Home again! Training recap + Meal Planning

Hi friends!

After a recovery day yesterday from travel and all the unpacking catch up, it’s good to be home.  Mexico was amazing.  I’ll share some photos later this week.  For now, it’s back to the usual training recap and meal plan:

Sunday:  10 miles, 8:04 ave (final two 7:45, 7:30) – this was supposed to be relaxed and easy but I ran faster than my usual easy pace because my legs just wanted to go! I love runs like that.  And since it was the day after the 5k flop, it reassured me that I hadn’t run my best in that race as I felt fully recovered.  The rest of the day was spent traveling to Mexico.

Monday:  6 easy on the treadmill (9:10 ave)

Tuesday: nada… other than short walks to and from the beach and pools and restaurants

Wednesday: 8.5 with 5 progression tempo, prescribed 2 at 7:20-7:30, 2 between 6:50-7:00 and 1 sub-6:45… actual 2 warm up (9:00, 8:45), 5 progression (7:19, 7:19, 6:58, 6:53, 6:40) and 1.5 cool down

I felt really sluggish at the start of this run so I was really happy to hit those paces, and felt stronger in the last mile than I expected to.  Later, we hit aqua zumba as well!

Thursday: 6.5 easy with 4 x 80m strides (8:45 easy pace, strides at 5:43 pace)

Friday: off and travel day

Saturday:  4 shake out miles before a 10k this morning.  No pressure, though.  I’m planning to use it as a tempo run as I build for the NJ half marathon in 3 weeks!


Meal planning:

Send help! I lost all meal planning mojo… thankfully the second half of the week is covered for us!

Sunday: Um….?? I think I’m signing hubs up for this one.  He likes to pull out some of our grass fed beef from the freezer and will likely do something on the grill.

Monday: Ground turkey tacos (refried beans for the girls) + guacamole

Tuesday:  Baked ziti and lemon kale parmesan salad

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin and baked white and sweet potatoes + roasted broccoli

Thursday: Traveling to my family, dinner at my parents

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Spending the whole day with my husband’s family and all the cousins

Sunday: Easter dinner with friends


Have you ever used a race as a training run?

How does vacation impact your training?

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9 thoughts on “Home again! Training recap + Meal Planning

  1. I am all about getting some bling while training! I did this several times during marathon training. But I also think races are great just to keep us accountable. If we don’t sign up we may talk ourselves out of doing it.
    As for vacation, most of mine do revolve around running but if there is not a race you can bet I’m going to pack my running clothes!

  2. I’ve sadfaI’ve used plenty of races as training runs or workouts. I love the atmosphere and getting out there. Glad to hear your trip was fun, it’s been fun following you!

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