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Everyone is talking about heart rate training these days.  Have you noticed this? It seems to come and go in popularity.

I talked a few weeks ago about starting to experiment with heart rate training, and some of my friends have had great results in their training.  Terzah pr’d her half marathon this fall, and Marcia is running pain-free and stronger than ever.

Monitoring your heart rate is the most accurate measure of exercise intensity and allows you to gauge your improved fitness over time.

I was contacted by the people at Sportline to try a few of their home workout items.  They sent me a heart rate monitor and a Suspension cross trainer.

I’m excited to get the cross trainer set up, and I think it’s something my husband may even use occasionally.  I put the heart rate monitor to use right away.

To be honest, I haven’t gotten in the habit of using a hrm while running.  It would probably benefit me most to ensure that my easy runs are truly easy.  But I’ve started using the heart rate monitor for other workouts- spinning, strength circuits and at-home DVDs.

But I did wear it for fun on Friday’s long run (10 miles).  The distance was close, but not as accurate as the Garmin (better for walking than running, I would assume.)  But the heart rate information was new to me, and it gave me a calorie read which was also new.

I put the watch back on after showering, and it was interesting to watch the after-burn as well. My run said 800-something, and a few hours later it had jumped:

I love numbers, so it’s always fun to get feedback on how a workout went, and so far, running with my Garmin has been the only time I get that feedback.

This particular monitor is the Sportline 965 Heart Rate Monitor.  Some details:

  • Pedometer to count steps
  • Distance mode to measure distance covered
  • Tracks average pace for workout in miles or kilometers
  • Tracks the time for the activity
  • Displays calories burned (as well as calories burned from metabolic functions like breathing and sleeping)

You can also get your heart rate at any time by touching and holding the heart rate sensor.

And Sportline would also love to share a heart rate monitor with one of you!  Use the rafflecopter to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you like numbers/data/feedback? Do you use heart rate training?

154 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway

  1. I used to only run by HR before I had my Garmin. I got really accurate with being able to figure out miles and pace actually. And this summer I actually started using it again when I was having some seriously bad runs. I typically use the HRM for things like spin, kickboxing, or weights.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Don’t Stop BelievingMy Profile

  2. And of course I just now replaced my Garmin FR60 (w/HRM) to the Garmin 10 (w/o HRM). :)

    I have always used HRM with my running to watch calorie burn, as I started running to lose weight. Also as an engineer I am a number geek and like seeing how my HR has changed with training.

  3. I never understood “those” people I would see every morning running and no one was after them I just didn’t get it until I started doing it. No one ever told me the joy, peace and health benefits from running. I would totally use the HRM to track when I run.

  4. Would so love this I need a HR monitor badly mine died years ago and well haven’t wanted to spend the money on one when there are other things I need that are well more important.

  5. Does this use a chest strap? I Am allergic to them so have not been able to use a heart rate monitor. Massive eczema/rash! It would be nice to find one without a chest strap.

  6. I’d definitely use it for running, but also for my strength workouts; I am consistently mystified as to how much calorie burn I get from those both during and afterwards (since I hear there is a longer benefit to the burn with strength training. I’d really love to win this!

  7. I would love to have this for strength training-nothing I do has any kind of measurement-I would also use it for walking and running/would love to compare with phone app to see how accurate phone app is!

  8. I would use it for everything! I’ve always been curious how many calories I’m actually burning while running and if faster runs or longer runs burn more.

  9. I would use this while training for my first half-Ironman this year, and my first Ironman next year. I am an avid runner always looking for new challenges and new ways to make myself better at what I do. I am starting to get into heart rate training, and love it. I feel like I get so much more out of my workouts and having a great gadget like this would really help….. My goal is to be the best and strongest and healthiest me that I can be, and hopefully inspire others along the way
    Laura recently posted..Weekend on the move!My Profile

  10. I have been wanting to try out a heart rate monitor for my running! I also do a lot of workouts in my living room and would be curious to see how much I burn. What a great tool!

  11. I used to train with a heart rate monitor but when mine bit the dust a few years ago, I never replaced it. I’d love to use it for running and cardio interval classes!

  12. I would use it for my running, cardio, weight training, for bowling, to see how many calories I burn when I clean and so much more.

    I really would like the pedometer feature to track how many steps I take in a day and when my family is out & about.

    Thank you for having such an awesome giveaway!

  13. I want to use it for cardio and strength training as well as classes I take. I’m trying to make sure all this working out is really effective.

  14. Awesome review! I jus started using a HRM and didn’t research well… It doesn’t do calories burnt which sucks! I’m also a numbers person! Wanna make sure I’m doing well!

  15. Thanks for the shout-out about my fun race in Detroit! That one still makes me smile.

    I’d love to try a new brand of HR monitor. I really rely on it for my runs–keeps me honest on both the easy ones and the hard ones.

  16. I do love numbers and I’ve just started to pay more attention to HR. This would be great for when I’m on the treadmill or running by feel instead of for distance etc.

  17. I’m slowly learning about all the different “numbers” used in running. I guess the heart rate should be next. Anything to run injury free!

  18. As sad as it sounds I am all about numbers. They are kind of a reward to doing the work. The HR is great because it allows you to try to keep out of the red zone and into the fat burning zone. I would love a HR to share with my husband :)

  19. I’m a numbers girl too. I had a HR monitor but sadly my 3 year old had a very rough go with it, and subsequently my HR is no more. I would love too see how my fitness has improved (or not! LOL) since then as I have been running more regularly and doing some cross training. PR’s are great motivators! :)

  20. I would use the HRM during the classes I teach (zumba, and yoga just to se the other side of the coin), and especially for running. I’ve been debating getting one since I want to tackle an ultra this year.

  21. I would use this for spinning and running. I feel like my heart taste really intensifies at spinning. I’d be curious about weight trainding yoo

  22. I would use it for all I do- strength training and running. But, I am very active at my job as a teacher, and would love to see how many calories I burn while I run around!

  23. I don’t use a heart rate monitor, but I love looking at the info from my watch. I’m sure as I get into training for longer distances I’ll try a monitor at some point.

  24. Just stumbled across this site looking for running tips! I would use this for mostley running, but other things as well..at home tapes..at the gym..my daughter just turned 2…and I looked at myself in the mirror a few weeks ago and got so down..so ive been busting my butt to lose weight. And ive lost 10 lbs so far! Thats deff been motivation to keep going. But it hasnt been easy, because ive never been into working out..and it is deff a challenge

  25. Would love to win as I have needed to branch out from running recently due to leg pain. This would be very helpful for rowing and elliptical use.

  26. I would use the HRM for cross training and running. It’s always interesting to see what your heart is really exerting, especially on those “easy” runs. I would have to guess a majority of mine would be above the recommended zone…
    Cassandra recently posted..Love is in the AirMy Profile

  27. I have been looking at a HRM for my workouts to make more of a difference. One more tool to be used in my transformation!! Yay! Would love a HRM especially without a chest strap. Let’s go!

  28. I have been wanting one of these so bad! I am a runner and I strength train and I feel like I have no idea where I am at in terms of my heart rate and what I am actually burning.

    And if I can throw in a sob story, I recently quit my job to go back to school so fun gadgets, gym memberships, cute clothes all went out the window. This would be so helpful for me since all of my work outs are done at home!

  29. I would use (and have already occasionally used) a heart rate monitor for running, though I could see using it for bicycling as well, because I am flirting with the idea of a mini-triathlon in the early spring.

  30. I would use it mostly for running, but it’d be interesting to see how many calories I burn while strength training.

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