It’s a…

I loved reading all your guesses! It was a pretty even number of girl vs boy votes. L and I were with those of you voting boy.

Baby guessing

So who was right?

I wish I knew! This little baby refused to uncross his/her legs the entire time! We saw the baby wave and stretch his/her arm up over his head, we saw the mouth open and close, but we didn’t see what we wanted to see.

The technician even stretched out the ultrasound, and tried having me roll side to side for a better view, but nope! Apparently, this little one wants us to be surprised.

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed. I love to plan and know what to expect. Even L handled it better than me, and just said, “Well, I guess we’ll find out another day.”

It’s unlikely that we’ll need another ultrasound, but I’m coming around to the idea that it could be kind of fun to be surprised.Β  We have everything we need.Β  And if it’s a boy, he can survive in L’s pink newborn clothes until we get our act together and collect boy things.Β  Right? πŸ™‚

Are you a planner? Would you (or did you) find out the baby’s gender?

I’d love to hear stories from those of you who were surprised!



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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I’m totally surprised by this!! I’m definitely a type-A planner but, when I first got pregnant I thought it might be fun to wait to find out…then I found out I was having twins and that was surprise enough for me!! They could tell right away it was TWO boys (which I was initially upset about) and I had so many ultrasounds because of the “high risk” pregnancy. I really enjoyed getting to “see” them all the time.
    I think this will be fun for you and your family. Enjoy it and yes, if it’s a boy all will be fine if he wears pink for a week πŸ™‚
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  2. I have to say, I LOVED not knowing. You don’t get many surprises in life and this is such a great one!! it was so exciting!!!

  3. I was an uncooperative baby actually. I think it was just foreshadowing my life. I am sorry you weren’t able to find out but you have a really positive outlook to it!
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  4. What a little stinker! It never crossed my mind not to find out. I needed to plan! Especially when I found out it was twins. I had lots of ultrasounds because of the twin pregnancy. It’s always so exciting to see the action. But I also loved hearing the heartbeats with the Doppler. A coworker was pregnant when I was so we’d have heartbeat parties daily, using the Doppler at work! πŸ™‚
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  5. With our second, the ultrasound tech was pretty sure our little Monkey was a girl, but she didn’t want to tell us definitively. So, we decided to go to a vanity ultrasound place and do a gender check only. It was pretty inexpensive, and we got confirmation that we were thinking pink again! We’re definitely planners and wanted to know!
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  6. I’m definitely a planner, but I think in this situation I would consider it a sign that I was supposed to be surprised, or something like that. It sounds like you have a great attitude about the whole thing! You’re totally right that if it’s a boy, he will be just fine in the clothes you already have!
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  7. Strong willed already!!! You could always get a 3-D ultrasound…we had one for each of our girls! I’m a planner…through and through!
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  8. I have been waiting for this post…I can’t believe the little one wouldn’t cooperate!!!!!! We were surprised with our first and I thought that was fun. My husband wanted to be surprised with the second too….but I wasn’t so sure. We ended up not finding out with our second, but then I needed another ultrasound just a few weeks before she was born and I told the technician I just had to know :)….girl!
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  9. Oh wow! I guess you’re destined to be surprised! I needed an ultrasound the day before Wyatt was born (to check fluid levels) and the tech said “HE looks great” so just remind them if you don’t want to know the sex. πŸ™‚ So glad baby is healthy!
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  10. Oh! I was so excited to find out what you were having! I am a total planner and I would NOT be able to be surprised….I wish I could be surprised, but I think it would drive me crazy. I hope you guys are able to find out another day? Either way — a happy, healthy baby is life’s greatest joy πŸ™‚
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  11. I am very much planner and as much as I like the idea of being surprised, I HAD to know the gender of my first child. I had a friend who was told she was having a girl and they bought all kinds of pink and then surprise! it turned out to be a boy. Made me think that maybe it isn’t a good idea to be TOO much of a planner! πŸ™‚ Sorry you didn’t get to find out yesterday.
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  12. You are so calm about it. I am horrible–HORRIBLE with surprises and would be going crazy. My doctor was really nice and was able to invent a valid medical reason for another ultrasound later in the pregnancy. Hopefully your doctor might do the same for you. Good luck at least baby is happy and healthy in there.
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  13. We knew with our daughter long before she was born that she was a girl. I had tons of dreams about her. Others tried to dismiss them, and I vividly recall the night before having our gender check ultrasound, I had a dream in which our daughter exclaimed, “how many times do I have to tell you I’m a girl?”

    When the doc told us, we just nodded.

    We also know with our second, but are not yet sure if he’s underway or not yet.

    Both of our children were-will be named from names in our dreams.

    Sometimes you just know…
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  14. That little Turkey! Maybe he/she knows you’re a planner and is being a rebel ( I have one of those) they came out stubborn and they’re still that way (not a bad quality–but tough for mama sometimes) I still think it’s a boy!

  15. I am a total planner! I found out with both and thankfully (even though I have at least one difficult kiddo … lol) they were both cooperative. My boy especially! He was proud of his parts! I’m sorry you didn’t get to see but I do kinda think it would be fun to have a surprise. The best part is just knowing that sweet love is healthy!!
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  16. That’s a bummer! Maybe you know this…he/she will have a mind of his/her own, right? I am a total planner so I would have been frustrated, too, in your situation. On the other hand, it is what you have been dealt, so embracing the surprise aspect is a great way to go.

  17. Oh no! We had decided that our last baby was going to be a surprise. We found out with our boy and our girl and since we had all the boy and girl clothes already we figured it would be a fun surprise. The technician at our sonogram said that it was a good thing we didn’t want to know because Little A wasn’t cooperating and we wouldn’t have been able to find out anyway. I loved not finding out ahead of time but the hardest part was deciding on two names instead of just one! We actually had 3 boy names when I was in labor and only 1 girl name.
    Watching the baby during this sonogram is so fun!
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  18. Well I am sorry baby didn’t cooperate. I didn’t find out with any of my pregnancies, by choice. The surprise truly can’t be topped. Something about laboring and the emotions, it is such a powerful moment when baby comes out and they exclaim the sex.
    If you decide to go through with waiting I suggest buying some boy clothes a few weeks before you’re due or even sooner depending on the store’s return policy and then you can return them later if you don’t need them. I bought new “take home” outfits- 1 for boy, 1 for girl and had my mom wash the one that we needed once we found out. Then the other few things I bought got returned later. No big deal! Plus I never really do the whole nursery thing. Baby always sleeps with us for the first 6-8 months so there is time to do that later. Either way it’s going to be wonderful!
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    • The way you describe it got me really excited about a surprise! Thanks for the tips on outfits, too. I hadn’t thought about returning some things. I also have a feeling I probably have plenty of gender neutral items from Lily, I need to dig through her infant clothes and see what we have. And we do the same thing for the nursery- it’s going to be pretty gender neutral regardless, but the baby will be in our room for a few months.
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  19. I am such a planner! That would have driven me nuts, too, Laura, I sympathize. Sneaky little baby! With the twins, I got to have an ultrasound at every visit, so I was lucky (also lucky that on the first “sex might be visible” visit, it was visible for both of them so I didn’t have to wait). I hope they take pity on you and break out that ultrasound at some point. Either way, of course, you know you’ll be happy…but to find out would be nice.

      • Thanks! I’ve been keeping it on the DL, everything is going great, I feel great most days, other days I’m insanely tired, but I’m working a lot and working out a bit, so it’s understandable. I’m excited that we’re a couple of weeks apart in our delivery dates, I’ve been following along with your posts, I’m so excited for you! It will be such a reward during labor to find out, and maybe not planning the name ahead and seeing him or her for the first time will help you make a great decision.
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  20. I intentionally went for the surprise. My sonogram technician knew, but I told her not to tell me. Yes, they had ultrasound back then, lol!

    Nursery and layette were mostly in gender-neutral colors, patterns, animals. Since I was working full time while pregnant, it was actually nice to put off some of the shopping until after the baby arrived.

    The other up-side is that without knowing the gender, I didn’t start imposing that part of my baby’s identity before she was even born. I’m a planner (by nature and vocation), but found there were benefits to “relating” to my baby in broader terms. Bonus! It made me a lot more flexible — a key attribute in parenting, lol.

    • I really like your points about how it helped you relate to the baby in a broader term. Our nursery will be neutral too, so that doesn’t change much. I was hoping for name inspiration but I guess we’ll have to come up with a list for both!
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    • You’re right. We really don’t need much, and I think we probably have a handful of gender neutral things. I have to start sorting through all of L’s packed up newborn clothes soon!
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  21. YAY! we waited with my son and it was so much fun! i’m a huge fan of waiting πŸ™‚
    sure, it’s a surprise either way, but labor is a pretty emotional experience, so getting the surprise after labor is even more fun. the IT’S A BOY! or IT’S A GIRL! moment is awesome.
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  22. I knew with both of my girls, but we still bought all of the big things in gender neutral colors, just in case! I was convinced my firstborn was a boy! πŸ˜‰
    We also had gender neutral newborn clothes. Either way, I know a boy will survive in girl clothing for a few weeks or less. πŸ™‚

  23. We choose not to find out with either baby. There is no comparison to finding out at that very moment. I get chills and teary just thinking about it. You will love and cherish that moment forever. No need to plan anything. You will be fine with what you have. I am so excited for you!
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  24. I won’t lie, I’d be signed up for the first slot at a elective ultrasound studio, but clearly it’s because I have zero patience and am a crazy planner.

    That being said, I LOVE when people are surprised. I can only imagine the excitement that kind of build up would bring! So, win/win either way πŸ™‚
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  25. We didn’t find out, and that’s how I’d planned it. Honestly, the entire pregnancy I thought it was a boy (as did my hubby). I’m not quite sure what we would’ve done with a girl, haha…we couldn’t agree on a girl name. Still, I wanted to know if I could do the whole pregnancy thing without knowing (my husband wanted to know initially). Next time I plan to do the same thing, it was fun having one last surprise before he got here, and what was even cooler was they didn’t tell me when he came out. They just took him out, laid him on my stomach and said, “Is it a boy or girl?”

    So I got to announce it. I think it’s that they were so preoccupied with everything going on (the doctor actually didn’t arrive in time to deliver, so the nurse did it). It. Was. Awesome.
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  26. I’m a big planner and always thought I would want to know. With both pregnancies we waited and I loved it! We had two girls and it was always exciting to tell everyone over and over again what we had and their name. It was a continuous surprise for everyone.
    Enjoy the ride!
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  27. LOL! I didn’t find out for either child. I really wanted that moment of “It’s a ….” at birth! Plus, I was trying to avoid too much gender stereotyping and was happy to have a supply of gender-neutral outfits — although that didn’t last long!
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  28. what a story! you have a great attitude about it – and maybe the surprise will be more fun in the end anyway.

    in some ways, i’m surprised that will be your last ultrasound. with my little ones, i had so so so many (growth checks and BPP tests etc) especially toward the end – but if you have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, then that is even better!

    whatever the baby is genderwise, L is going to be a terrific BIG sister!!
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  29. I like to plan also and wanted to know what I was having, but the surprise might be nice too. And if it’s a boy he can definitely rock pink for a while. Bummer we don’t live closer together because you know I’m always trying to get you to cook for me and I do ultrasounds so I would scan you if you wanted πŸ™‚ All that really matters and that HE is happy and healthy!!

  30. I’m a planner, although I’ve never had children I’m pretty sure I would want to know.

    My parents didn’t know with me, and everybody nicknamed me Baby Bo. I was in a lot of green and yellow for a while! I think it would be fun to be surprised, but they did know with my brother, which was good (although the yellow and green hand me downs probably would have worked).

    I understand the need to know!
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  31. Ah, so much easier to be amused by the mischievousness when it’s a friend’s child and not your own πŸ™‚ I do understand your frustration, even if I am a bit tickled by this uncooperative one!

    I am also a big planner, but we chose not to find out both times. I would have been VERY unhappy to have been told one gender and then, surprise, find out it’s another at birth (which happens too often for my peace of mind), and I liked having to forestall my planning for his or her life and personality until we’d been properly introduced. I could count and recount diapers, but I couldn’t start planning activities and learning styles until I knew who I really had on my hands, and withholding the gender information helped to remind me of all that I didn’t know just yet.

    I hope, though, that you’re able to find a peaceful way through this one! And yes, you have a number of lovely things that would be great for girls or boys in the early weeks and months, so seize the chance to sit back and let one part of the planning process go πŸ™‚

  32. I am 25 weeks pregnant and we found out at week 20. My husband had to work so I had the doctor put the gender in an envelope for us to open together. She not only put in the gender which was a boy but the ultrasound picture of his “thing”. Since this is my first, I wanted to know since we are having 2 showers. I need to plan ahead.

  33. I didn’t find out for either of mine. Boy first then a girl. The surprise was worth the wait. I did consider finding out on my second but like you I had a stubborn baby who didn’t want to show us what was going on…

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