May 4th, 2014

Kicking off the third trimester: workouts and meal plan

It’s been a beautiful spring weekend here! Are you getting the same weather? I wouldn’t complain if it were in the 60s and 70s year round.  I’m trying to soak it up while it lasts!

Well, after an especially high energy week, I guess I was due for some lower energy days.  I felt good enough to keep up with my usual exercise routine, but I had some really lazy, sleepy afternoons and took naps more days than I didn’t.  We had a few rainy days in a row, which didn’t help.  And I was also solo parenting for a good chunk of the week.  But I’m feeling more like myself now that we’re all together again and I had a lot of time to myself yesterday, which was much needed!

This is also the week that I’m kicking off the third trimester… somewhere between 27 and 28 weeks.  Woohoo! My workout recap:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 5 mile treadmill run (9:40 pace) + 15 minutes upper body

Tuesday: 20 minute elliptical + this circuit workout

Wednesday: Skipped my morning workout but got myself to a pilates class for a change

Thursday: 5.5 run (9:40 pace)

Friday: The same circuit workout as Tuesday plus some walking at the zoo

Saturday: 4 mile run to the gym- taught spin class – 4 mile run (jog, with a few walk breaks up the steepest hills) home

 27 week spin class

Heading to run/spin/run (27 weeks) – side belly shot coming in tomorrow’s pregnancy update :)

For the meal plan this week:


Sunday:  I want to try Melanie’s Egg Stuffed Baked Potatoes 



Monday: Chicken Fajita Bowls with salsa and guacamole


Tuesday: Tomato Poached Eggs over rice



Wednesday:  Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

Thursday:  Leftovers


Friday: Beach weekend with the girls!


Saturday: Beach weekend

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Do you feel your energy drop on rainy days?

What have you been up to this weekend?


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