December 16th, 2013

Find Joy in the Ordinary

It’s that time of year, there’s so much going on and so much to do!  But I was reflecting this weekend on a quote that reminded me to find joy in the ordinary.

I was solo parenting this weekend and some of my favorite moments were so simple.

…We bundled up in snow pants to stomp around in the new snow

…Made gingerbread cookies to decorate

Gingerbread making

Gingerbread cookies

…Watched the children’s pageant at church

…Looked at the holiday lights all the way home

…Sang along to one of her favorite cds together

…Giggled over silly things that no one else would find funny

…Heard a beautiful choir sing

…Made hot chocolate and ate a few too many cookies

Hot chocolate

And probably most important, I let go of my to do list and the superwoman syndrome that says I have to do all and be all at all times.

Linking up with Katie today because the simple things are marvelous!

What ordinary things do you find joy in? 

How are you trying to find balance in this busy season?



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