Half Marathon Training (3 weeks to go) + Meal Planning

Happy Easter!

We’re back from a trip to play with cousins and have another busy day today, so I’m going to keep this brief…

I’m not running as much as I originally wanted to be at this point so I’m filling in with extra biking and walking. Here’s the weekly recap:

Sunday: 5 miles easy/recovery run

Monday: am- upper body/core + 30 minute spin; pm- 4.5 walk

Tuesday: 5 mile run on the Alter G (warm up outside, then 4 miles at 6:40 pace); 45 minute spin

Wednesday: 4 rounds of this workout + 1 hour spin with speed intervals

Thursday: 5 mile run (8:02 pace) + 2 easy stroller jog

Friday: 6 total miles- 1 warm up, 5 on the Alter G with 2 minutes at 5:38 pace x 8 with 1 minute between each at 7:30 pace

Saturday: off

I’m aiming for 10ish today and then one more solid week before starting to ease up a little to taper.


Meal Plan

The next two weeks will be a bit different as my husband and I are doing a challenge together to eliminate wheat and dairy and added sugars.  He has dealt with some inflammation that shows up in occasional skin flare-ups but has never done an elimination diet.  We considered Whole 30 but will start with these three and see if he notices a difference.  The third week is our time in Mexico, so we’ll break it for that but possibly return to it for another few weeks if we decide it’s helping.

Breakfasts: Steel cut oats with fruit/nuts, eggs with sweet potatoes

Lunches: Dinner leftovers, giant salads, chili

Snacks: Nuts, fruit, veggies and hummus, hard boiled eggs, almond butter + banana


Sunday: Easter dinner with friends

Monday: Ground Turkey Cabbage stew

Turkey Cabbage Stew

Tuesday: Roast chicken with potatoes, onions, carrots

Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday:  Lemon Garlic Salmon with sweet potatoes and asparagus

Saturday: Take out?

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Have you ever tried experimenting with gluten or dairy to see how your body reacts?

5 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training (3 weeks to go) + Meal Planning

  1. I’m putting myself on a reset after today. With my birthday last week and everything Easter, I’ve been eating too many unusual foods that have made me feel blah. Time to get back to feeling like me! Have a great Easter!

  2. Due to celiac I have been GF for years as well as mostly dairy free. I am considering Whole 30 again but it is tough as a vegetarian, may just do a modified version cutting out sugar and processed stuff.
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  3. Only recently have I wanted to try some gluten free meals. Dairy, I’m honestly not sure if I can give up cheese 🙂 I’m lactose intolerant so I don’t consume a lot of dairy – minus cheese.

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