Home again, home again

It is nice to be home.  We got back this afternoon from our week+ visit in PA, and are slowly settling back in.  I am really behind in blog-reading, so I hope to soon be caught up on everything.

We had a really nice trip, and split the time evenly between my family and my husband’s family, as they only live an hour away from each other.  L got spoiled with grandparent time at my house (the only grandchild) and loved playing with all her cousins at daddy’s house.  We were all wiped out by the end, as she was waking up earlier and earlier each morning and naps got shorter and shorter, too.  Hopefully we will all sleep in tomorrow and get her back on track quickly.

I did get out for a number of runs, and had a blast participating in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k.  This morning, I took my camera along for one final run at my in-laws house.  The 5.5 mile loop is so peaceful, and includes a mix of woods, farmland and a few challenging hills in the countryside. I even had a chicken cross the road in front of me! Here’s what I enjoyed on my run:

Despite getting in fewer runs and missing my spinning classes, I do always find it refreshing to run new routes and to run for fun, rather than distance.

Are you feeling refreshed after the holidays? If you were traveling, did you get to run through new scenery?

20 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. No new scenery here (we stayed home, which was refreshing in its own way), but lots of running and I do feel refreshed! Having my mom here always makes my own home feel more like home. I hope your routine returns quickly–I hated the nap-shortening effects of vacation when my kids were littler.

    • Staying home would definitely be refreshing! How nice to have your mom around to help out, too. Yes, the tired-toddler-traveler is no fun… not quite back to normal yet, but hopefully soon!

  2. Wow, that route is gorgeous! Last year for Christmas I went to my dad’s, which is also where I went to undergrad so I did my run through campus to observe all the new buildings. I was kind of sad that they ruined most of the greenspace. L looks so cute in the picture!

    In answer to your comment, my PhD is in biomedical science. At least it will be if I ever manage to get this paper written.

  3. Oh wow that is beautiful! I cant imagine running in such a pretty landscape! Totally jealous. Glad you are home and getting back in the groove of things, doing the same here and I didnt even go out of town!

    • I usually take it for granted, but was noticing it more this trip compared to the city runs I do now and realized it was a pretty amazing place to run!

  4. Gorgeous! I’m just relieved to get through the holidays with my training without messing up or forgetting anything. Looking ahead to just running and the usual work/home routine is pretty refreshing to me!!!

  5. I didn’t get to run any new routes. I do miss having more scenic places to run…not much here in Houston. My old running route in Oklahoma was nice farmlands, with cows, horses and critters to view. Looking forward to getting back to a more ‘normal’ routine here in the next few days. Have a blessed New Year.

    • I don’t know if I realized you were in Houston, too! We moved here this summer– yes, I think that’s what made me appreciate the countryside scenery all the more! We’ll have to meet up at some point!

  6. The chicken is too funny! I love the covered bridge. What a great run!
    I did get to run out of town. The best part was going over a new bike path bridge that was lit up, at sunrise. I wish I had my camera!!

    • Oooh, that sounds beautiful! I never have my camera when I need it– I’m amazed I thought to take it along this time. 🙂

  7. I want to go and run there! It is soooo beautiful! It looks like something out of a movie! As for me – I’m just doing the same old runs! 😉

    • The longer I’ve lived away from that area the more I appreciate it when I’m back! Although, I didn’t appreciate the extra wind from the wide open fields… 🙂

  8. You read my mind! Not only do I have a post in the works about running in new places, but it talks about how fun it is when you are not sticking to your regular schedule! Anyway, I ran in a few new places over the holidays and I loved it. New scenery is always nice; it makes the runs go so much faster!

    But I have an important question for you: Did you really see a chicken cross the road? I wonder WHY he was doing that!? 😉

    • Hahaha! 🙂 Who knows what that silly chicken was up to! Yes- running in new places makes such a difference in passing the time and appreciating running for the sake of running!

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