Getting ready to say goodbye

We’re coming down to our final two weeks in Houston.  In some ways, it feels like forever ago that we traveled to NJ and put an offer on a house, but now the move is coming so quickly!

A few of the things I’m going to miss the most:

  • Warm winters- I haven’t unpacked my coat since we moved!
  • Fresh avocados, oranges, and mangoes
  • The running path right out our door
  • Neighbors that all hang out together in the evenings (hoping this will be the case in our new neighborhood!)
  • So many friends we’ve bonded with in the short two years we’ve been here
  • Nearly a dozen playgrounds within a one mile radius of our house
  • Being within walking distance to an awesome toy store, half price books, and a dozen restaurants
  • BBQ, well… maybe I won’t miss it too much, but my husband certainly will!

His Father’s Day splurge- where beans and bread are considered vegetables!

Despite our mixed feelings, I am thrilled to be just 2-3 hours from our families again so we can catch more of the family gatherings, baby showers and parties.

Thankfully, our three year old (L) has remained close to both set of grandparents despite the distance and I credit most of it to Skype.  Although we talk to them on the phone fairly often, L loses interest quickly or occasionally refuses to talk altogether.

With Skype, she is fully engaged.  She loves showing them her latest art project or twirling around in a new skirt.  She transitions into “show off” mode and sometimes starts a whole show of gymnastics, music and dancing.  Other times, she’ll continue playing quietly in the background but will join the conversation when she has something to say.

This ability to keep in touch face to face has helped her sustain a closeness to them in the long gaps when we’re not together.

For more stories on how others use Skype to keep in touch, check out the video below or at

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What resources to you use to keep in touch with family or grandparents? When is the last time you moved?

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  1. I’ve moved several times within the town we are currently living in. However, my last BIG out-of-state move was in 1994. We moved from NC to VA. My parents live a mile away so they always see the kids. My In-laws live in IL and we try to keep in touch over the phone.
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  2. I am lucky we always lived close to my grandparents as a child and now we are about 20 minutes from my parents and 30 minutes from my brother, sister in law and nephews. My husbands family is about the same distance. Good luck on your move and welcome to the east coast! You’ll need that jacket in a few months!
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  3. I love Skype! It has been quite the luxury for my family. Since I decided to uproot myself and move all the way to the west coast for a while and to FL over the years all on my lonesome, it’s nice to be able to see my family back home in TN and also my mom’s entire family in New Zealand(she’s from there!) 🙂
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  4. Last time we moved was USA to Australia 18 months ago. My in laws were convinced the girls would forget them but Skype has made that impossible! They love to show off on Skype! Goodluck with everything for your move.
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  5. I really dislike living so far away from my family. We live in the same town as my husband’s family, but we rarely see them. They are not close at all. I haven’t moved in 11 years since I left home for college, but I am looking forward to the day when we can move. Hopefully closer to my family!
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  6. I am so jealous you’re moving to NJ! You may not get fresh avocados and oranges anymore, but you’ll have delicious blueberries and tomoatoes 🙂

    We facetime my family in NJ every night! W’s favorite person is my mom despite the fact that he rarely sees her in person. I’m so grateful for technology!
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  7. You’re so lucky to have all of those amazing things on the list of things you’re going to miss. But here’s the thing. It seems to me like you’re a very positive and upbeat person, and I’m betting that you’ll find just as many things that you will love about your new home! Though I’ve never met you, that’s what I’ve gathered from getting to know you through the internet. I feel like people either see the good or don’t, and you definitely do! You’ll love your new home too!
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  8. I grew up close to family and we are all still geographically close. However, you would think we’d see each other more often, but life gets in the way. We need to do better.

    Good luck with all your moves and now you have Skype to keep in touch with your Houston friends.
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  9. I moved to the Dallas area 11 years ago from MN and can’t imagine moving again, yet there are so many places I’d love to live! I would miss the BBQ & tex-mex way too much!
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  10. Where in NJ are you headed? We’re in south Jersey but I grew up in central. 🙂

    Haven’t moved since we bought our house over 10 years ago. My parents are in the state, as are my husband’s so our kids see them often.
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  11. Don;t forget the wonderful fresh corn you will get in New Jersey. We moved numerous times while my husband was working and tried to enjoy all the new adventures at each destination. Being near family is the best so good luck and enjoy you new home!
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  12. We live close to all of the boys’ grandparents so they are lucky:) I’m glad you will be closer to your family, but sad to move away from a great community. I know you will be happy wherever you live:)
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  13. Moving is so hard, but you have so many good things ahead of you that I’m sure it will be for the best. And there’s so much great stuff that the Northeast has to offer, you can’t go wrong. Well, except for winter!

    Love Skype–best invention ever!
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  14. Good luck with the move, Laura! You won’t miss the Houston summers (though it’s pretty humid in the Northeast, it doesn’t last as long).

  15. I agree with you about skype, when we moved here from England I was worried we would lose the closeness with our family, but we have regular skype calls and love it, and it is great to see our neices, like you say, on the phone they lose interest but not on skype, they like to ‘entertain’ us
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  16. That weather change will be killer! I’m sure you will meet some great people and make some great new friendships. Good luck with the move.

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