Europe part one

Hi friends! And Happy 4th of July!

We got back from Europe last night and I’m a bit jet lagged, so if I’m not making sense or repeating myself, you’ll know why.  But I wanted to pop back in with a few photo updates of our trip!

I am lucky that my husband is part of an international conference every year, and other than the year I was pregnant (Sydney, Austrailia) and the year I had an infant breastfeeding (Costa Rica) I get to tag along.  This year it was in Amsterdam, so we started our trip in Switzerland and made our way north.  We also invited Jared’s parents along so we could do a bit of family history too as they’ve never been to Europe and we both have Swiss German roots.

It was a fantastic trip! I could write pages about each day but I won’t.  A few highlights from Switzerland…

On the first day, friends of the family met us in Schaffhausen and took us to a gorgeous lunch spot overlooking the Rhine river, a walk through of the Munot castle, and a walk by the famous Rhine waterfalls.  We finished up with the town’s favorite ice cream spot before crashing at the hotel.

On day 2, we drove south to Lauderbrunnen for a hike in part of the Swiss Alps.  Amazing.  Probably the highlight of the trip for us!

Day 3 was the day I was cleared to begin my running comeback.  I did a combo run/walk for four miles early in the morning through the countryside.

Then Jared and I explored Zurich including a lot of our religious history around the Protestant Reformation and we walked through gorgeous historical cathedrals including Grossmunster church (from the tower you get an impressive view of the city), Fraumunster church with the famous Chagall windows and Peter’s church with the largest clock face.  I could have spent days on the historical side of Europe but I think Jared had his fill of churches that morning!

That evening we drove to a friend’s house for dinner and got to see their traditional small Swiss village and learn more about Switzerland from their perspective.  Definitely another highlight for me as I got many of my Swiss questions answered!

PS-  I was so impressed with the maturity and respectfulness of their four kids. Even their almost four year old can walk by himself down the hill into the small store in the village to pick up a few things.  If only it were safe enough in the US to allow our kids that kind of responsibility!

We woke up to rain the next day and began our drive to Germany.

The main goal was to see a few Luther sites (it’s the 500th anniversary of the Reformation) and Worms was one of the anniversary spots that was on our way to Amsterdam.

We spent the afternoon in Worms where we explored more incredible cathedrals, Luther history and memorials, and got a traditional Germany dinner. In the evening, we walked past the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe and sat outside eating ice cream. I’m pretty sure we had ice cream every day at some point.  How can you not on vacation?

The adventure continues in Germany and then Amsterdam so I’ll save that for later this week!

Have you been to Europe?

Do you have a favorite country or city? Switzerland was the highlight for me. I told Jared I’m going to start working on my Swiss German in case we decide to retire there. I’m not sure how serious I am about that but at the very least, I could see us spending chunks of time there in retirement!

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  1. Switzerland was my favorite country to visit when I studied abroad in college. How awesome that you have friends there and got to have dinner at their house! And yay for getting back to running! Looks like a great trip so far.

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