped out old carpet in the basement.  Our afternoon included Costco and Ikea.  Whew! House projects are no joke.

Do you have running buddies with the same goals/ paces as you?

Love or love to hate house projects?

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13 thoughts on “Last week’s workouts – 6 weeks to go!

  1. Holy wow to that long run!!! It must have been so much better to run it with someone else! I wish I had a running partner with similar time goals.
    It looks like you are doing REALLY well and I hope you’re feeling good too 🙂 House projects are definitely no joke…especially after a hard 18 miler!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Another Hole in My HeadMy Profile

    • I’m really glad I ran into him! It’s a group of guys that I ran with a few years ago and although there are some local-ish women my pace, they train 20 minutes away and I just can’t make it there on a regular basis. So I’m excited to have some buddies… although their workouts are no joke. They were doing 12 at marathon pace and 10 was enough for me!
      Laura recently posted..Last week’s workouts – 6 weeks to go!My Profile

  2. Awesome job on that long run! 10 at marathon pace is a hard workout! Even though our goals are different, my husband and I run similar paces on easy run days, so we try to get in at least one run per week. Although lately, that’s been my recovery run after my long run, so I’ve been slowing him down!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..CIM Training Week 7My Profile

  3. Awesome long run! I’d love to have running buddies that had the same goals/paces and want to run early with me. Not a big fan of house projects.

  4. You had an awesome week!

    Yes, I have one running buddy with the same goals. The problem is, we can both be a bit lazy so it’s easy for us to talk ourselves out of a tough run 🙂 It’s still good though, ’cause we’re always relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

  5. I have a running gal pal that does most of the same races I do. She’s gotten to be faster, but it works out well for our long runs. She’s been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis recently (while I was recovering from surgery), so we’re both easing back LOL
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted..Can You Say EPIC?My Profile

  6. Awesome long run! Sometimes it is nice to have company even if you can’t be too chatty to help push you along.
    I only have run buddy local and luckily we are fairly close in pace.

  7. That’s an impressive long run! It is nice to have a buddy by your side even if you can’t talk a whole lot. The older I get, the less I like tackling house projects. That’s probably the reason I have a whole list of them right now. LOL. Thanks for linking.

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