Find Joy in the Ordinary

It’s that time of year, there’s so much going on and so much to do!Β  But I was reflecting this weekend on a quote that reminded me to find joy in the ordinary.

I was solo parenting this weekend and some of my favorite moments were so simple.

…We bundled up in snow pants to stomp around in the new snow

…Made gingerbread cookies to decorate

Gingerbread making

Gingerbread cookies

…Watched the children’s pageant at church

…Looked at the holiday lights all the way home

…Sang along to one of her favorite cds together

…Giggled over silly things that no one else would find funny

…Heard a beautiful choir sing

…Made hot chocolate and ate a few too many cookies

Hot chocolate

And probably most important, I let go of my to do list and the superwoman syndrome that says I have to do all and be all at all times.

Linking up with Katie today because the simple things are marvelous!

What ordinary things do you find joy in?Β 

How are you trying to find balance in this busy season?



42 thoughts on “Find Joy in the Ordinary

    • There’s something magical about kitchens, don’t you think? Something about preparing and eating food together – the warm oven, the wonderful aromas, the comfort in satisfying our hunger – often brings parents and children closer.
      Katie @ Pick Any Two recently posted..My Son’s WorldMy Profile

  1. I think it’s the perfect time to just check out of the ‘should do’s’ and enjoy the simple things. They are what holiday memories are made of. We played in the snow, did Christmas crafts, played dolls and made cake balls.
    Marcia recently posted..Runfessions: Holiday EditionMy Profile

  2. I pretty much live this way all of the time. Since we moved onto the boat 12 years ago, and still now that we have become landlubbers again, life has become so much simpler, and the ‘common’ moments and activities are central to our happiness. Love your pictures. So glad you are having a lovely and happy holiday season.
    Elle recently posted..Coming into the Home StretchMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a great girl’s weekend!!! So many memories being made!
    I was sick so spent the weekend pretty much by myself while Chris and the boys took care of everything.
    Kim recently posted..Does Simple Count?My Profile

  4. This year I’ve had a tough time getting into Christmas. Last night, my husband and I made gingerbread cookies and I finally feel like I’m getting in the mood. Looking at your cookies made me realize I really need a candy cane cutter!! πŸ™‚
    Karen recently posted..A Little R&RMy Profile

  5. Love this, Laura! We’re doing a lot of simple fun little activities via our homemade Advent calendar, and it’s so fun. I can’t wait for our after-dinner ride in PJs to see Christmas lights. Thinking I’ll even surprise the boys and bring a few cookies along for them to snack on. I love little things like that, because I think that’s the stuff they’ll really remember when they grow up.
    Michelle recently posted..Fall Recap – Better Late than NeverMy Profile

  6. I don’t watch much TV normally but I totally love Christmas movies. Honestly, I would watch them year round if they’d play them year round. I’m watching The Santa Clause right now.

    I think it sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend with your daughter. I love watching the children’s pageant at church. The kids always do something cute and endearing. πŸ™‚
    Carla recently posted..Let the Running BeginMy Profile

  7. Love this Laura and sounds like you all had a perfect weekend. It’s funny because I too was reminded of finding joy in the ordinary this weekend too. We went into Manhattan and saw the skaters at Bryant Park and the big tree there and saw some carolers and it was just nice to appreciate it. Here’s to letting go of the crazy superwoman to-do lists!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Snowy Morning Run and Still BelievingMy Profile

  8. love this!! i love days when i’m one on one with my big girl. it’s a lot like you described. and i do take in every little detail. i’ve been trying so hard to remember these days, because even though they seem like an eternity, they go by in a blur. and that’s another reason i try to document them in my blog πŸ™‚
    runner26 recently posted..Menu Planning – December 15My Profile

  9. One of my greatest life lessons was when I realized the importance of finding joy in the ordinary. One thing I’m doing this holiday season to find balance is to not focus on finding balance. Finding the elusive balance is easily pushed to the side but making it a point to do holiday-ish things with my kids is an easy priority that is not pushed to the side. Does that make sense? Like yesterday, instead of coming home from work and running, Alec, Alyssa and I came up with our treat list to start our holiday baking for the neighbors. It’s the little things πŸ™‚
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..14 in 2014My Profile

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