Half Training (5 weeks to go) + Meal Planning

Hi friends!

Thanks so much for sharing my excitement about the NYC marathon.  It’s funny- I’ve spent so much of this last year cutting back miles and really loving the balance of more strength training and less miles… and now here I am getting ready to ramp things up again and I’m equally excited about that! I guess I’m easy to please- I tend to see the best in any scenario.

This is one of the highest mileage weeks I’ve had for a while, after taking it easy the last few months.  Everything is feeling good, so I’m hoping to continue to build a strong base before marathon training.  For now, the Rutgers half is my first goal.

Running sunshine

Here’s the weekly recap:

Sunday: 12 easy miles (8:40 pace) with my running buddy

Monday: 30 minute spin with 10 x 30 second intervals; 30 minute upper body HIIT

Tuesday: 10.5 run [2 warm up, 2 hard tempo (6:55, 6:54), 1/2 mile easy, 2 hard tempo (6:59, 6:55), 1/2 easy, 1 mile hard (6:48), 2 1/2 hilly miles home]

Wednesday: 4 easy miles (8:45 ave) + legs workout (squat jumps, step ups, burpees, lunges, single leg lift)

Thursday: 5.25 miles easy (9:15 ave) on dead legs!

Friday: 20 minute bike intervals + upper body/core (plank jacks, push ups, squat and press, upper rows, russian twists)

Saturday: 14.75 easy run with running group (8:39 ave)


Tuesday’s workout was supposed to be closer to 8 miles but I wanted to run to a 2 mile loop to use for the tempo paces which is up and over a hill behind our house. I underestimated how far away it was (and how hilly!) That run combined with Wednesday’s HIIT leg workout led to dead tired legs by Thursday.  Ironically, the easy Thursday run made me feel much better.  It’s funny how a run can be used for recovery, isn’t it?

I’ll aim for a day off today or short recovery run.  We’ll be making a day trip to my parents to hang out with my siblings!

I did a little food prep yesterday, mostly for snacks for the girls.  I made these gluten free granola bars, pb energy bites and cocoa protein bites (for me).

It’s also a Fresh Fix week, so I’m using recipes from our e-book and following the meal plan this week.

Meal Plan

Sunday: Grill: Burgers, Veggies, and a side Quinoa Summer Salad – this weather is just too nice not to pretend it’s summer!

Monday:  Buddha Bowl

Tuesday: Chicken Tikka Masala with asparagus

Wednesday: Chopped Greek Salad

Thursday:  Inside Out Burgers or Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers

Friday:  Tempeh Veggie Stir Fry

Saturday: Leftovers or take out

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Have you underestimated a running route?

Have you found an easy run helped your legs bounce back?

5 thoughts on “Half Training (5 weeks to go) + Meal Planning

  1. Congrats on NYC!! I was thinking about the lottery, but we just don’t have the money IN CASE I did get chosen… I frequently overestimate my routes – I even finished a run 1 mile longer than I planned due to a bad estimation (not so bad when it is longer than necessary). I find that MOST of my runs are easy paced runs – it makes the interval and threshold runs a little more interesting!

  2. I just have to say you look so pretty in that yellow NB running shirt! Love the yellow! 🙂
    You killed it on that tempo run friend! Killed it!! So excited for your half and you have so much time before NYC. Time to build a base and train really well.
    So exciting!!
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