Goals Check In

Are we really down to the final quarter of 2014? I remember feeling like it was so long until baby J’s due date, and suddenly she’s just about two months old!

So let’s see how things are going…

  2014 Intentions


Running related

I’m thankful I was able to run through my pregnancy including 4 (very slow) miles the morning of her birth day.  I ran a few pregnant races…

I’ve been back to running for about a month, with my first 5k tomorrow! I have no goals for this 5k, but I would like to beat my pregnant 5k time, is possible.  🙂 And in the spring I’d love to finally break 20 minutes (pr is 20:01!)

5k at 20 weeks pregnant

5k at 20 weeks pregnant

I’m happy with my return to running, although I can’t wrap my mind around the mileage I was doing last fall at this time.  I assume I’ll get back there again but I’m no rush.  It’s nice to run shorter distances, a few times a week.


2) Cross train with spin, swimming and weights

This is slowing down a bit.  It’s hard to get to the gym these days.  I’m not comfortable taking the baby along yet, but I am mixing in weights and strength dvds at home.  I’ve subbed two spin classes so far and hope to pick up a few more soon.


Career Related

With my husband home for the fall, I’ve been able to pick up coaching again.  I’m keeping my load small for now but will add more soon.  It feels good to be ‘normal’ in this area! I really love it, so it’s not something I want to put on hold for months.  But I’m definitely enjoying the quieter months before I ramp back up.


Personal & Family

We just moved the baby to her room, and it’s so nice to have our room back.   I can now read before bed which I really missed! It’s worth the walk across the hall for those middle of the night feedings. Good thing she’s so cute.


After expressing some extra emotions the first month, L has been adjusting well and is back to her usual self.  She LOVES her big sister role and she’s old enough that I can trust her with the baby.  It’s been great when I need to hop in the shower or throw something in the oven because I can put the baby on the floor and know that they will both be entertained for a few minutes.

Baby J is starting to enjoy watching her big sister these days, especially when we put on music and dance around the room.  It’s really sweet to see their relationship beginning!

Date nights are on hold a bit until we are confident in baby J’s routine and sure that she won’t wake up while we’re gone, but hopefully we can get out again soon.


Looking Ahead

Going forward, my goals are to build my mileage back slowly and carefully and to enjoy the races this fall (including tomorrow’s 5k!) The baby has slowed our lives down again, but it’s been a really good thing.  I’m enjoying the extra family time and reeeeally love having my husband just a few flights away for this semester (his office is on the 3rd floor).

I’m feeling much more balanced than I expected to for 8 weeks postpartum.  We lucked out with a more laid back baby this time around, and I’m a much happier (and more rested) mom than I was in the first two months with L!

Have you checked in with your goals or intentions for 2014?

What else do you hope to accomplish in 2014?


24 thoughts on “Goals Check In

  1. That first pic of you is so good! I love that you are leading a pack of guys too. Did they know they were being chicked by a pregnant woman??? Good luck on your 5k! And great work on your goals for the year. I need to do a check in!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..High Five FridayMy Profile

  2. You have done and are doing so much. I’m glad to see you’re writing it all down so you can appreciate just how accomplished you have been though this whole thing! I just know you’re going to get that sub-20. Go for it!
    Allie recently posted..Resolution Round-Up!My Profile

  3. Oh my gosh, she is SO gorgeous! Wow! What a beautiful little girl! You are such an inspiration Laura, I don’t know how you have managed to keep it all up, and you are doing it in a very healthy way too. GOOD LUCK tomorrow, I am glad to hear there are no goals, just enjoy 🙂
    Tina Muir recently posted..Quest Protein Chips GiveawayMy Profile

  4. You are so focused with your goals, and organized! I am not so organized with my goals, but rather tend to dive in a little bit blindly hoping it works out. I think I need more organization and focus so I can work toward my goals with smaller steps instead of huge sloppy leaps!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted..Maple Pecan Apple CrispMy Profile

  5. Growing Beauty were my 2014 words. Highlights can be seen by…

    *a healthy, active 3rd trimester baby.
    *the hub’s comment on how happy he is with daughter 1’s development.
    *coming up with a better vision for our land (blackberry fence next year means lots of clearing now).
    *strong swims (a bit slower and fewer, but an a min of 2000 each set).
    *amazing tasting meals nearly every night (aka I’ve learned about flavors).
    *paying off all debts (unexpected and huge!!).
    Wendy recently posted..When Super Mom Drops Her CapeMy Profile

  6. She looks so much like you in that picture! And I loved the way my youngest adored my oldest when she was a baby–nothing made her day more than seeing him. It’s cool to watch, for sure.

    Good luck tomorrow. I think you are probably in speedier shape than you realize!
    misszippy recently posted..The Boston Marathon charity conundrumMy Profile

  7. Baby J is so adorable! I admire you for how balanced you seem with everything. I know that blogs and social media updates don’t always tell the truth but I’m glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat balanced through this all. Also glad to hear that you are doing some coaching and great work on your goals. Good luck tomorrow!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  8. I can not believe the year is almost done! Great job on the goals and what a little cutie 🙂
    I’ve had to re-evaluate my goals this year but I’m happy with where I am and have great plans and hope for the rest of the year and beyond
    Jen recently posted..Fall fun!My Profile

  9. Your goals are really solid. I think building a base over the winter will have you well on your way to that sub 20 goal! I think I was too aggressive with my postpartum goals after Jack, I set them while I was pregnant and just didn’t allow myself to recover. Sounds like youre being smart.
    Sarah @RunFarGirl recently posted..Believing BIG for Your KidsMy Profile

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