Home again! Vacation recap in photos

I’m exhausted, but we’re home.  Flying solo with a 2 year old yesterday went fine, other than her thwarting my toddler-will-crash-on-the-plane plan.  So three hours after bedtime, she was finally tucked into her bed… I’m hoping I don’t pay for it today.

We had such a great time away- one week with my parents in PA; a long weekend with my husband’s parents, three brothers and L’s cousins; back to my parents to drop L off for our 3 day getaway through the Finger Lakes; and a few more days in PA while daddy left for a conference in Denver.

Here’s a quick recap:


As I mentioned on Friday, I feel refreshed with all the new scenery from country roads in Pennsylvania and New York.  My shins are pretty happy, and I’m ready to start training again.




We met up with so many friends and family members, which was equally exhausting and refreshing.  The highlight was getting away by ourselves for three days to hike and relax in upstate New York at a bed and breakfast, while my parents kept L for us.

We got to connect again as individuals rather than as parents, which I think we needed more than we thought.  (Our 8-year anniversary is tomorrow!!)


L hardly let us do anything for her with “ma-ma” and pa-pa” around, so I did my best to sleep in a little longer than usual and enjoyed the break from wrestling her into clothes, diapers, pursuing potty training, and thinking about what to feed her.

Country living is perfect for kids! L loved running out to pick tomatoes and squash from their huge garden, and we counted the cows on our walk to the playground.

She also got to ride in the same wagon I had as a kid, and played with many of my old toys that my mom had saved.  Here’s hoping I remember how to chase her around and entertain her this week.

Definitely in farm country!

Two quick announcements: I started a “Tips and Training” tab to track posts that fall in that category.  And registration for the 5 and 10 mile Virtual run is still open- check out the great sponsors and prizes!

What did I miss? I tried to stay somewhat active in blogland but please let me know if I missed important announcements, posts, races, or yummy recipes!


42 thoughts on “Home again! Vacation recap in photos

  1. Fun! The buggy pictures kind of make me miss the homeland (western PA). It’s so hilly where my parents live, though. Running is painful there. Looks and sounds like you had a great trip!
    Sarah S recently posted..Where I’ve BeenMy Profile

    • It was a bit hillier there than I’m used to, but nothing too bad. The buggy was by my in-laws house (an hour from my parents, also in PA), I really wanted to take a pic from the front but didn’t want to be that annoying tourist. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Home again! Vacation recap in photosMy Profile

  2. Hey, adorable “Utterly Delightful” picture!

    I ran 4 miles today…I haven’t run straight 4 miles with out taking a little walk break since May (pre hip injury) I DID IT THOUGH!! Then, I thought of your 5 miles virtual after and said, “Yes, I can and will be able to do 5 in a week too!”

    Amazing what encouragement and motivation (virtual or not) can do for a soul. 😉

  3. I’ve learned that intending on your kid sleeping/stays awake always works out the opposite way. Kudos to you for surviving the flight!

    Good luck today – I also think the day after vacation can be rough – you want to do laundry, get life in order, get groceries, etc and the munchkins are uber-needy and going through grandparent (aka spoiling) withdrawal…
    Michelle {lively kitchen} recently posted..Photo Friday – Summer 2012, week 9My Profile

    • Seriously! I think the plane is way too stimulating for her these days… no more nap time or night time flights for us.
      You’re so right about the grandparent withdrawal and needy kids, thankfully today went much better than I expected. A few sad tears, but she seemed ready for some down time after the nonstop commotion and new people on the trip.
      Laura recently posted..Home again! Vacation recap in photosMy Profile

  4. your vacation sounds fantastic!! i sure totally get everything you said, having family around to relax a little more is a nice break and getting time away together is always amazing! glad you had a nice break and I hope today hasnt been too rough on you!
    Courtney recently posted..new kind of mondaysMy Profile

  5. My 8 year anniversary was last week. 🙂 Love all the pictures. Your vacation sounds incredibly relaxing and so fun. Thanks for the reminder about your virtual race, I just signed up. I am so behind on blogging, heh.
    Robin recently posted..My 5 Hour Training DayMy Profile

  6. Those family getaways can be relaxing and exhausting all at once! I bet having some time alone was really great though. I really need my ME time, so I am always awed at you mommies who are always on call! I love the pictures! What shoes are you wearing? They are bright!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Tuesday Training (7)My Profile

    • Yes, I definitely need me time, too… that was one of the biggest adjustments to parenting, but this stage is great since she can entertain herself better and naps well. Neither happened much that first year. 🙂
      The shoes are the Mizunos I won! Loving them so far.
      Laura recently posted..Home again! Vacation recap in photosMy Profile

  7. Happy Anniversary! I know what you mean about needing time as individuals rather than as parents. We have our anniversary trip planned for October and I’m counting down the days! Hope you had a wonderful day today 🙂
    Mary Helen recently posted..19 months…My Profile

  8. ah, vacations are the best! Especially ones with grandparents around :). We all love our children, but a little time alone or with our significant other is good for everyone. Looks like a great trip!

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