How not to run a 10k

I mentioned before that with the ankle set back, there will be no April marathon.  It’s just not smart.

Instead, I’m trying to stave off disappointment with several shorter races and virtual races the next few weeks.  So, first up was Ali’s Spatula Race:

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as smoothly as I had planned.

So here’s what NOT to do before your next 10k:

1) Do not race on your planned rest day-   I’m not sure what I was thinking… I had planned to run it Saturday morning, after resting my tired legs on Friday.  But for some reason Friday night, I thought it made sense to get it done.

2) Do not race in the evening when you’re a morning runner- Just because I occasionally get a second wind in the evening, does not mean it’s guaranteed to happen.

3) Do not fill up with as much fiber as you can find, including lots of beans, cabbage, dried fruit and popcorn-  Oops.  I know better, but as I was eating all day, I wasn’t planning to run that evening.

4) Do not race on a full stomach that includes unfamiliar food from a dinner out- For my husband’s birthday weekend, we went to a Jamaican restaurant Friday night.

Ugh, it was a rough run.

I gave myself a couple hours to digest dinner (it was an early dinner, with L along) and headed out.  The first mile felt okay, and I kept expecting to find my stride and start feeling strong, but it never happened.  By mile 2, my stomach was cramping and sending me some warning signs.  I chose to ignore them and kept pushing.

At mile 3, I considered stopping and trying again another day.  But racing the 10k distance is not fun, and I forced myself to finish and get it over with, knowing I’d be happy to have it done.

I pushed through those final miles at what felt like a much harder effort than the first few, despite my pace actually slowing down.

I finally hit 6 miles, and tried to push for the final two-tenths.  As soon as I stopped my watch, my stomach began revolting.  I dashed behind the first tree I could find.  Thank goodness it was dark…that’s all I’ll say about that.

Avg Pace
Summary 46:47 6.20 7:33
1 7:25.6 1.00 7:26
2 7:30.5 1.00 7:31
3 7:34.4 1.00 7:34
4 7:34.6 1.00 7:35
5 7:37.4 1.00 7:37
6 7:40.8 1.00 7:41
7 1:24.7 0.20 7:07

Overall, not a terrible run, but not my strongest and certainly not a very fun one!

Ali is also doing a “Running with Spatulas” photo contest, so I need to submit a photo.  The first round of pictures didn’t turn out (couldn’t see the spatulas) so I tried again with L last night.  What do you think… A or B?

Is anyone else participating in this race?  And, if you’re up for sharing, have you ever had to dash behind a tree?  🙂

48 thoughts on “How not to run a 10k

  1. Did you do that 10K with the stroller? That’s nuts if you did. I can never get below 8min/miles with the stroller.

    I’ve never had to dash behind a tree unless it was on a trail run. That’s why I always have baggies and TP in my trail pack. 🙂
    Kara recently posted..Following instructions is so hardMy Profile

  2. Photo A is my pick. Nice job on completing the race even with the stomach problem. I can’t say that that has happened to me but I can say, I hope it never does.
    Nicole recently posted..Game On! Final WeekMy Profile

  3. I like “B”. Yes, the tree called me but not during a run. I was actually rollerblading at the time. Later found out I was pregnant which may have explained it:) Nice work getting it done though!
    hikermom recently posted..The Big ClimbMy Profile

  4. I like B. And I have sullied many many trees. Ditches too. I’m getting much better about planning, but every now and then…..Let’s just say I now have bathrooms or PortaJohns staked out on all of my routes.
    Terzah recently posted..Book Review: Run to OvercomeMy Profile

  5. I vote for B – love that one!

    I also ran the 10K on Saturday – but in almost twice the amount of time. HA! I’m sorry your run didn’t go so well!

    I once made the mistake (but it was good to do on a training run) of trying a new gel pre-run….I was spitting up and puking most of the run. Not fun.
    Mandy recently posted..Rainier Training: They’re Laughing At MeMy Profile

    • Thanks, Kelly! Yes, you should– it’s a fun (and cheap) way to push yourself a bit… it’s been my “speed work” lately. 🙂 I’ll let you know if I come across others coming up…
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

  6. Still an awesome 10k time! Wow!

    Photo A / I like how L is smiling. So cute!

    Id say most runners have had to “dash behind a tree”. My friends and i used to joke that you weren’t a real runner until you did 😉
    Runner26 recently posted..Shamrock Shuffle 8K – PR!!My Profile

    • Thanks! You just had an awesome run, too!! Yes- the tree thing only ever happened to me once before, years ago in college. It did make me feel like I crossed over into “real runner” territory. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

    • Thank you! My pr is only a minute better, so I wish I could have felt better to try to break it, but it’s not all that fun to run fast for 6 miles, so I’m leaving it as is. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

  7. Oh bummer that the race didn’t go well! I hate throwing up…hate it! Although Jamacian food sounds good, lol. I like picture B, L looks adorable holding up her little spatula!! Love how you have the spatulas in your fuel belt, lol!
    Kris recently posted..Week 3 of Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Kris. Yes- the Jamaican restaurant was really good. My husband spent a service year there after college so it’s always fun for him to have the food again.
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

  8. I think the first picture is my favorite. Good job on your 10k! I’m with you though, I’m a terrible afternoon/evening runner. I have much less energy after lunch so if I don’t get my run in the morning, I’m very likely to skip my workout:( But, that is great you pushed through and finished.
    stephanie recently posted..Week 22 (3/19-3/25)My Profile

    • Yes! I used to run at night in college and it was fine, but like you, I am spent by the afternoon/evening these days! I wanted to redo it, but was also just glad to push through and be done.
      Laura recently posted..How not to run a 10kMy Profile

  9. Ohhhhh… the fiber… poor thing! I’ve never had to use a tree, but I’ve come realllllly close.

    I like pic #2 because the spatula stand out more. However, I really think you should have one taken of you behind a tree with just the spatula sticking out. 😉
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted..Manic MondayMy Profile

  10. My pick would be “B”. I like that you can see your little one holding a spatula as well.
    And for a hard 10K you sure are speedy! But I can see how all that food during the day wouldn’t add up to a spectacular run!
    Jen recently posted..Lessons Learned-Grateful for PainMy Profile

  11. Seriously awesome time withOUT having stomach issues! You are so speedy :). I vote for picture B. I like that you can see your daughter’s spatula better.
    I signed up to do that 10k race, too! I am hoping the doctor with give me some answers so I can get it DONE while also being able to breath!
    Jerilee@Mom’s Gone Running recently posted..Breathing and soccer…My Profile

  12. I am having a hard time not giggling about the tree. I eat a lot of beans, but I definitely try to time them so that I have PLENTY of time to digest before the run. I usually run on trails, so have ducked behind a tree (or off to the side of the trail) a few times, but only to pee… nothing worse than that as of yet!

    That sucks that your run was not good. Except your “not good” is my “best time ever”! I now know that my fifty whatever minutes is not going to get first place. Darn it!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Rock OnMy Profile

  13. I like the first picture…your faces in it are so cute! Um, I have absolutely had to dash behind a tree, bush, in a ditch, etc. Is there a runner out there that hasn’t?! Well, maybe we all just don’t admit it 🙂 My husband dies when I tell him about it…
    Corey recently posted..Workout Log: March 12 – 25My Profile

  14. GREAT JOB! i always say a successful race is when i run and feel GOOD. so i can understand why you felt like there were a lot of “don’ts” with this run…but your times are great!

    and, um, i’ve totally dashed behind a tree…bush…in a ditch…
    Amanda K. recently posted..Running: Monument Ave. 10kMy Profile

  15. although i’ve never gone behind a tree… i have made a mad dash to the port o potty… horrible feeling.

    not only is your 10k time fast… but you did it on a training run. good job!

  16. I have run behind more trees than I can count. I just consider it my runner’s badge of honor and move on. I also carry TP in my Nathan’s handheld for just such emergencies. 🙂
    As for the pictures, I like the first one!
    Glad you’re able to “race” even though you didn’t get to do your planned marathon.
    Holly recently posted..Rodeo Round-UpMy Profile

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  18. Congrats on your first place finish! I love when I find cool blogger/runner moms through the virtual races. Love your blog and your purposeful running posts.

    • Thank you! I agree, the virtual races are a great way to find other blogging running moms out there… glad we connected!

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