Last 20 miler done and Menu planning Link up

Happy pre-Christmas eve!

What a treat to have a nice, long holiday weekend.  Now that my final 20 miler of the cycle done, I am thrilled to slow down a bit.  It’s officially taper time!

I met my running buddy May at a park for our final long run yesterday.  It was a beautiful day.  Temps started at 40 degrees and quickly warmed up to almost 60 by the time we finished.  We aimed for an “easy” pace but kept finding our legs wanted to speed up.  The run averaged 8:45/mile which was a little faster than I planned, but it was also a confidence booster to finish the week on a high note.


Here’s the recap of my marathon training week:


Monday: 8 run (4 at 7:25)

Tuesday: Spin + weights

Wednesday: 6 run (3 at 7:30)

Thursday: 10.4 run easy pace

Friday: Off

Saturday: 20.5 run ave 8:45 pace

Sunday: Weights/circuit + recovery run or spin


I was thankful that my stomach felt good this morning, after some extra rich foods at our Christmas potluck last night, including tamales, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chinese “dumplings” wrapped in lettuce, and rice cakes and a pumpkin cheesecake.  It was delicious!


I found some fun, new recipes on some friend’s blogs this week.  Here’s what our menu will look like:


Monday: Christmas Eve- Jen’s Quinoa Mac and cheese

Tuesday: Christmas Dinner with friends- Homemade corn tortillas for fajitas, empanadas, fresh guacamole and salsa, possibly tamales

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Last minute family trip to see new parts of Texas while we’re living here, packing snacks and eating out

Friday: Trip

Saturday: Heather’s Creamy Chipotle Pumpkin soup

Sunday: Lindsay shared Elle’s Butternut Quinoa Gratin


We’ll see how motivated I am to cook this week.  It’s the first time we’ve spent this holiday at home, so I’m used to being cooked for over the holidays!  It’s very possible we will take the lazy route and survive mostly on leftovers.  :)

Are you home for the holidays, or traveling?

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