How much time should I take off?

Hi friends!

How was the long weekend? We had a little kid free time Friday and Saturday (thanks to my parents) so we went into the city Friday night for dinner and a show.  Saturday we made omelets and went hiking.

Having a quiet house is such a nice treat! The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with family, including lots and lots of cousins.  We all came home simultaneously refreshed and exhausted!

Before we left, I was able to get a few more answers around the shin pain that has been coming and going for over a year.  When I saw my PT on Friday, he determined that it’s an inflamed tendon.

I was initially relieved, as that sounds much better than any kind of bone stress.  But when I asked if I should rest it for 1-2 weeks or more like 4-6 weeks, he said the longer the better.

Basically, I’ve been managing the pain all year by backing off for a day or two when I feel it and then running pain free again for a few weeks but it always comes back.  The only way to get rid of it for good is to give it the longer time frame to fully heal.

It’s been a week so far, and I feel good and part of me is itching to run.  The other part of me knows I need to be smart and patient and make sure the shin gets the full time to heal, so I’m shifting my focus to getting stronger and maintaining my cardio fitness with spinning and some walking.

Instead of going to boot camp once a week, I’m aiming for twice a week plus a Barre or Pilates workout.

At boot camp last week I got to try pike push ups- not a move I would have attempted a year ago!

We also have a ten day Europe trip coming up at the end of June, and it won’t be easy to run there either so if I wait the full 6 weeks, it will be early July just as we get back from our trip.

I know that’s the best decision, it’s just a bit frustrating.  But many of you have been there! Any words of advice on how to pass the time and not go stir crazy? My body is already acting like I’m tapering but I guess it will figure it all out soon enough!

How long have you been off for injury? How did you maintain your fitness?

Any tips for passing the time?

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  1. Oh no!! Injuries are no fun, but glad to hear it’s not a stress fracture. My husband is coming off of a stress fracture and talk about being itching to run….he’s going crazy! This has been an on again-off again injury with a delayed diagnosis so stir crazy is an understatement. He’s been doing weights, and now he can get on the bike to at least get outside. Hope it heals quickly and you can get through June without going to crazy!

  2. Oh no! Sorry you are dealing with this! When I’m injured I always try to learn from why and improve something in my fitness. I also take it as the time to try new fitness activities that I avoid when running.
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  3. Oh no! But taking the time to heal will benefit you tenfold! Hang in there. And with those push-ups it looks like you are. 😉 I like to pass non-running time by reading about running and learning even more about the sport. Or read more about other fitness routines for my clients. I’m a nerd. Love to read!!!! Europe sounds fun and that will make time fly at that point I would imagine!
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  4. Just stay as active as possible without the stress of running. You can still mix up your workouts and the time will fly by. 🙂

    I’m impressed with your pike pushups. I’m still doing them on my knees. 😀
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  5. Oh no! You were smart to catch that early on and take rest, but I’m sorry to hear about your tendon! The last time I had to take some time to heal an injury to keep it from getting worse (my foot sprain), I did a lot of strength training, elliptical, and Pilates. The precision in Pilates can be really satisfying for the runner’s brain I think!
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  6. Oh no, that sucks! I once had to take off 4 months due to a broken ankle. It was agony because I couldn’t do any exercise besides upper body weights. But since you can spin and walk, I would stick to that and strength training. You’ll probably do a lot of walking on your vacation, so I would try not to worry too much. You’re in amazing shape and will be back before you know it!

  7. so sorry! I am right there with you re: injury status. It sucks.

    As I’ve gotten older, I realize that these periods off running are not the end of the world. I focus more on my daughters and my family. I plan things with friends. I treat myself ( Im not a big shopper but sometimes retail therapy does wonders.) I also remind myself of what I *can* do – yoga, cycling, swimming, climbing, strength work. There’s quite a bit of athletic substitutes out there – and though I love running the most, it’s nice to challenge your body (and mind) in new ways.

    You might already know lots about this – but I’m currently learning about what foods can help with healing or have anti-inflammatory qualities. It may do nothing, but it helps me to have this focus when I can’t do much running.

    Best wishes! I hope you return to the roads soon.

  8. Oh Laura! I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with it. It IS super frustrating but you’re being smart by being conservative and giving your body the extra time to heal. Hang in there. It sounds like you had a lovely long weekend and we need to get together soon!
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  9. First of all, that move is awesome! Second, so is getting some alone time in the city. Third, at least you know now what is causing the pain and yes, it could be worse but 6 weeks off kinda sucks too. I think you’re doing exactly what you should be – focussing on strength, flexibility and core work.
    And how exciting about your trip!!! Cannot wait to see where you’re going but, no matter, it’s sure to be amazing!
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  10. Clear off the to-do lists and de-clutter your house!

    Can you focus on balance when you’re doing any of your weight work? That’s what I would strongly recommend to an coaching client with downtime!

  11. You know I’ve been there! For me, getting outside helps a lot. For the latest injury, I wasn’t able to walk so much but biking did wonders. At the gym, spinning is a close second to running. And the Arc Trainer makes me sweat like I’m running so that helped pass the time too. Good luck! It will be worth it in the end!
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  12. Hi, Laura!

    Sorry to hear about your injury. Looking at the bright side, at least you got it figured out and you can now address it properly.

    They’re right, it is best to rest longer! Allow yourself to heal so you can go back to running completely rejuvenated.

    As for alternatives, you can try swimming and strength training while you are in your “resting” phase. I enjoy cycling so you might want to incorporate that, too.

    Good luck!

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