First post baby 5k (Montclair Oktoberfest)

It was a really fun weekend here! Hope you had a good one, too.

Saturday was packed, but the highlight was the 5k for me and kids dash for L.

I couldn’t have done it without this guy.  I mean, look at him… baby on his chest, diaper bag on one arm, camera bag on the other.  He managed to get most of the following pictures too.  I feel lucky to have this kind of support system!

5k support crew

So back to the race.  I had time for a 2.5 mile warm up jog, and was already melting.  The race started at 11 am and it was close to 80 degrees!

We were off right on time.


The first mile felt surprisingly good.  I hovered around a 6:40 pace and was surprised that I didn’t feel like I was going to die. (Mile one: 6:45)  But that changed.


The course had two loops and the final .75 of each loop was an incline in the full sun that really tired me out.  This is the half way point and I was beginning to wonder how I would hold on for another loop.



Montclair 5k mile 2


The second loop was slower, but the effort was harder.  The heat was getting to me.  I was feeling the “8 weeks postpartum” thing.

I was remembering why I always decide I hate the 5k when I’m in the middle of it. (Mile two- 6:57)

The last mile was so tough.  I really wanted to catch the girl in blue but I had no final kick.  I held on as long as I could. (Mile 3- 6:59)



Whew, SO ready to be done!


Final time: 21:58.  I gave my husband a nod and headed to find water and shade immediately.

After catching my breath and feeling recovered, it was time for the kids dash.

L was unsure- she thought if she didn’t win, she wouldn’t get a medal.  I assured her that everyone got a medal and we were just going to run for fun. (She definitely has a competitive streak… and didn’t get that from her daddy.)


The “dash” was not a specific distance and not very long.  But it was the perfect first race experience for her.




Crossing the “real” finish line…



And a family shot!


As we were leaving, we heard them starting awards and decided to hang around.


I was the 3rd woman (a very small local race!!) and was surprised to find I won some goodies- a gift card to the local running store plus ear buds, Road ID gift cards, a journal and a few other odds and ends.  Sweet!


I’d call the first post baby race a success.  Not as easy as I hoped, but I did beat my pregnant self- and that was my goal. 🙂  The baby slept, L enjoyed her race, and we all had a marvelous Saturday morning together.


Next up, the Trenton half in about six weeks.  Time to work on endurance!

Did anyone else race this weekend?

Do you have small local races that you like to participate in?

68 thoughts on “First post baby 5k (Montclair Oktoberfest)

  1. That’s fantastic Laura!!! 5Ks are hard enough, but then you add heat, and they can be truly horrible. Nice job pushing through. And the pictures of you and L are awesome. I love that they have the kids race AFTER the adults. Most of the races around here, they do the kids race first and it’s too hard to manage that!! Great job to BOTH of you, and I hope things start to cool off for your half training.
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Week of FirstsMy Profile

  2. LOVE the hubby picture! My husband is the same way. Praise the Lord for good daddys:) They make being a mama just a little more manageable.

  3. Congrats on that time! You are amazing. I am shocked that the race started so late- I’ve never heard of an 11 o clock beginning, and in the heat! Oh man I would have died. Love that you appreciate your husband and all he does for you to get your races in and training. That picture of him carrying everything is pretty awesome 😉 And L! Congrats to her too for finishing her race 🙂
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..Painting with a Twist Bachelorette PartyMy Profile

  4. 5k’s hurt so baaaaad. Not my favorite distance but then again they’re over so fast they’re kind of fun… You did awesome for your first race post-partum and holy cow what a super dad!! Did that young girl behind you really finish that fast or was she on her first loop?
    jan recently posted..“Long” RunMy Profile

    • Yes, they do hurt! I was not enjoying that second loop- but of course as soon as I finished I was ready for a re-match with the 5k. 🙂

      I assume the girl was on her first loop… I didn’t see her at all on the course, so I’m not really sure where she came from in that picture!
      Laura recently posted..First post baby 5k (Montclair Oktoberfest)My Profile

  5. Congratulations! In that heat, I would’ve wilted in the first mile I think. Thanks for your timely play-by-play on how you keep running hard when the going gets tough. 🙂

  6. AMAZING job!!!!!! I love the picture of your husband :)! What a guy! I didn’t race this weekend but I am doing a half on Sat :). I am so bad at finding small local races!!!! I actually just asked a few people at our church if they see any let me know. One guy found one already, but it is this Sat when my 1/2 is.
    I love kids races 🙂
    Jen@milesandblessings recently posted..In the trenches of marathon training!My Profile

  7. way to go! love the picture of your husband, cracked me up. What a guy! amazing! and your daughter. And way to go to you on the 5k!! congrats! you should be so proud!

  8. Congratulations!!! I believe that girl in the blue you wanted to beat is a friend of mine from college! Lol…such a small world.

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