Half Marathon Goals for Sunday

Hooray, it’s Friday!

Whew, it’s been a busy blogging week here.  Registration opened for the 5 by the 5th Virtual run, and there are almost 200 participants.  I think I’m going to need to round up a few more prizes so more of you can come away with something.

Between that and the Under Armour hoodie giveaway, I completely forgot to mention that I have a half marathon this Sunday. (By the way, my friend Carrie is giving away the same hoodie- check hers out and double your chance of winning one!)

This is a small, local race that is only a few years old, called the TriGirl half marathon.  I was looking over the website last night, and realized I have no idea what to expect for the elevation.  Most of Houston is pancake flat, but this race takes place on park trails.  If anyone has done this race, I’d love to hear your experience!

I’ve been learning recently that I have more fast-twitch muscles than slow-twitch muscles.  I wrote a guest post on this for Melody, at Will Run for Margaritas, about how you can determine which one you have more of.

My 5k races consistently predict faster half and full marathon times than I can pull off, and my longer runs predict slower 5ks than I’ve run.  This makes pacing a little difficult, as I don’t want to go out too fast and burn out.

But I do think I can safely beat my old pr (1:41:02) from last January.  I would love to hit sub- 1:38, so that’s my big goal.  Anything under 1:40 will make me happy.

I am also scheduled for a 20 miler, so I’ll add two miles before and five afterward.  Yikes- those five will probably be as slow as molasses, but at least I’ll get that time on my feet.  Only one more 20-22 miler after this (in two weeks), and then it’s taper time!

I also got in my 5k for Courtney’s sweet baby, who would have turned four this year.  L and I ran 5 easy miles last night, 3 of them for this race.  I don’t run with the stroller very often anymore, but was reminded that December has the perfect  afternoon weather in Houston.  We ran the long way to the playground, and then took a short cut home.

Do you prefer small races or large crowds? 

Do you know if you have more fast-twitch or slow-twitch muscle fibers?


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  1. Knock em dead on Sunday! You will fly, I know you, speedy girl! You got this!

    I am a small race runner and am built much like you with fast twitch dominance… nice article on Melody’s site btw! I have the beginning stages of hearing loss and the type of noise from a large race hurts my ears… it’s so distracting… I either can’t hear anything or hear to much. The smaller races suit me.
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  2. I love a small race like that. And on park trails, I’ll bet it’s beautiful. Enjoy it and crush that PR (I think you will!).

    Now I need to go back to your UA hoodie giveaway and enter!
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  3. Holy Running Batman! I prefer midsize races…ha! Not too big that I have to zigzag around others but large enough that I don’t feel like I am out there alone…or last…hahaha!

  4. Best of luck with your race! I am more of a slow “twitcher” b/c sprints do not come easily to me. However, for those who also have more slow twitch fibers there are ways to increase your fast twitch abilities by adding plyometrics, sprints, and weight intervals to your workouts. Great post about muscle fibers! I love the science behind exercise.

  5. Whoah I never knew anything about fast vs slow twitch muscles. That’s so interesting!! Happy Friday and thanks for sharing! Spa <3

  6. Oh, I have no doubt that you’ve got a sub-1:38 in you just waiting to be unleashed! Good luck on Sunday!
    The calculator is interesting- I must be pretty even, because my marathon PR pretty much matches all of my other race PR’s. Definitely bookmarking that page!
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  7. Wow – at taper already! I’m pumped for you. And interested about the slow/fast difference for you. I’m going to have to get experimenting!
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  8. I’m not sure if anybody’s already filled you in on the course but incase not, I will! It is flat as the proverbial pancake with one hill at around the………5/6 mile mark (don’t quote me!). SO it’s 2 loops, the 1st around a mile or so longer than the 2nd and I’m 90% certain that the hill is only present on the 1st loop. The loops are identical except at one point on the 2nd loop you take a left instead of a right. This, rather critical part of the course was neither marked nor stewarded last year and had I not driven round the course when I picked up my package I would have been stumped! I was, as always in no mans land hopefully you’ll have someone in front or maybe it will be better marked this year. Remember turn right on the 1st loop and left on the 2nd 😉

    I wanted, what was an ambitious at the time sub 1:30 and got it (just) so I think it’s a good course to PR on. It was wonderfully cold last year, which always helps not sure you’ll have the same luxury on Sunday.
    Really enjoyed the course and am sad not to be running this year but will be there with my brood to cheer you all on! Good luck.

    • Thank you! That helps a lot… I saw that they switched the loops this year, so the longer loop is second (sounds like that’s the one with the hill). Yes- I wish it was going to be wonderfully cold… looks like a hot one tomorrow. I’d love to say hi to you tomorrow!
      Laura recently posted..Half Marathon Goals for SundayMy Profile

  9. Good luck at your half marathon!!

    I’m probably medium-twitch, haha. I’m usually a little over my 5K PR using my half marathon times and a little under my half marathon times using my 5K and 10K PRs. They aren’t times that are out of my reach, though. I just haven’t done them yet! In swimming I was a middle-distance swimmer, so I would probably say I am the same for running.
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  10. Laura,

    Have a great race! I know you will PR! Thanks for posting the fast twitch/slow twitch article. I am a “bipolar” runner actually. While my 5k, half and marathon pace predictions are very close, somehow, I cannot race 5 miler, 10k and/or 10 milers. Plugging in a half marathon pace, I should be able to achieve faster 5 milers and 10ks. To date, I still have not really fulfill my “10k” potential. funny huh? Hopefully with Francois’ training plans, I won’t be so “bi-polar” in the future. 🙂

  11. I love small races!
    Is it possible to have equal fast twitch and slow twitch fibers? Using that pace calculator from your guest post, and my most recent 1/2 marathon, 10K, and 5K results, the long races predicted the shorter ones within seconds, and the short ones predicted my half time within 4 minutes (which, I admit, are probably the walk break I took in the middle).
    Good luck on Sunday!

  12. I know you’ll have a great race! Hope you get some good course information, Looks like Vicky had some great tips.

    Fast twitch…I think I am mostly slow 🙂 But a few fibers of fast in there.

    I prefer a smaller field in most races, but once or twice a year it’s fun to do something very BIG. 🙂
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    • Well, you definitely have a good portion of fast twitch muscles in there, too. 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes, it’s gonna be a hot one, so I’m trying to prep for that!

  13. Have fun and run well Laura! I am a fast twitch girl for sure. Distance is not my strength. But I still love it, I just love relays and sprints more!
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  14. Good luck tomorrow! I think sub 1:40 is definitely in your reach, go get it! I’m incredibly similar to you with fast versus slow twitch. I keep wondering if I’m really cut out for marathons because my fast twitch muscles seem to be telling me that it’s a little harder than it should be. That being said, the body can do incredible things and I think YOUR marathon will be a great one.
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