February 16th, 2014

Half marathon training + Menu planning link up

Have I mentioned that there’s a half marathon I’d like to do in two weeks?

I haven’t made it a focus or “goal” as I had no idea how I’d feel by then ( about 18-19 weeks pregnant.)  In my first pregnancy, I ran double digits most weekends up through 23 weeks and felt great.  This time around, I had a much higher base mileage pre-pregnancy but was set back by my 10 weeks off this fall and through most of the first trimester.

But I’ve been slowly and carefully building back some miles.  I’m still at less than 1/2 of what I was running in marathon training, so I feel confident that my body can handle it.  And so far, I haven’t had any signs to say otherwise… no achy hips, joints or knees, although they might come along a little further into this pregnancy.

All of that to say that I’m hoping to run (not race!) a local half on March 2nd.  I haven’t signed up yet because I wanted to get in my double digit runs and feel good (success!) and I’m being a chicken and waiting until I can see the weather forecast! I’m not running it in freezing temps or a potential snowstorm!

Here’s my training for the week:

Sunday: 8 mile easy run plus pushups, squats and core

Monday: Cathe Supersets + 20 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 5.5 treadmill run (began at 9:30 pace, finished at 8:30 pace)

Wednesday: am- taught spin class; pm- slow 3 mile run

Thursday: 20 minute elliptical, 20 minute weights

Friday: Off- completely lazy day!

Saturday: 11 long run, very slow with walking breaks around snow/ice and I felt great!

11 mile run

By the way, check out the snow we got this week!


Snow again! Feb1314

 It just keeps coming!!

On the menu this week…


Sunday: Cauliflower Mac and Cheese + Sauteed Swiss Chard with Pine Nuts

 Cauliflower Macaronia and Cheese

Monday: Salmon Cakes or Salmon Burgers with Miso Dressing




Tuesday: Madeover Bean Dip Tacos + Veggies (sharing this dip recipe soon)


Veggie Bean Dip


Wednesday:  PB Soba Noodles with Tofu, Broccoli, and Cucumbers


Thursday:  Leftovers


Friday: In NYC for a kids theater production- catching dinner afterwards


 Saturday: Friends over for brunch: Veggie Frittata and a Bacon Frittata; Buckwheat Pancakes and Fresh Fruit


Oh! And Valentine’s day was fun… we got out for yummy Ethiopian and then looked at paint samples and ideas for the nursery, which is my kind of date these days.  Shopping without kids in tow!


Are you training for a particular race?

Have you had Ethiopian?  I love using injera as a scoop and eating with my hands!

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