Houston Esprit de She 10k and new pr

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Esprit de She Houston run, which happened to be last Thursday evening.

If you have the opportunity to do an Esprit de She race or tri, you should! The evening included a 5k and 10k race, shopping, champagne and a yoga class.

The worst part was getting there- Houston’s rush hour traffic is awful.  I left my house at 4:30, for what should have been a 20 minute drive.  Packet pick up closed at 5:45, and I found a parking spot at 5:30.  Talk about stress! I got a short jog in on my way to packet pick up and that was it for my warm up.  Maybe half a mile.

Thankfully, I made it in time to get my bib and bag of goodies and stashed them in one of the many sponsor tents. Love these tanks!

The race started at 6pm.  It was a muggy 80 degrees with a thunderstorm warning, so the humidity was high.  With those conditions, my goal was to enjoy the race and run based on how I felt.

We took off on time, and suddenly I was alone in the front.  I knew most women were running with friends, and for a rare moment, I got to feel what it was like to be the first one behind the bicycle!

Within the first mile, a girl came up from behind and passed me.  She stayed far enough ahead of me to keep me motivated to chase her for the rest of the race.

A few miles in, I realized a new pr was possible.  My 10ks have been far from my predicted times based on my 5k and half marathon, so given the right conditions, I knew I would soon break it.  But I didn’t expect this to be the night!

Miles 1-3: 6:51, 6:57, 6:50

The heat was definitely getting to me.  I hadn’t run all week since the 5k race, as I’ve been transitioning into a running break with more cross training (more on that soon).  So my legs were somewhat fresh but somewhat confused.  I had maintained my spinning, elliptical and weights and didn’t have any days off this week, so I felt better than I expected to.

The second half was tough.  It was a two loop course, which is mentally not so fun.  The only advantage was that we started passing the back of the pack 5k runners, so it gave me a nice distraction to focus on passing people.

The other 10k girl that I was chasing began to slow down in the last mile.  I wasn’t exactly moving quickly, but I was consistent enough to pass her.  Miles 4-6: 6:59, 6:58, 6:53…and final .2 6:42 pace

Final time: 42:47 (new pr)

Good enough for first place! I even got to break the ribbon. 🙂

They had great food afterwards- hot food from My Fit Foods (these are all over Houston), yogurt, fresh fruit, pretzels and a “bubbly bar” with access from a bib ticket.

The stage even had live music.

Afterwards, I got to meet up with some other local bloggers.

Way too sweaty to touch each other!

I’ve been lucky to meet up with Landi at several races.  She’s so sweet! I’m going to miss seeing her when we move.

I hung around for the awards, and chatted with some friendly triathletes who agreed to take a few pictures for me.

They also invited me to train with them for tris… I have to admit, I’m tempted.

Inside the prize bag: an Athleta tee, headphones, a sweatband and a magazine subscription to Experience Life.

The whole event was well organized, had a lot of “extras” for a small race, and they even share race photos for free! I haven’t seen mine yet, but I’m excited to check them out.

Have you ever run an evening race? Have you surprised yourself with a pr on what was supposed to be a fun run?



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  1. Congrats Laura! That is fantastic in that heat! How cool to ‘break the tape!’ Experience Life magazine is my favorite! Now i can’t wait til our race here in July, although traffic will be insane for me too. : )
    Marcia recently posted..What’s BeautifulMy Profile

  2. Congrats on a PR & breaking the tape! Sounds like a great night! There is a big night race every summer called Crazy 8s. It’s a big deal b/c the 8K world record was set at this race many years ago. The race draws a huge crowd…elites to locals. They don’t start the race until 9:58, but it’s still really hot & humid!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Running for Ribbons: Race RecapMy Profile

  3. Nice job lady! Breaking the tape, following the bike – awesome! I’ve never done an evening race but there is one around here in August. Sounds like fun but definitely would be odd in not knowing what to eat beforehand.
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Marathon Monday Week 13My Profile

  4. Um – you rock! Nice job. I think evening races are harder. I’ve done an evening 5K twice. That one started at 7pm and it’s always the first part of May. That means it’s usually hot like your race. And I think that’s why I say I think they’re harder. It’s also hard to fuel for the race. I think we’re used to knowing what to do first thing in the morning rather than what to do for the afternoon.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Fun for Friday – Name PositivityMy Profile

  5. That is so awesome–both the 1st place and the time! Congrats!!! It sounds like a great event, too–love the schwag.

    I did my first night race last year, an 8k. It was also hot and humid (mid July) but it was after the sun went down, so that helped. The trickiest part was the eating.

    And I did win a race, once, a duathlon years ago. It’s a great feeling!
    misszippy recently posted..The gift of a passionMy Profile

  6. Yay! I love the recap – and nice swags!
    If I can take the traffic jam element out, I love running evening races. I hit a very good time on the 11k on 11/11/11 night race. 😀 I honestly think that it is not a bad idea to run short races at night as we normally do our speed work at night anyways. Somehow, I believe my body is conditioned to run faster in the evening than in the morning.
    The fueling piece is the tricky part. It is very hard to be disciplined enough not to eat a big heavy lunch but snack healthy to have enough fuel in the tank in the evening.

    Way to go. I am so proud of you! That’s a pretty ribbon to break BTW.

  7. Awesome job Laura!! Sounds like a fun even minus the traffic and weather;) I haven’t run a 10k in a long time. Not as common of a distance around here. But, I would love to run another one:)
    rachelle q recently posted..Free Rant FridayMy Profile

  8. congrats! that is awesome. one of my good friends actually got 3rd, she mentioned how fast the other two gals were – go you!!
    love reading other Houston blogs too. yay!

  9. This is so AWESOME and congrats on the win! I’ve never done a evening race. This looks like a great event, good goodie bag, and great post race treats. Glad you kicked butt and have a great time! 🙂
    She Rocks Fitness recently posted..Weekend Ramblings…My Profile

  10. Congrats on such a great race. One of my dreams is to break a ribbon at a road race. I can’t believe you ran that fast in such humid conditions, those are seriously the worst. My hair just becomes a big pile of nappy.
    Hollie recently posted..S’mores PancakesMy Profile

    • I am sure you will get to break a ribbon before long!! I lucked out that this was such a small, casual race. 🙂 Yes- I don’t know how I held on in the humidity. A year ago I crashed in a May 10k due to heat… maybe my body is finally adapting?
      Laura recently posted..Houston Esprit de She 10k and new prMy Profile

  11. CONGRATS! How freaking awesome is that???? You did a fantastic job in your telling too because I was so excited when you said you passed the girl in front of you to win the race. 🙂 Great job!!

  12. Congrats on an awesome race and incredible time! I have done a few evening races and I actually don’t mind them, it can be a nice not to get up crazy early and actually feel fully awake for the race. I feel like the runs we go into for ‘fun’ or with lower expectations are the ones we typically do better in because our mind isn’t going crazy stressing.
    Laura recently posted..Good, Bad & Yummy 5/10-5/12My Profile

  13. Congrats! Amazing that you were able to be so speedy and win in that heat and humidity! I’ve been planning my speedwork around the humid days and doing it on the cooler mornings.
    I hear you on Houston traffic…that was why I skipped this one, no way would I have made it in time coming from work…
    Emilia @ Run for Your Life recently posted..Country Music Half, Take 3: 1:52:34My Profile

  14. Congrats again on your PR and 1st place finish! Like you, my 10K PR should be *much* faster, given my half and 5K PR’s. I find 10K’s and multi-loop courses to be really difficult mentally, so kudos to you for PR’ing in these conditions — not to mention the humidity!
    Jen recently posted..Weekly training recap: SF2HM Week 6My Profile

  15. Congratulations, Laura! What a great race in not-so-perfect conditions–a PR and a win. I still think this is only the beginning for you.

  16. Great job – that humidity is no joke!!
    I can’t wait to continue to follow your training and racing – I think you are just going to keep getting faster!!!
    So cool that you got to break the tape!!

  17. Congrats on the PR! I have done some 6pm races. I am on the fence as to which one I like better morning or evening. Each have their pluses. There is an evening race here in Buffalo that I would like to try once. It’s at 8pm so you would be running by street light. Sounds kind of cool but a little dangerous!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..Happy Mother’s Day!!!!My Profile

  18. congrats on the pr!! my high school pr came at a really late race — a midnight run for y2k. it wasn’t REALLY at midnight, i think it was closer to 9pm . i think my body likes running better in the evening than in the early morning 🙂
    Amanda K. recently posted..The second time aroundMy Profile

  19. Wow Laura! Congrats on a new PR and winning the race!!!! I was surprised on my PR at the Seaside Half because I had run another half the weekend before. I thought it was going to be a fun and relaxing race…not a PR! Felt great!
    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted..The Weekly Chase #20My Profile

  20. Eeeek congrats Laura! That’s a super speedy PR, I’m sure you’re really proud! it must have been so cool to break the ribbon!

  21. Way to go Laura!!! Awesome job! I always joke that my dream is to break the tape! LOVE that you got to do that!

  22. Congratulations! Breaking the tape must be like a dream come true! I hope they will come to Florida with that race.

  23. SO happy for you! incredible! I’m totally bummed that I didn’t sign up for this race…not that I’d win but wouldn’t been FUN! Plus, we could’ve met up! Bummer!!!
    Marissa recently posted..the quick fix?My Profile

  24. OH MY GOSH!!!! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!! Good for you!!!! And wow you are so crazy fast. In 80 degrees at that! My Seattle-acclimated body can’t even comprehend!

  25. Way to go!!! Loved reading this! First of all- awesome job on FIRST place and a new PR!! I am also a little envious that you got to break the tape. That is a dream of mine! For some reasons whenever I’ve come in first they’ve never had tape! Lol!! 🙂 Very consistent splits there and you held them all under 7 too. Very cool tank and the entire event looked FUN! So glad you got to have this experience before your move. 🙂
    Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom recently posted.."Just" 5K Training and other stuff…My Profile

  26. I see I am very late to comment, but am TRULY excited for you! You have worked so hard for this PR – you deserve it!
    Way to stay focused. You pics look like you really concentrated on your goal.

    Nice work and congrats on the WIN!
    Raina recently posted..Brooks PureGrit2 trail shoe reviewMy Profile

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