Friday Favorites and Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway

Happy Friday!

I’m ready for a weekend and a fresh start.Β  I think I ate at least one leftover birthday cupcake every day this week… note to self, stashing them in the freezer does not “hide” them.Β  I also finished up the ice cream in the freezer.Β  Somebody had to do it.Β  πŸ™‚

Despite indulging, I did have some healthier favorites this week, both in food and fitness:

1) Kale Chips:

I can’t get enough of these lately! The trick is to dry the kale pieces completely in a salad spinner, massage the olive oil into the leaves and keep the oven on a low heat, around 275-300 so they get crisp without burning (about 20 minutes, flipping at least once).Β  I like to top them with a little salt and nutritional yeast.

2) New dumbbells:

I received these dumbbells as a Christmas gift.Β  It’s so nice to have a heavier pair of weights at home for circuit workouts.Β  I signed up for Tina’s Boot camp and skipped most of the first two weeks as I recovered from the marathon, but now I’m back on track and loving it.

3) Oat Milk:

I recently talked about my love of almond milk.Β  Since then, I came across a study about the dangers of carrageenan, which is commonly added to soy and almond milk (here’s a great post about it in layman’s terms).Β  Even at Whole Foods, I had trouble finding a non-dairy milk without it until I came across this oat milk.Β  I’ve used it in smoothies this week and it’s done the job well.

4) New shoes!

It was time for a shoe update! I was torn between my beloved Brooks Glycerin and the Mizuno Wave Riders I used this past cycle, but decided to stick with Mizunos for now.Β  They’re so light and comfy.

5) Sparkly Headbands:

Sparkly Soul sent me this fun green one, and it was perfect timing for Wednesday’s windy run. It even helped me add my first bit of intensity back since the marathon – a 5.5 mile progression run, with the last mile at 7:02 pace.

I love how snug and comfy these bands are.Β  It kept all the stray hairs out of my face, and added a little bit of color and sparkle! Pretty cute, no?

After a much needed hair chop cut, the band was especially useful…

Head bands will now be part of my regular hair wrangling running routine!

In addition to providing headbands as one of February’s 5 by the 5th prizes, Sparkly Soul is also offering a wide and thin band of choice for any reader.Β  Use the Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also find Sparkly Soul on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram @Sparklysoulinc.

Finally, the winners of the Paleo for Athletes books were #291, Lauren (unlikelyrunner) and #195 Lizzie S.Β  Congrats, ladies! Email me your mailing address and I’ll get those sent out.

What are you loving this week?


161 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway

  1. We all deserve a splurge every so often!! That study about almond milk is so interesting! Especially because it is my favorite.

    I would love a sparkly band! I know my bangs would appreciate them!

  2. I have looked at Sparkly Soul and their colors are gorgeous! I tend to buy pinks and purples when it comes to workout gear, so I would probably choose one of those shades.

    I have been seeing kale chips, and have been curious, but you have inspired me and I will now try them!

  3. Cute haircut πŸ™‚ I’m a fan of getting some “shorter dos” now and then. Sometimes it freshens things up. Interesting about the almond milk … I haven’t hopped onto the latest almond milk thing too much myself. I read a couple years ago some negative things (as well as positive). I don’t seem to have lactose issues at all so I stick with milk πŸ™‚
    Christina recently posted..A new Korean cookbook, tea, and Brooks Pure Flow 2My Profile

  4. My favorite would have to be the wide band in sky blue. It’s nice to know about the almond milk. I’ve always favored it over soy, but I know I can get hemp and oat, so maybe it’s time for a change.

  5. Uh oh I always drink almond milk! And I love kale…and Swiss chard, roasted! And I’d rock any color headband,…rainbow…red white and blue would come in handy for Memorial Day and the 4th πŸ˜‰
    Kat recently posted..Ready to be a Warrior!My Profile

  6. I just switched over to the wave riders 16 as well and love them. I love your purple & white pair. Mine are crazy bright pink with green. All the store had πŸ˜‰ I think I’ve been going with lots of pink recently – so pink or black on the headbands
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..Thoughts and ThanksMy Profile

  7. I am all about Purple since I was little and Prince made Purple Rain anyway the lavender and violet ones are super cute.

  8. I’m loving the new shoes and dumbbells! I totally registered for dumbbells for my wedding.. is that bad? Haha!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Hoping I get one to tame this crazy hair of mine!
    Emily recently posted..A killer workoutMy Profile

  9. Love the new hairdo – so cute!

    Congrats to your book winners… will have to see if I can put it on hold at my library!

  10. I have never tried kale chips. They sound good. Your new haircut is cute! I like the black or rainbow sparkly soul bands. I have a pink (thin) one and basically wear it every time I run! Have a happy Friday!

  11. I bought a couple of these at the Marathon expo – wore one for the marathon and it not only stayed in place but forgot it was there. If that is the case for 4.5 hours I am sold. I foresee having a bucket of these! And of course sparkles never hurt πŸ™‚

    I definitely need to make some kale chips this weekend, YUM!
    Gianna recently posted..ING Miami Marathon: RecapMy Profile

  12. Oh…these bands are so pretty and functional…love! Of course, basic black and I think any other bright one would be excellent!!

  13. I would like the bright pink one. I should probably switch it up, but I love running in pink and purple.

    Also, I think your tips are what I messed up on for my kale chips this week. The kale wasn’t all the way dry, so I think it kept it from getting crispy. Also I bought the kale already cut up, and I think the pieces were too small. I need to buy it whole and cut it myself so that the stems aren’t in the pieces. I’m going to have to sign up for Tina’s next boot camp. I missed out on this one because I didn’t get what it was, but I’m going to try it next time.
    meghan @ little girl in the big world recently facts friday, February goals, and link loveMy Profile

    • Yes, I’ve learned that the hard way, too… they get nice and crisp if they are completely dry. And you should definitely check out Tina’s boot camp- she does an awesome job with it!
      Laura recently posted..Fueling for PerformanceMy Profile

  14. Ice cream is high in calcium, and I’m sure there is something good in cupcakes too…!
    Nice new haircut, and shoes! These Mizuno’s seem to be quite popular, and they were option #2 when I bought my last pair – I might reconsider them as my new shoes are good but not perfect.
    Must try kale chips and oat milk!
    Sherry recently posted..The Tussock Traverse – Race ReportMy Profile

  15. There are some brands of almond milk without that stuff too, we use a Silk brand that’s refrigerated that doesn’t have it. That is some scary stuff!

    Today I’m just loving running – had an amazing run this morning!

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  17. oh man – adding Kale to the wknd grocery list! My hubs keeps asking for more lately, think we may have to have these next week.

    Any idea how long they last if you don’t eat them right away?

    I have one headband so far for running – I could handle a new one!
    Deana recently posted..Recap :: January 2013My Profile

  18. I like the silver or blue sparkly souls, but my girls would probably “borrow” them and they like purple and pink!

  19. Check out you and your sassy new haircut! I love it!!! I have never worn a one of Sparkly Soul’s hair bands before. How do you even decide which color?? They are all so stinking cute! And I feel ya with those stupid leftover cupcakes. No self control. Ugh!
    Kelly recently posted..Yep, I Did ThisMy Profile

  20. I would love to win a lavendar headband. Purple is my all time favorite color and I know it would get me excited about my runs! πŸ™‚

  21. Love the new hair cut! Does the headband still put for the whole run? Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

  22. Those Mizunos are cute! I just replaced my old Brooks Defyance with a different set of Brooks. They seem to be good for my flat feet.

    As for the sparkly soul: I’m torn between the wide black sparkly and the wide gold sparkly. They’re both glitzy enough that I’d wear them to play group or mommy-baby dance classes or dates with the husband: not just for my runs!
    Bryony recently posted..5 by the 5th: February RunMy Profile

  23. Your haircut looks super cute!! Yeah, I have the same problem with “hiding” things in the freezer. Doesn’t quite work and I have to throw them out otherwise I will continue to snack away.

    I’d love a blue Sparkly Soul headband. I had one and it was my favorite but I lost it πŸ™ Would love a replacement!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: Giving it your allMy Profile

  24. I love these headbands! and I also got a sassy new haircut after my 5 mile run on Saturday for the 5 miles by the 5th challenge. It was to celebrate being back at running after my stress fracture at the end of December.

  25. I would love a charcoal one to be sneaky and wear to work! But on my runs, I love the bright ones! Pink, mint green, bright blue!

  26. I’m curious if coconut milk has carregeenan in it? I generally use that for baking and as my creamer in coffee def will check out that article and back of my container.

    Love the new do and glad the bands help to still keep it manageable when running

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  28. I would love all their colors!! I guess some of my favorites are: Purple(Violet), green, Valentine’s Day Pink & red and Team In Training Headband.

    I’ve never had Kale chips before but i’m very intrigued!! What if you don’t have a salad spinner?

    Wow! I didn’t know that about the Almond and soy milk! I guess i won’t be using that anymore. Where did you find the Oat milk? What’s the taste & texture like?

    • Without a salad spinner, I’d just blot them dry with a paper towel and get them as dry as possible… make a big difference in their ability to get nice and crisp!
      The oat milk was at Whole Foods, and very similar in texture to almond milk, but a little sweeter… however, it sounds like some brands of almond milk don’t have it (especially unsweetened varieties), so check the ingredients for a big “c” word. πŸ™‚ (carageenan)
      Laura recently posted..Fueling for PerformanceMy Profile

      • Laura, Thanks so much!! πŸ™‚ I will have to try my hand at making Kale chips now!! I’ll definitely check the unsweetened Almond milk that I’ve gotten in the past to see if it has “C” in it and see if I can find Oat milk as well.I wish we had a Whole Foods where I lived!! I would be in so much trouble. LOL πŸ˜€

  29. Love your blog!!! So many choices for sparkly headbands …. my raves are silver-charcoal-sky blue.

  30. 50 year old first year Cellcom Green Bay (1/2) Marathon in May and Seroogy’s 5K Valentine’s Day run this weekend … YAY! Adore Kale Chips (with yogurt/mustard); new kicks rock! Started my SPARKLY SOUL Headband collection need to add thin dark pink and a thick chocolate brown. <3 & Soul

  31. 50 year old first year Cellcom Green Bay (1/2) Marathon in May and Seroogy’s 5K Valentine’s Day run this weekend … YAY! Adore Kale Chips (with yogurt/mustard); new kicks rock! Started my SPARKLY SOUL Headband collection need to add thin teal and a thick gold. <3 & Soul

  32. I keep seeing the Sparklysoul headbands everywhere. They look so fun and pretty, I think my favorite would be a gold, silver or black one… or maybe the teal?

  33. I would love to get a green or lavender thick sparklysoul headband! Or both πŸ™‚

    • I have! It’s a little sweeter than almond milk… almost too sweet for me, as I am used to the unsweetened almond. But it’s good! I also heard some of the unsweetened almond milk does not have the “c” word in it… so it’s worth looking around and reading the labels.

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