Junior League 5k Race Recap

We had a super busy Saturday, with the 5k (and my vendor table) all morning and a school carnival all afternoon.  I was lucky enough to have my whole family at the race (aka husband with the camera).

The 5k was okay.

Of course, the night before was the one night that our baby girl was sick and/or teething and, whatever the explanation, miserable from 10pm- 2am no matter what we tried.  Poor girl!!

So we were all a little out of it Saturday morning but lack of sleep doesn’t necessarily affect performance unless it’s cumulative sleep deprivation so I won’t blame it on that.

I was also a vendor at the race with a table detailing my nutrition coaching and clean eating groups so I squeezed in one warm up mile, but not the full two that I had wanted to get in.


We lined up and took off! It was a small race, and one other woman was near the front with me.

We ran together for a bit until she pulled ahead.  Mile one: 6:24, which is perfect except that it was already feeling too hard.

DSC_3176Pulling ahead of the first woman, but getting tired (and hot)

It was a two loop course.  At the halfway mark, I pulled ahead of a small group including the first woman.  One of the men running nearby called out, “there’s a lot of race left!” I responded, “yep!”  I know what I’m doing… but it did make me wonder if I was already breathing too hard and signaling that this pace was going to be a challenge.

DSC_3173His well meaning warning that we’re only halfway done!

Not long after, he caught up to me and said he’d try to stick with me, so we ran the remaining mile and a half together.  Mile two: 6:43, slower than I wanted, but giving it what I had.  My cardiovascular fitness felt okay, but my legs were feeling sluggish.

Our final mile we ran in silence, other than the sing song rhythm of our labored breathing.

As we neared the finish, we said, “go for it!” But honestly, I had nothing left.  Pre-baby, I remember always having a finishing kick but I’m not sure what happened to it.  I’d like it back, please!


Despite being far off the 20 minute mark , it was a fun race and winning first woman was a sweet way to make up for my missed expectations.  Final time was 20:45, (6:39 pace).


Soon afterwards, the kids race was up! L had fun on the short dash.  I need to find more of these for her to do!

DSC_3198So serious!

A rainbow bagel at the finish made her happy too.  And her medal.

DSC_3204How did she learn this pose? 5 going on 15!

And now I have a rematch with the 5k on Saturday, and a half marathon the week after that! So time to begin the taper and see if my legs have anything more in them.


How often is a race a whole family event?

What’s next for you?





30 thoughts on “Junior League 5k Race Recap

  1. Congratulations Laura! 5k’s are so tough because you’re basically spiriting the entire time. And I can’t believe that guy yelled that out? If it was well intentioned then ok, but really? Glad you hung on for the win and I’m sure you will get your kick back!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Running Through My HeadMy Profile

    • I think it was well intentioned and he didn’t want me to burn out. And we were coming up to the halfway point so maybe he thought I didn’t realize there was a second loop?
      Yes, hope that kick comes back… I miss it!
      Laura recently posted..Junior League 5k Race RecapMy Profile

  2. Congratulations on your 1st place finish, Laura! We like to make races a family event. It can get hard when it’s a big race with crowds and 3 young kids. The smaller local races are great for the family, though and the kids love to race if there is an event for them. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Robin! It’s funny how hard those extra 30-40 second can be in a 5k, when you’re already running as hard as you think you can… but I’ll keep trying! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your win and a great time! That’s annoying that the man yelled that out to you; if someone is running that fast halfway through a race they probably know what they are doing pace wise. It’s great that you were able to do so well despite the stress of being a vendor there and not getting your whole warmup in too.
    Amy Lauren recently posted..Weekly Rundown: September 14-20My Profile

  5. Yay!!! Way to go Laura!! First woman is super impressive and your time was great!
    Yes, 5ks are hard, aren’t they? It is like a controlled sprint, which is tough.
    Nice that you had someone to run with and push each other!! The fun thing is that you are going to keep getting faster and faster. That kick will for sure come back!!! xx
    PS: LOVE L’s pose!!!
    Natalie recently posted..Where In The World Is Nat + Coach, I’m back!My Profile

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