Have you ever hit a plateau in your running?

I really like to set goals and see improvement in my running.  A year ago, I thought I’d be getting ready to pr in a half or full marathon this fall but with the unexpected six weeks off this summer I’m realizing it’s not going to happen.

I’m slowly getting back to where I was in the spring, but I struggle when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.  Have you been there?

Injury set back or not, it’s normal to hit a plateau now and then in your training.  I feel like I’m at that plateau right now.  Part of me is happy doing less training than a year ago and the other part wants to break through that plateau and hit new prs this year!

There are several reasons we can plateau and no longer see progress in our training:

  • over training … our bodies need solid recovery time to get stronger!
  • repeating the same kind of training over and over and expecting different results
  • inconsistent training OR progress, than setbacks, progress than setbacks
  • too few workouts or too many workouts with intensity

It’s not easy to find that sweet spot and get it right!

Summer training is especially tough to see progress as the heat and humidity make it difficult to hit the paces we otherwise would.

In the meantime, I really am enjoying the journey.  I’m happy to be back out there running and getting excited about the fall race season, even if they end up being some of my slowest race times!

Have you hit a plateau in your running?

What helped you break through?



2 thoughts on “Have you ever hit a plateau in your running?

  1. I think Ive plateaued at different times due to all the reasons you mentioned. It really is hard to find that sweet spot! But after being injured Ive realized its better to do too little than too much.

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