March 3rd, 2014

How I'm using Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

We had a nice, relaxing weekend and even got some baby stuff done.  (Somehow, we’re nearly halfway!!)

I took a bunch of clothes to a mom’s group swap, but seriously lucked out.  There were very few expecting moms- most were dropping off baby gear, so we came home with a Medala double breast pump (mine was single and not great), snap and go stroller (just used the BOB for L), pack and play (gave ours away) and a brand new swing (had borrowed one from a friend for L).  Plus some maternity clothes and a few infant outfits (opposite seasons, as L was born in January).  So yeah, crazy.  All for free.  I think we’re set now!

Earlier, I mentioned that I’ve been learning a lot about essential oils and experimenting with them for our family.  Since may of you said you’re curious, here’s a little more about how we’ve been using them.

Essential oils for pregnancy

I should clarify that I am fairly new to essential oils. I tend to be a fairly “crunchy” mama (cloth diapers, natural birth) so these were a natural fit for me.  I wish I’d had them when L was a baby!

I started with a Family Physician kit which gave me a set of ten essential oils, plus a wholesale membership (great prices for future purchases!) and a 6 week internship, completed at your own pace.  I’ve been so impressed with the information provided in these videos- it gave me a lot of confidence in how and why to use them.

It’s also important to note that the quality of oils is really important.  There are many oils on the market made with synthetic ingredients, but this particular company uses only pure, certified oils (all directly from plants).  They are so potent that you generally only need one drop per use.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

My favorite essential oil so far is peppermint.  It has so many uses- it’s great for reducing fevers, chest congestion or calming headaches or coughs.  It can ease digestive complaints.  And, my favorite use, it’s great for mental alertness and as a natural way to energize and wake up.  I use it when L is at preschool and I’m trying to focus and be productive.  One drop should be diluted and can be applied to the neck, forehead or bottoms of the feet.

Lavender is a great oil to help you calm down, relax and fall asleep.  It can be applied directly to the bottom of the feet. After a night of rocky sleep, I use it to help me fall asleep quickly. (I wish I had this when L was a baby- I had such a hard time sleeping in between her feedings!)

LavenderMy only unpleasant pregnancy symptom is the appearance of spider and varicose veins.  They appeared with L and disappeared after delivery, and they’re back again on the same leg. Lemon essential oil is great for the spider veins, so I’ve been diluting one or two drops in an unscented lotion and using that most evenings.

OnGuard is a powerful antioxidant, great for boosting the immune system and fighting colds and sickness naturally (it’s a combo of oils including wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary).  I avoid medicine when I’m pregnant and love having this alternative.  It also makes a great all natural sanitizer for countertops or other surfaces.

Digestzen is another blend (ginger, peppermint, fennel, plus a few others) that is designed for all sorts of digestive issues, including heart burn, nausea, constipation, etc.  It’s applied to the bottom of the feet or directly on the stomach.  I used this through my first trimester for nausea but haven’t needed it since.

There are several others that I haven’t tried yet, including a blend called Immortelle for stretch marks (didn’t have any with L, we’ll see how this pregnancy goes!), a cream called Deep Blue for back pain or muscle discomfort, and Cypress to help with circulation, swelling and fluid retention.

In labor, I plan to use peppermint and lavender to help keep me strong and calm.

For babies and kids

Many of the same oils can be used on newborns and children.  This is getting long enough, so I’ll write a separate post about the oils I’ve been using on L and what I plan to use on the newborn.

If you’re interested in many more details on oils for pregnancy and newborns, check out this youtube.  It’s long, but full of great information.

Also, I’m happy to chat more about what I’m learning… feel free to email me for more specific questions.  I can also connect you to the group that enrolled me (I think they’re the only ones that offer the additional free internship, and they’ve been really supportive and helpful!)

Have you come across essential oils or used them before? I’ve found that many people who love them have an amazing success story that got them hooked!

What, if any, unpleasant symptoms did you deal with in pregnancy?

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