Europe part two plus the running comeback

If you missed it, I shared some highlights from the first part of our Europe trip earlier in the week.

I left off in Worms, Germany.  Our next big goal was to go from Worms to Amsterdam, so we broke up our trip with a few stops including the small town where my MIL’s ancestors came from.  We found her town way out in the country through some winding, narrow roads at the top of a hill.  The drive was beautiful, as was the quaint town.

From there, we broke up the trip by touring the Marksburg Castle in Braubach, one of the only remaining castles that is completely intact.  I highly recommend it- the tour was fascinating. We had lunch at the cafe there before driving the final stretch and making it to Amsterdam in the early evening.  We did a bit of walking around our hotel in Amsterdam in Old Town before calling it a day.

Jared had to present at his conference the next day, so his parents and I took a train to nearby Haarlem to find the Corrie ten Boom house and walk through the historic market square and the impressive Grote Kerk cathedral which houses the third largest organ and the one on which both Handel and Mozart played.


After lunch at a cute cafe, I hunted down an adorable chocolate shop and stocked up.  That evening, Jared joined us at Cafe Bern, which was a great Swiss spot where we got cheese fondue and steak since we missed the fondue experience in Switzerland.  From there we walked to Central station to take the ferry across to the Eye. We stopped for ice cream on the walk back to the hotel, of course.

Saturday was another busy day.  I walked a bit in the morning and checked out a local grocery store and did some shopping. Then we spent all afternoon on a bike tour- in Amsterdam, there are more bikes than people! Parents tote their kids in carts on the front of bikes and everyone bikes everywhere.  It was an architectural tour so we stopped at various places and learned more about the history of Amsterdam on the water.

That evening, I joined Jared at the conference dinner in gorgeous TropenMuseum and had dinner in the adjourning marble foyer. Our table included academics from Russia, Germany, Spain and Israel.  Directly across the table was, ironically, an endurance running couple from Utah who were at Boston this year where she ran despite breastfeeding a 5 month old! We bonded over our similar stories but I loved the diversity of the conference.  And of course, English was a second language for everyone else yet they spoke it flawlessly.

On our last day, we said goodbye to Jared’s parents and spent the day on foot one last time.  I started the day with an 8 mile run through Vondel Park and the hotel’s breakfast buffet. Then we checked out the Portuguese Synagogue, the largest Synagoge outside of Israel and walked Old Town, got lunch at Cafe Bloem, took naps and then after dinner caught the canal cruise through the city.  After one last ice cream stop on the way home, we got a few hours of sleep before saying goodbye to the city and heading home on Monday.

So that’s a wrap! Thanks for sticking through it with me!

In terms of the running, I feel good.  The tendonitis is still a bit tender when I press on it but doesn’t hurt to run. I got 3 runs in this week (4 miles walk/run, 5 mostly running miles and 8 miles) and felt awkward and slow but had no pain.  I’m not sure that training for a marathon is the smartest decision but I’m going to see what the PT thinks this week.  Regardless, it feels amazing to be back out there!

Have you been to Amsterdam?

Do you ride bike to get around? The last place we lived where we actually used bikes on a regular basis was in Philadelphia, when we were first married.  If I hadn’t had that city biking experience I think I would have been pretty terrified as we navigated traffic to get out of center city on the bike tour- it was intense near all the tourists! Beyond that, it was easy with well marked bike lanes everywhere.

Any words of wisdom on recovering from tendonitis and marathon training?


12 thoughts on “Europe part two plus the running comeback

  1. This looks like it was an amazing trip. That photo of you with the bike is just adorable! I hope re-entry to the US isn’t too hard. I am still missing France.

    I had no idea you lived in Philly at one time. Biking here is much different now. We have Indegogo bikes everywhere and more people are biking. Plus there are more bike lanes so it’s a bit safer (provided you wear your helmet!). The scariest thing about biking in the city are the drivers who text while driving. Grrr
    Dynise recently posted..I had a sh*tty long run – and I’m grateful for it.My Profile

  2. I’d love to visit that area. It’s high up on my list! Good luck on re-entry into running. I still had some tenderness on my stress fracture sight after I started run/walking again. It last a couple of weeks and then went away entirely. My PT said that was normal for a stress fracture but I’m not sure about tendonitis. Good luck!
    angela @ happy fit mama recently posted..Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  3. Getting back into running after injury is so difficult, the hardest bit is getting out of the door x

  4. Looks like an amazing trip! Biking around a city makes me so nervous. Im glad your return to running is going well! Hopefully the PT will have good things to say.

  5. What an amazing trip! I’ve only been out of the country once and that was to Aruba. I also have never biked to get around, although the nearest grocery store here is only 5 miles away, so I technically could. Some people do bike around my area, but they are mostly Amish!

    Glad you were able to get some pain-free runs in. No advice other than listen to your body. Maybe vary the surface you run on to get some softer ground. I can run so much farther and log so many more miles on single-track trails than I ever could as a road runner 🙂
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  6. What an amazing trip! Back in the early 80s, my dad went to Amsterdam to help open the first McDonald’s there. LOL. I’ve never been, but would really like to go someday.
    Clarinda recently posted..Celebrate with Me!My Profile

  7. You packed in so much fun 🙂 It is all so awesome. I think I would have been scared to bike! Kudos to you!
    I hope the tendinitis continues to heal!
    Karen recently posted..StepsMy Profile

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