Half workouts (3 weeks to go) + Meal Planning for Runner’s Reset

Another gorgeous weekend! We’re soaking up as much outdoor time as we can before winter comes back with a vengeance.

All systems are go this week with training but I feel out of shape having backed off for a week or two of training… I know it’s mental, but isn’t it crazy how that can happen? I need a good confidence building tempo run this week before the race.

The recap:

Sunday: 10 easy with the MRTT ladies

Monday: Barre (am) and a 7 mile trail run in the afternoon- one of the days where it hit the 50s!

Tuesday: 45 minute spin class + short evening walk

Wednesday: 9.2 easy miles with my running friend (9:10 ave)

Thursday: am 4 miles with 1 mile warm up and 4 x 800m (6:30 pace with 100m recoveries) before boot camp class at the gym; pm another 3 miles with a client (11-12 pace)

Friday: off!

Saturday:  13 long run and my body was tired! The first ten were averaging 8:30 pace, the final 3 I picked it up for a fast finish (7:34, 7:15, 7:01) … the 7 minute mile felt much harder than it should have.  But when I got home, the girls were playing outside and ran with me to finish a short cool down.  They boosted my spirits!

We also took a 2 mile walk to the park, Dunkin Donuts, and back before lunch and I was spent and ready for a nap!

Sunday: planning 5 recovery miles this morning

Tomorrow kicks off the 21 day runner’s reset! There are no restrictions or strict rules- but the goal is to bring our macros into better balance with mostly real foods.  We’re also incorporating 2-3 strength workouts each week.  Dinners are pretty similar to what I usually make.

Meal planning:

Sunday: Turkey chili with butternut squash

Monday: Grilled salmon with acorn squash and grilled veggies

Tuesday:  Crock pot black beans and rice

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Crock pot salsa chicken with corn tortillas, avocado, scallion and feta

Friday: Edamame pasta with leftover chicken, broccoli and nutritional yeast

Saturday: Out!

Now into peak training week… I’m ready!

Have you felt like your easy pace is harder than usual after a week or two off?

Any tips for race day confidence?

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12 thoughts on “Half workouts (3 weeks to go) + Meal Planning for Runner’s Reset

  1. It’s so tough getting back into running after some time off! Looks like you had a really strong week. You should have plenty of time to feel back to normal before your race!

  2. My run yesterday was at an easy pace and it felt harder than usual. Even though I took a rest day on Friday…maybe because of the weather being so warm? And I love that last pic of you and your girls. So cute!

  3. Crock pot salsa chicken is one of my go-to’s. It’s so easy and you can vary the basic meal so many ways. It’s so sweet your precious girls helped you with your cool down. Just remember, hard runs make for great races! Good luck with your peak week and a successful tempo run. Thanks for linking, Laura!

  4. Hi Laura!
    I just came off a 2 week running break due to traveling and I totally understand how it affects you as an avid runner…
    Love that you got that confidence-boosting, reassuring run towards the end of the week that lifted your spirits!! I have no doubt that you will be absolutely awesome!!

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