Intentions for 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve!

How has your holiday week been? We traveled for much of last week and then had my husband’s family stay with us for a few days.  We’re now in the phase of organizing gifts, cleaning the house, restocking groceries, and having a bit of much needed down time.

I do love looking back and looking forward around the new year.  We even have a sitter coming today for a few hours so we can sit in a coffee shop, review our budget, and plan out our summer and any trips or goals for 2019.  I don’t know if that sounds fun to you or not, but I love it!

In addition to family goals, I like to make a few running goals every year.

2018 was the first year in several years that I had a bit fat ZERO in terms of race prs. Race times are traditionally the way I have set and measured goals in running.  I do still hope to improve a few this year but my goals are more around my training and racing:

Maintain my mileage

I’m good at increasing for races but my weekly mileage can yo-yo a lot and this year I want to maintain my base more steadily.  This can help both with a stronger aerobic base and also with preventing injuries.

Stop holding back (fear) in races

I am good at running smart and pacing appropriately but I want to run a few shorter races where I just go for it and run hard.  Reading Deena’s book, Let Your Mind Run, has inspired me to take a risk now and then.  Why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

Less risks in my training

However, despite wanting to take more risks in my training I’d like to take fewer risks in my training.  I was pushing my body with longer tempos this fall and it backfired when I fell apart in the Richmond half and needed a few weeks to undo the mild over training.

Instead, my goal is to train smarter with smaller hard efforts.  I would never put a 9 or 10 mile tempo effort in a training plan for a client.  Why did I allow myself to run that hard just because I felt good?


Which leads me to the realization that I would benefit from a coach again who can simultaneously reign me in and push me.  I can do this for others but it’s tricky to do it for myself!


Yes, of course I still want to pr.  I feel like I have a half marathon pr that’s been waiting for the right day so I’m hoping that clicks this year.  I felt trained for a marathon pr as well in the spring but the weather at Boston thwarted that.  As for the sub 20 5k, it’s been a repeat goal and I keep just coming up a bit short! Maybe this year?

I’m focusing on short distances and the half this spring and then might venture back up to the full marathon this fall.

So that’s it for me! Tell me about your goals.

What’s one of your 2019 intentions or running goals?


10 thoughts on “Intentions for 2019

  1. I like the idea of having intentions instead of goals – that’s how I am approaching 2019, without any solid time goals. I completely understand what you mean about giving yourself harder workouts than you would give clients! I think I pushed myself too hard this year and I’m returning to how I approach workouts for my clients in my own coaching. I hope your 2019 goes well!
    Laura recently posted..Mile Markers: Christmas Week RunsMy Profile

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year! Thank you for the insightful, interesting, and honest posts. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    My biggest goal for 2019 is to run my first marathon. I have a secret time goal, but I’ll just be happy if I cross the finish line. Other than that, because I really like things to be concrete and achievable, I tried setting goals to do with workouts, rather than times I want to hit. So I want to run 1,000 miles, do 100 strength workouts, go on 25 social runs, etc. I’m hoping that by putting in the work, the times will take care of themselves. And if they don’t, at least I’ll be getting outside and getting stronger!
    Joanna recently posted..2018: What worked and what didn’tMy Profile

  3. Excellent goals! I know you will get your PR’s! You are a strong runner. Your dedication and persistence inspire me.

    It has taken me a while, but I’ve grown to accept that progress is not linear. I was in a little bit of a rut after Boston 2016…no PR’s and getting injured 4 weeks before Houston Marathon 2017. After a solid comeback in 2017, with surprised PR’s in the fall, 2018 was a bit of a meh year in terms of running for me in terms of PR’s and speed. Being able to run with my friend where she has BQ’ed inspired me to stay healthy and keep running.

    I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring for both of us! and yes, we still need to find a fun race to race together!

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